You know what people agree on? That THE VOICE is so, so, so damn good. And tt’s time for more of Battle Rounds on The Voice 2013!

The Voice 2013: Blind Auditions are almost coming to a close!

The Voice 2013: Battle Rounds!

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Jessica Childress VS Vedo – Team Usher
Song: Locked Out of Heaven
Twitter seemed to think Usher was rooting for Jessica, and that Vedo was a jerk. Everyone adores this song. As the song began, people were torn and said there should be a steal because Vedo was singing so much better than they thought. People were also sad that he’d just lost his Mom to lung cancer, which was also announced. “Let’s Bro down,” said Jessica to Levine. And Adam said, “Blake you can’t be friends with her too.” What became clear is that on twitter, there was no clear winner. And it wasn’t that people were divided onto teams, it’s that so many of you guys were like “I CANNOT pick.” Some thought Usher would try to steal his own team member, and that would be the unprecedented twist. The winner was Vedo. People were upset about this because no one used a steal on Jessica Childress. Can I be honest? SO AM I. She was one of my top picks for the entire competition!

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Luke Edgemon VS – Monique Abaddie – Team Shakira
Song: You and I
“He was on my binder in middle school,” said Monique of Joel Madden. So cute! People liked that Shakira was down to business, taking so many notes. But, again, people love both of these artists. Luke has a lot of Glee fans, to boot. Those who couldn’t tell how they knew Luke thought he looked like Michael Stipe. I was obsessed with Monique’s yellow dress. But seriously, this was another battle where no one wanted someone to leave. People thought they were BOTH slaying this song.

“Where in the hell did Luke come from?” – Blake
“He came from Heaven” – Adam
“He came from team Shakira!” – Shakira

“It doesn’t matter what Shakira sys, she’s always right,” – Blake

Shakira talked about using just enough Tabasco sauce. It was funny. Her decision was strategic and she hoped for a steal, and picked Monique as the winner. BLAKE FOR THE STEAL of Luke! AND USHER.

Usher: ….
Blake: Well, that’s a good point!

Team Blake now has Luke! (People pointed out that Usher hasn’t won a steal yet. In fact, he plays it too cool.)

During commercial breaks people talk about how The Voice is their favorite thing about Monday’s, the only show they can agree on within their families, and the only time their husband’s will give up a remote. I mean, The Voice really brings people together! And it creates smiles. It’s a positive way to start off the week.

Jacqui Sandell VS Savannah Berry – Team Blake
Song: Little White Church
Well, on Twitter, a lot of comments were about Jacqui’s nose piercing. And people didn’t like it. There was also a lot of early love for Savannah from her blind audition. Some also said that Blake will go for Savannah because he is all about Country, in the same way that of course Shakira went for Monique as she’s the Latino singer. But, other’s also pointed out that “strategic” is a big deal on the show. Shakira went with Monique for her team, but also because she knew Luke would be stolen. But people like to make automatic assumptions. For the singing, people were TOTALLY divided. Some loved Savannah, others loved Jacqui. Adam loved the victory jumps. There was something here about how Blake looks like Shrek. Then there was a cute thing about everyone respecting each other. “I respect that you respect…” And people on Twitter are just so happy when the judges are having fun. Once in a while you get someone tweeting they don’t like the new judges, or they DO like them and want them forever. Blake picked Savannah Berry to win the battle. (I felt she was a little cocky, anyone else see this? When she said it described her relationship with Jacqui when Jacqui copied her “victory jump”?)

C Perkins VS Kris Thomas – Team Shakira

Song: It Will Rain (Bruno Mars)
People want to know why there is so much Bruno Mars everywhere on The Voice. The point being there’s so many other artists to draw from. And I have no answer for this.

“Because everybody loves a guy who can sing like a girl… Am I right?” -Joel Madden

People were praising Shakira for having a variety of artists like this. She doesn’t only do one niche.

People agreed that “the guy who sings like a girl” did sound like a girl, but also was really good. So, that’s nice, at least.

#WatchingBattles is a good hashtag to use.

Kris Thomas won the battle!

As C. Perkins was leaving, and hugging the coaches, Usher pushed his button. Way to make an impact! People were very impressed by Usher for doing that. Some say it was cruel, but other’s said it was the most entertaining and fun steal ever.

Midas Whale VS Patrick Dodd – Team Adam
Song: Burning Love
“It’s like a little Patrick sandwich.” – Midas Whale dudes

People who forgot Patrick’s name were calling him “Shaggy” or “Dreads.”

Overall? Everyone was just HAPPY. People said they wished all battles were that much fun.

“Can they form a trio?” – Adam Levine. He said it was the hardest decision he’s had to make for a battle round in 3 seasons.

When it cut to commercial people were upset, saying it was the cruelest commercial break ever.

Midas Whale won. And people said they are starting to hear “Might as Well.”

People were kind of upset at Adam. And they had chanted for “Steal” but… no dice.

Orlando Dixon VS Ryan Innes – Team Usher
Song: Ain’t No Sunshine
People were still ranting about Adam Levine not picking Patrick Dodd in the last battle. Some speculated Usher might ask to use his steal on Patrick later, if he didn’t want to steal anyone else.

Here’s an IMPORTANT side note: NBC needs to show the contestants names on the screen longer. All I keep seeing are references to people like “the guy in the blue shirt!” or “the guy with the beard!” And there are also mix-ups like typing “Chris” with a C instead of a K for Kris Thomas. Oh, “beards mcgee” was one for Ryan Innes. That made me laugh.

Seemed like most love was for Ryan Innes, for this battle, until the singing started. Then it was really split and people said there needed to be a steal.

“Some time a girl can’t!” – Shakira (pick)

Adam said Orlando was a revelation. “If I didn’t believe now, I believe now.”

Blake was talking about how Orlando is a man’s man.

Carson told Usher to think out loud.

“Are you telling me to shut up?” – Usher
“Absolutley not, you’re Usher. I would never say that.” – Carson Daly

Ryan Innes won!

Adam Levine for a STEAL of Orlando Dixon. Interestingly? Twitter said that Usher made the right call. There was not as MUCH of a call for a steal here as there was with Patrick Dodd.

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