Would you freak the freak out if you had to take a bottle of honey to your lips before singing? What about just some whiskey for your nerves?

During a conference call for advancing artists from The Voice 2013, we asked one question open to all artists on the call. And, boy, did they open up and share! One of the pieces of trivia shared was that they’ve seen some performers on the show just “chugging” olive oil before singing. Hmmm… We think we like Jacquie Lee’s gummi solution MUCH more…

tessanne chin the voice

tessanne chin, the voice

Jessica Rae for Small Screen Scoop: Do you have any pre-show rituals that you do?

Holly Henry – “I have a panic attack. I get extremely nervous, bad nerves. E.g. (Daily) always comforts me.”
Destinee Quinn – “I down a bunch of honey straight out of the bottle.”
Tessanne Chin – “I get very nervous, I don’t really talk …but I always have to say a little prayer. I know it sounds really corny… but I really center and get quiet. (We also learned she’s a major Pinterest fan! So am I – ahem – ThisJessicaRae on Pinterest)
Jonny Gray – He talked about the “band prayer” which means taking a shot of whiskey before going on stage. And of that, what did Holly Henry comment? “I totally do it.”
Jacquie Lee – “I have gummi bears – for the gelatin.”
E.G. Daily – She shared that she listened to soundtracks, and score music. “It puts me in a nice place.” (We also learned that she’s very big into incense and candles. Sounds like she commands a very calm, lovely presence.)

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