Vampire Diaries fans, we pose to you this question: what could be better than some new stuff from The Vampire Diaries, when we know the official season two premiere isn’t until September? (We acknowledge that is a run-on sentence, but we’re excited, dammit!)

Listen, we’ll TRY not to oogle Ian Somerhalder too much, but this picture is very artfully composed! / Ph: The CW

While the network isn’t leaking any major promo’s for that season yet, they have provided a new video that they’ve created. In it, Damon Salvatore is given the spotlight (a metaphorical spotlight, no actual sun is placed on our vampire and no fictional vampires were harmed in the making of the video.) If you’re fans of this blog, you know that he’s our favorite Salvatore brother, and we’d love to see him with Elena.

Ian Somerhalder truly is our favorite current male TV vampire (although our favorite current female TV vampire is on True Blood). We still like Stefan Salvatore, and Eric Northman (True Blood) – etc, but Damon just has that extra zing. What do you think? Between the two vampy leads on two hot shows – who is your favorite? Yes, we have a POLL!

The Vampire Diaries has its season two premiere Thursday, September 9th at 8/7 c only on The CW.

The Vampire Diaries Trailer – Damon (Damon / O, Damn!)