In this episode, the spotlight was on Klaus.

Claire Holt in The Vampire Diaries "The Originals."

Claire Holt in The Vampire Diaries “The Originals.”

The Vampire Diaries Quotes – “The Originals”

Right off the bat, we’ve got humor.
She’s the calmest desiccating vampire I’ve ever seen. – Damon

Sounds like a fun place to be.

A supernatural playground where the living are easily lost and the dead stick around to play. – Tour Guide

He’s making a point.

Why don’t you explain exactly what it is you’ve been up to in my town. – Klaus

She’s Buffy!
Bartender. Walking alone at night. She’s either brave or dumb. Brave, I let her live. Dumb, she’s dessert. – Marcel

They have such fun exchanges.
What an entirely unwelcome surprise. – Klaus
And, what an entirely unsurprising welcome. – Elijah

They have very different pov’s.
It’s a trick, Elijah. – Klaus
No, brother. It’s a gift. – Elijah

Even the Kardashian’s know this.
Family is power. Love, loyalty. That’s power. – Elijah

So, they must live.
Every king needs an heir. – Klaus

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