This was the most exciting battle of the night! The third battle round of tonight’s episode of The Voice 2013 gave us two young artists from Team Blake.

danielle bradbery

Are you excited for Danielle Bradbery?

The Voice – Team Blake Battle
Caroline Glaser and Danielle Bradbery

Why put these two young girls together? “They’re both in a position of not having as much experience…” Blake explained. And yes, they were both nervous to be in a room with mentor Sheryl Crow.

“You’re really both world class singers,” he insisted to them both. He was impressed by Glaser’s ability to take direction quickly. (Who else thinks Caroline Glaser looks like Rachel Bilson? I do.) But he said the winner of this round would come down to whoever had the most confidence. Both were young, sweet, talented ladies, and it was unfortunate to know one would be going home. I didn’t want to loose either of these singers, myself. They’re both so amazing.

Their battle song was Corrine Bailey Rae’s “Put Your Records On.”

Shakira: “Your performance was as refreshing as tangerine ice cream.” Adam: “I’ve never had tangerine ice cream, that sounds good.” Blake: “This is not a cooking show!”

Adam: “I feel like Danielle’s performance was more perfect, Caroline there’ something so magical and ethereal…”

Usher: “Oh man. You both came out very confident. …I’m really looking forward to who he’s gonna pick.”

Blake Shelton: “Danielle, I don’t know what your parents are feeding you…. your natural singing ability blows my mind. …Knowing what I wanna do moving forward… the winner of this battle is Danielle.”

Congrats to Danielle Bradbery – @DBradbery!

But it wasn’t over for @CarolineGlaser yet!

caroline glaser

Are you excited for Caroline Glaser?

Usher and Adam BOTH wanted to steal Caroline Glaser. Usher was getting visibly agitated, standing up and moving around. But Adam gave her the hard sell.

Adam: “I gotta have you. You lost the battle but you definitely have not lost the war.”
Usher: “I love your voice, I love the potential of what I can do with you. I’m willing to set myself on fire…”
Adam: “I said that!”
Usher: “You said it before but I mean it.”

So who swayed her?! She’s going to Team Adam. “My heart is telling me to go with Adam,” she said.