Stefan and Elena on "The Vampire Diaries"

Stefan and Elena on "The Vampire Diaries"

The Vampire Diaries had a strong sixth episode last night with the episode You’re Undead to Me. I enjoyed this episode and it’s making me want to stick around for the entire season.

The eppy started with Damon locked up in his house. Stefan was very serious about keeping his brother like that. Stefan actually said, “In 50 years we can evaluate (taking Damon out)”.But who couldn’t guess that Damon would be freed by the end of this episode?

The show gave aunt Jenna a storyline with an ex boyfriend last week, and that’s looking more interesting as her ex knows about vampires. While Jenna is a neat B character, I’m actually really interested in Bonnie and Caroline (also ‘B’ characters).

I relate to Bonnie because she’s one of those nice girls that gets walked on far too often. Hmph! But, hey – how fun is it that Bonnie’s aunt is played by Jasmine Guy? And by aunt I mean Grams. Oops. I have epic love for Jasmine Guy. But sinceĀ  Guy is only 47, I think she could have played younger. Just because she’s close to age 50 doesn’t mean she’s OLD!

So, back to Elena. Elena has layers, and I’m not writing her off as being uninteresting. In fact, Elena telling a vampire, “No worries, I’ll live” amuses me greatly with the irony it holds. But it looks like next week she’ll actually know that Stefan and Damon are vampires, so the irony will be more obvious next time she says it. Unless Damon uses mind control to erase her memories!

When Stefan and Damon’s “Uncle” went down to check on Damon I had such a horror movie “Omg stupid person, don’t check that random noise!” moment. He actually had a decent reason to go down – he just wanted to say bye to Damon. Luckily, Stefan was there to save him when Damon inevitably got his hands on him.

Not forgetting that the show is set in high school, the kids had a sexy suds carwash. During this scene they played that silly 3Oh!3 song that tells you to “never trust a ho”. Indeed!

Elena said they were running out of towels and “shimmy things” at the car wash, and I can’t help but wonder if she meant sham wow things. If so, I thought you only needed one of those to soak up an entire ocean? Why would she need more? Psh.

Well, little Miss Elena got all snoopy and has learned that Stefan hasn’t aged at all since the 50’s. She learned this through a trail of clues like Stefan and Damon had never changed their names. Uh, dear vampires of any fictional worlds – it’s pretty dumb to not change your name ever! Especially when you go back to your hometown.

As predicted, Caroline helped Damon get free. All I will say about the Damon/Caroline chase scene is that if he had just done that ‘pull the long rug’ trick, that’s in EVERY movieĀ  (even in Scream 3) he could have stopped her from running away. Of course, then she might be dead and that would suck. Uh, no pun intended.

At the end of the episode, Vicki got bitten by Damon. Why did Vicki think that a cemetery was a good place to take a guy whose parents had just died recently? Jeremy didn’t seem phased at all. I really don’t care that Vicki was bitten again, and I really won’t care if she’s dead. I can’t stand her.

Next week on The Vampire Diaries: move over teen angst, we have vampires to deal with!

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