Tonight, eight become six! Gasp. (That reminds me of a Spice Girls song…)

the voice top 8

Here’s The Voice 2013 Top 8!

I forgot we eliminate two people tonight on The Voice 2013. Dammit. Can I tell you who I think is going home? I think Holly Tucker and The Swon Brothers, maybe. Or maybe Sasha Allen. And it’s hard, because none of them have bad voices!

Every artist who performed last night charted on iTunes.

We had a performance by Sheryl Crow. It was a beautiful stage, set with three super large golden chandeliers that were all lit up in a gorgeous way. Performing with her were The Swon Brothers, Danielle Bradbery and Holly Tucker. The song was “Easy.”

Starbucks has donated a substantial sum to relief aid for Tornado Victims. That’s nice. Head over to Ok.Gov/OKStrong for more. If you go to Starbucks tomorrow, and give a donation, they’ll give you a free drink. Blake Shelton loves his special lattes, you know.

Judith Hill and Michelle Chamuel performed together for the song “Sweet Nothing.”

The first person America saved is… Michelle Chamuel from Team Usher! Usher was wearing his glasses, and stood up and cheered. I was so happy, she’s one of my favorites!

Sasha Allen and The Swon Brothers duet was to the song…”Don’t you Wanna” by Jason Aldean. Their voices worked well together.

America also saved… Danielle Bradbery from Team Blake. Well, that was obvious. Duh!

Sarah Simmons and Danielle Bradbery sang the song “A Thousand Years.” It was very breathy and romantic.

In confessionals we learned that Usher loves candy and beautiful feet, The Swon Brothers love The Notebook, Michelle Chamuel eats straight-up lettuce, and Shakira is usually barefoot. Sadam Levine acted like a rabbit and it was adorable. Judith Hill says she loves superheroes. Shakira says she’d be a Super Ant, because she’s small but strong. Adam says Blake would not be a sidekick, and that he’d be in charge. Usher would be Captain Muscles. Aaaand, yup! I love those, they need more of the confessionals segements.

America now saved…Sasha Allen. Wow! Shakira flipped out.

Holly Tucker and Amber Carrington performed, next. It was Kelly Clarkson’s “Does he Love You?”

From Team Blake, America saved The Swon Brothers! Poor Holly Tucker, is she gonna get through?

Carson Daly is a producer on The Voice, too? I did not know that.

Well, there’s a lot of people yet unsaved right now, damn!

America saved Amber Carrington and … Holly Tucker

Eliminated: Judith Hill, Sarah Simmons

THIS IS A TOTAL SHOCK. WOW. Holly was in tears. Judith and Sarah were brave facing it. Do you think people just didn’t think those two superstars needed any votes, so they didn’t get any? WOW. This is CRAZY. Adam Levine is going to openly weep.

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