When last we left off on The Vampire Diaries, there was a stunning revelation about what had happened to Aunt Jenna. She’d been turned into a vampire by Klaus.  We learned that Katherine had called Jenna to trick her out of the house.

The picture may be from a former TVD episode, but I bet Jenna wished she could just hug it out.

At the Quarry, Elena tried to explain to Jenna what had happened. In short: she’d been turned into a vampire.When tempted by blood to drink, it was impossible for her to resist the urge. It’s like how I feel after not having a Diet Coke for a few hours. Unfortunately, this sealed the deal for Jenna’s transformation.

“I feel like myself, only not. Everything’s brighter. Fire’s hotter. Part of me’s terrified…but there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to feel anything…” – Jenna, The Sun Also Rises

“I’m gonna die, aren’t I?” – Jenna, The Sun Also Rises

As Greta talked about Klaus and the new order, and fire encircled Elena, Jenna, and Jules the werewolf, hope seemed pretty much dead. After watching Klaus rip out Jules’ heart, nothing seemed any better. Being a vampire intensified her guilt, and Jenna told Elena that when she first heard she was to take care of Jeremy and Elena she thought, “Isn’t there someone else who can do this?” As Jenna’s guilt was eating her up, Elena told her to run at the first chance she got.

“Isn’t there someone else who can do this?” – Jenna, The Sun Also Rises

Stefan decided he’d switch places to Jenna. That is awful generous of him, although is living as a vampire really better than death? Well, that’s a debate for another time when there are three rings of fire (at this point just two) going on. It was like a literal circus. Klaus wouldn’t let there be a choice, he staked Stefan to keep him paralyzed.

Jenna was released from her circle, and ran to Greta and bit her. But Klaus killed her, anyway. Elena told her to turn off her feelings so she wouldn’t be scared. The death happened. And it felt a tiny bit weak, only because we’ve hardly seen Jenna utilized in season 2 (or season 1).

On the one hand, using Jenna as the surprise vampire sacrifice was a really cool move since we’d only seen her in the periphery of most episodes. But on the other hand (there’s always another hand) we don’t have a huge emotional investment in Jenna. Part of why I care about Jenna is just because Alaric cares so much, and I care by extension of seeing him care. There was also a nice callback (but all too brief, if you ask me) to Jenna talking about the day she learned she’d be taking care of her sister’s two kids. But all in all, Elena and Jeremy have surpassed Jenna’s life skills and life knowledge…so she’d stopped feeling like an adult.

Jenna’s death also got downplayed when we saw Elena “die” and Stefan hurt, not to mention Tyler shot at and Jules killed. That’s a lot of death and torture going on.  Just…gobs of gore.

The news of Jenna’s death was given to Alaric and Jeremy…no tears at that moment, more like silent horror. Later, we saw everyone preparing for a funeral (I knew that because they were all wearing black. See how smart I am?)

P.S. If you weren’t bawling at least a little at the end of this episode, then I’ll have to question whether or not your heart was ripped out. Well played, TVD. Well. Played.

But what do you think? Were you surprised when they killed Jenna? More importantly, were you upset by it?