Hopefully the title of this episode* has all 90’s teens remembering their crushes on Skeet Ulrich, Jamie Kennedy and Matthew Lillard.** Here’s our The Vampire Diaries season 4 episode 6 “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes” review!

damon and elena

This review of The Vampire Diaries has been done in list-form. There are 24 items on the  list. They were written while watching the episode. Let us know in the comments if you like, love, or hate this style of review.

Ongoing Review Observations – “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes”

  1. Usually we think of people having nightmares of vampires, not vampires having nightmares. I wonder if they can take Ambien.
  2. This episode title is too long. But I’m not just being a grouch. In this digital world, this matters.
  3. Tyler was being a jerk about dead Dean. I know death is particularly rampant in Mystic Falls, but don’t be insensitive.
  4. I know far too much about how the body rots if not embalmed, and it’s all thanks to the most recent episode of Dexter. Gross.
  5. All this talk about being a potential and a chosen one… that’s Buffy territory. You are not allowed to steal it.
  6. Everyone is always peer pressuring Bonnie to do magic and fix all their problems. She should start throwing tantrums. A good tantrum can feel good.
  7. Klaus is about to go 50 Shades of Grey on Elena Gilbert. That looks like a sex dungeon.
  8. Elena should say she demands Direct TV and Netflix Instant Watch.  And blood. And a fluffy pillow. (Note: The new trend in pillows is water based pillows.)
  9. Mrs. Lockwood still finds time to have fresh flowers in her tiny mansion. That’s dedication. I can hardly find time to do my laundry.
  10. I’m so upset that it’s not really Katherine, just a hallucination. Her hair is amazing, but the things she’s saying are the things Elena thinks Katherine would say, not what Katherine would for sure say. (She might actually love the idea of Vampire!Elena and try to bond over being bad girls. I’m sure the Olsen Twins also had a similar phase.)
  11. The world’s first tombstone (in the world?) isn’t protected by glass or anything? It doesn’t decompose or get affected by skin oils?
  12. April is an annoying character. I’m sure I’m not the first to notice this.
  13. Silas, huh? Big on the immortality and not so big on the fidelity. Wants to rise again? Got it. Seems like a future storyline.
  14. Klaus doesn’t want Elena to hurt herself. It’s, then, so smart that he put her in a room with giant stone sculptures she can use to REPEATEDLY BASH HER FINGERS WITH!
  15. Legend says that Jeremy just has to kill a vampire and Elena’s hallucinations will stop, thus tying up the storyline effectively.
  16. The idea that Klaus wouldn’t have let a sired Tyler hurt Caroline is a lie. But I still almost believe him. The accent makes me pliable to his lies. Damn his accent! And damn future accented boys who lie to me while getting away with it.
  17. The briiiiidge. I know this isn’t here-nor-there but I read about a cool, historical kind of covered bridge restaurant and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.
  18. Mama Gilbert has crazy eyes.
  19. Damon connects better with Elena. And now everybody knows it, so they can’t dispute it. Ha! (I’m kinda gloating, sorry.)
  20. Oh, and we’re supposed to think that finding her daylight ring was just so easy?
  21. Teenage Suicide, Don’t Do It. Is Damon quoting the 90’s cult classic Heathers?! And when is that Heathers musical getting made? I need it in my life.
  22. Having Chris being killed was pretty horrible. They couldn’t find another vampire?
  23. Caroline agreeing to a date is so cliche and stupid, but I do love it.
  24. I really hope they give us Damon/Elena before they put Elena/Stefan back together. Would they be so cruel as to not to? (Yes.)

*A quote made memorable in Psycho (1960) and memorable quoted in the 90’s movie Scream (1996) which was written by Kevin Williamson.

**By which I am talking about myself (a Matthew Lillard crush devotee and the AOL mail distributed unofficial Matthew Lillard newsletter circa 1997) and my friend Brittany (a Skeet Ulrich crush devotee and the AOL mail distributed unofficial Skeet Ulrich Lillard newsletter) who became friends online after seeing we were both running kick ass newsletters. (Which was a pre-blog activity for many girls with AOL in the late 90’s. I also had a friend who had a Dave Matthews Band newsletter. I have also run with the pop culture savvy/literary crowd of nerd girls, see?)

Were you also a 90’s teen? Do you have hope for Delena happening? Are you hoping for more Matt and Damon scenes now? (I am.) Join the conversation by sharing a comment! What would you grade this episode?

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