Tonight, it was time for Team Blake and Team Usher to have their Knockouts on The Voice. And none of our favorites were safe, so it was serious business. There were plenty of “toughie ones” for Blake and Usher.

The Voice Season 4

The Voice Season 4

There is a video of the performance for each artist. Just click on their name to be taken to it!

Savannah Berry vs Justin Rivers – Justin won!
Josiah Hawley vs Jess Kellner – Josiah won!

Holly Tucker vs Luke Edgemon – Holly won!
Audrey Karrasch vs Michelle Chamuel – Michelle won!
Danielle Bradbery vs Taylor Beckham – Danielle won!
C. Perkins vs Vedo – Vedo won!
Grace Askew vs The Swan Brothers – The Swan Brothers won!
Cathia vs Ryan Innes – Cathia won!

Here’s how the choices were made:

  • Adam thought Ryan Innes was better in general, but he and everyone else agreed that Cathia won her round. So Usher went with Cathia.
  • Grace’s unpredictability is what had her lose. Blake was more sure of The Swan Brothers.
  • C. Perkins made all the wrong choices. And Vedo had a lot of emotion on his side.
  • Taylor Beckham picked the wrong song to show off her musical chops with, sadly. Plus, Blake loves Danielle.
  • Audrey Karrasch couldn’t compete with Michelle Chamuel’s energy.
  • Luke Edgemon couldn’t win when Blake had the chance to keep Holly.
  • Usher thought Josiah had a bit more swag and spirit than Jess.

More details in the links above!

Team Blake is all country! Justin Rivers, Holly Tucker, Danielle Bradbery, The Swan Brothers

Team Usher! Josiah Hawley, Michelle Chamuel, Vedo, Cathia

Next week there are three new nights of The  Voice! It also airs tomorrow night, but it does not appear to be a new episode.