Here’s a recap of the artists that performed on The Voice 2013 on Monday April 8, 2013.

The Voice 2013: Blind Auditions are almost coming to a close!

The Voice 2013: Blind Auditions are almost coming to a close!

Jeff Lewis “U Got it Bad” – No one turned, until the very end and Usher, Shakira and Blake Shelton all turned. He was slick and a pretty boy, with an Adam Levine vibe more than a Backstreet Boy one. He went with Team Usher.

Shawna P. “She Talks to Angels” – I was pretty distracted by her unusual black hat. Shakira turned early on. Then Adam. You know how I’m amazing at knowing how random people look like each other? She looked like Deena Cortese from Jersey Shore. Seriously, it’s all in the nose. Anyway, Team Shakira. (But the B still went and snagged a hug from Adam as she left the stage, proving that every girl wants to hug Mr. Levine.)

Caroline Glaser “Tiny Dancer” – This is a relaxed, indie folk kind of girl with pretty dimples. Her voice is kind of far away and dreamy. Blake Shelton turned right away, then Shakira. Team Blake.

Cameron “As Long as You Love Me” – This is am ambitious guy, and he wore a red bow tie and keyboard belt. As a role model for young kids, he was easy to root for. He busted out dance moves that made the crowd cheer, and confused Adam. I have to admit that his voice was only…okay, for me. Which doesn’t mean he isn’t talented, or that he shouldn’t have auditioned. Sadly, no one turned around.

Michael Austin “Somebody Like You” – Aka Big Country, he’s a Deputy Sheriff and very “Country.” Surprisingly, Adam and Shakira both turned around. I wasn’t a fan, personally. At least not compared to other voices on the show. I felt like it was pitchy. You know who didn’t turn around? Blake Shelton. Surprising. Team Adam. Probably just to spite Blake. Which is fine.

Sasha Allen “I’m Not Ready to Make Nice” – I immediately loved her. She’s a classically trained pianist, stylish, a devoted Mother… she’s amazing. I felt like she really had her stuff together. Adam turned, then Shakira, then Usher. Then Blake. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. Adam even gave her a standing ovation, and Usher followed. Me? I got chillls. TEAM ADAM.

Matt Cermanski “Teenage Dream” – His uncle is in The Trammps. Shakira couldn’t tell if the voice was a man or a woman. His stage presence was very awkward and I wasn’t surprised that no chairs turned for him. As Adam noted, there were a lot of issues with his voice. He just needs work.

Mary Miranda “Como La Flor” – She is from Havana and struggled to learn English. Music helped teach her to speak, much like with Shakira. And Shakira did eventually turn around for her. (And you can’t imagine that Mary Miranda was trying to sway any other judge more than her.) But Usher and Blake also both turned. Shakira was seen mouthing “Mother…” Hehe. TEAM SHAKIRA.

Grace Askews “These Boots are Made for Walking” – Bringing blues and country to The Voice, she introduced us to Bluntry with her beehive, chrome guitar and “damn right” boots. And Blake Shelton responded to that right away. Then Shakira. TEAM BLAKE.

Jane Smith “You’ve Got the Love” – This girl has cartoon hair that flips out. And her name is so… I mean, you know. It’s like a non-name. But non-name girl has had a tough life, with two parents that had cancer. Luckily, her Mom is still with us. And while her Florence and the Machine cover wasn’t awful, she didn’t have any chairs turn for her.

Ryan Innes “Gravity” – He just makes me smile. Adam turned after just one word was sung. Then Blake. A bit later, Usher and Shakira also made this a four-chair turn. “Ryan’s got soul,” Blake exclaimed. Adam or Blake seemed sure to get this. Shakira hardly fought. But Usher did try. And guess what? TEAM USHER. A total surprise.