There were 6 auditions for the final night of blind auditions on The Voice 2013. Here, you’ll see a quick recap of what each singer did, and what (if any) team they landed on.

The Voice 2013: Blind Auditions are now over!

The Voice 2013: Blind Auditions are almost coming to a close!

Mike Lennon – “Come Together” – He was good, but no one turned because there are so few remaining spots on all their teams. It’s really too bad for him.

Jacqui Sandell – “Dreams” – Blake and Usher both wanted her. She’s a Jersey Girl with spunk and sleek, glossy hair. Oh, and plenty of leg tattoos! TEAM BLAKE. And this made Blake’s team complete. Twitter was divided, but most were not happy that Blake picked her.

Amber Carrington – “Good Girl” – She was a great country-style singer, and she completed TEAM ADAM. People kept trying to figure out who she looked like, from Britney Spears to Carrie Underwood. I don’t think either of those comparisons fit.

Dustin Hatzenbuhler – ” Haven’t Met You Yet” – This cute nerd didn’t get any chair turns for singing almost exactly like Michael Buble.

Luke Edgemon – “I Can’t Make You Love Me” – Team Shakira! People on Twitter seem to be implying he was a Warbler on Glee once. He already has a big fanbase. Seriously. A lot of peopel were tweeting about him before he was even performing. Anyway, Usher and Shakira were fighting for him, so she rose her leg up like Usher does to seal the deal. That’s how we got him on TEAM SHAKIRA.

Jessica Childress – “Marry You”
– Usher was the only coach available to pick one more member. Usher stood up before he pushed his button, turning around to her with open arms. A lot of tweeters thought she was super sweet. One of them thought she sounded (voice, not singing wise) like Kerry Washington and I agreed.

IĀ  hope you enjoyed this The Voice 2013 Recap!