Okay guys, yes, we’ve seen The Vampire Diaries “The New Deal” and we’re here to tease some spoilers. And hopefully not the same spoilers you’ve been hearing. We want to whet your whistles just a bit.

the vampire diaries the new deal spoilers

Prepare for a lack of Caroline. We know you guys love Caroline (Candice Accola) and that’s why we have a Caroline Forbes Focus every week, but we have to tell you that there’s no sign of Caroline in this episode. But that’s not to say that she’s not mentioned more than once. She’s very obviously still on Tyler’s mind. And not just his. Katherine is also a no-so, although we see some of her spirit in Elena as well as some of her influence from someone else. We also know fans are hoping to see some Elijah and Rebecca. What we’ll say on that is that you’ll get a look at one of them, but in an unusual state.

Elena is continuing to train. We bet you thought Elena (Nina Dobrev) would just give up her training, but it’s not true. And she seems to be a fan of Puma. But what happens when you train without Alaric by your side? Things can get hairy.

Jeremy takes the spotlight. It’s no surprise to you guys by now that this episode features a lot of Steven R. McQueen. But we’re not sure if you yet realize just how much of the spotlight he gets. For once, both Alaric and Elena are caring about him and remembering that they’re a quasi family. But it’s not just the same old song and dance of “Jeremy is screwing up, ugh ugh.” While two familiar “songs” ( hints: season 1, kitchen.) play in this episode, Jeremy is not a wet blanket. For once, you’re going to be really proud of him.

Stelena vs Delena. We could never say that all hope is lost for Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena, but this episode doesn’t focus on their romance. Elena shares the screen more with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) than Stefan. When the episode ends, one of these three characters will have set something in motion that is going to leave everyone having some pretty strong reactions.

Goodbye to you. A character leaves. We don’t want to tell you too much about it. But we know that it’s already out there that someone is leaving. But what is their “out” – is it emotional, physical? Don’t be so certain you know what it means. Tsk, tsk!  And the “out” leaves room for this character to possibly come back. We suspect fans will want them to.

Two new characters. New faces appear. One seems much more important than the other.

Misc The Vampire Diaries Spoilers

  • Add “Klausageddon” to your dictionaries now.
  • Elena inadvertently puts a beloved female character in jeopardy. Then again, maybe it was an unconscious reveal on her part. Either way, the consequences will have you upset and sad.
  • Jenna who?
  • Kevin Williamson really loves the openers of horror movies.

We have so many notes but they’re going to have to be saved for our Vampire Diaries review, which will go live after the show has aired on the east coast – subscribe to us so you don’t miss it!

Did you enjoy these Vampire Diaries spoilers? Let us know! Did we say enough, or were we too vague? After you watch “The New Deal” come back and see if what we said made enough sense. Our goal is to serve fans the way we (also fans) would want to be served.

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