With the second battle of tonight’s episode of The Voice 2013, we got to hear two sexy crooners from Team Usher!

josiah hawley

Were you hoping for Josiah Hawley?

The Voice – Team Usher Battle
Jeff Lewis VS Josiah Hawley

Usher was tough on Jeff Lewis during practice. He didn’t want any laughing. He even made the boys fight for one mic.

Josiah Hawley is super popular with ladies, and has a smooth swagger. Meanwhile, Jeff Lewis is a little more sweet-looking and less mysterious.

Their battle song was Sting’s “Roxanne.”

“You can’t teach a person to be a star, all I’m doing is hopefully unlocking things that are there, so they can recognize it and hold onto it…” Usher said.

Josiah Hawley’s family and wife was there, and Jeff Lewis’ fiancee and family were there.

Blake Shelton: “I actually enjoyed it. I think it did what battle rounds are supposed to do. Josiah, he looks like a rockstar. He borrowed one of Adam’s T-shirts. But for me, vocally, I gotta give this to Jeff.”

Shakira: “Sting is one of the most unique singers in the history of pop music… I wasn’t impressed…maybe another choice of song would have helped you a little more…”

Adam: “Maybe you were both oversinging a little bit.”
Usher: “There were times when it was a little bit much, but this is ultimately about performing. … It’s really an emotional song… the winner of this battle is Josiah.”

Congrats to @josiahhawley – Josiah Hawley!