Read this live recap of The Voice 2012 battle rounds (hour one) from this Monday!

Season 3 of The Voice

Each team has an additional adviser:

  • Adam Levine – Mary J. Blige
  • Christina Aguilera – Billie Joe Armstrong
  • Blake Shelton – Michael Buble
  • Cee Loo – Rob Thomas

The Voice Battle Rounds

Kansas “Carry on My Wayward Son”
Team Blake Season 3
Casey Muessigmann vs Terry McDermott
Notes: “I think this comes down to… Terry knows what his voice is a little bit more. He’s the winner of this battle,” said Blake.
Battle Winner: Terry McDermott

Sublime “Santeria”
Team Adam Season 3
Collin McLoughlin vs Bryan Keith
Notes: Collin needed more danger in his performance and a feeling/crackle. I actually ended up liking Collin a bit more than Bryan. Could it be in part because of my weakness for lanky nerd types? Well, duh. Blake said he’d also go with Collin. But Christina would go for Bryan. Cee Lo really liked Bryan’s vibe and his approach for this battle round. Adam liked their different energies. “Collin, you came out with beastly intentions, which was awesome,” he said. It was all about who interpreted it better…
Battle Winner: Bryan Keith
P.S. The Steal: Blake and Cee Lo both pushed their buttons for Collin McLoughlin! I’m so happy. He went with Blake Shelton!

“Jesse’s Girl”
Team Cee Lo Season 3
Diego Val vs JR Aquino
Notes: Diego was having trouble because he didn’t know the song (give him a break, English is his second language!) Rob Thomas was actually a little jelly that JR Aquino has so many hits on YouTube – more than Thomas even has. Personally, this seemed like a tough song for both Val and Aquino to sing. But JR Aquino really won me over. Damn, boy! Blake said if he had to pick someone, it’d be JR. Christina also felt JR had a stronger vocal tone. (Holy frak, Xtina’s earrings look like they were made from disassembled hamster wheels. They are way too big.) Cee Lo was having a very hard time with the pick. But he went with Diego… and I think this is because he knew someone would steal JR. I cannot believe there was no steal!
Battle Winner: Diego Val

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