We know you’re still feeling radically bowled over by the new episode of The Vampire Diaries that just aired, and a re-watch is most definietly necessary. But first, let’s regroup and talk about we just witnessed! I mean, did you SEE that? And that other thing? And …yea!

vampire diaries the new deal

The Vampire Diaries Review “The New Deal”

The Bonnie Of It All. When the episode started and we saw Bonnie all skinny jeans and anxious determination, we thought she was going to be really featured in this episode. But she really wasn’t. There was not as much Bonnie (Kat Graham) in this episode as you may have thought there would be. The unfortunate reality of The Vampire Diaries is that witchcraft is so necessary that Bonnie is often used as an accessory to plots, simply for her powers. Now that Jeremy has left Mystic Falls, maybe she’ll have time to move on with her love life?

Meet Meredith Fell, Finally! (Wait, who is Meredith Fell?) The new doctor’s name is Meredith Fell (played by Tory DeVitto.) If you didn’t read the L.J. Smith books you may be wondering why that’s a big deal. Well, we did a bit of research and found out that in the books she’s good friends with Elena and Bonnie, and she’s one of the few people Damon actually kind of fears. In the books (spoiler alert!) she also has a romance with Alaric. And it looked like they might be going in that direction. But does she know Elena and Bonnie? We can’t wait to find out more about this mystery character. (Does this mean there will be less of character Melissa Hastings on Pretty Little Liars? Maybe.) Would you guys be excited if Meredith became a new main character on the series?

Jeremy Manned Up Then Left. Oh, poor Jeremy! He’s been a little emo all along, but in “The New Deal” it seemed like he was taking some major steps to be more of an adult. It’s so sad that he had to be compelled to leave, although it’ll definitely keep him safe for a while! Will he be back? We don’t know! Seeing him in the woods with Tyler was fun, until we realized that Tyler was unknowingly screwing him over. It was also fun to see Jeremy chop off the head of a vampire. (Not that we saw it, but we heard the chomp!) The question we’re all sure to be curious about is if Jeremy will be back. Steven. R. McQueen might not even know at this point! But we want to know if other TVD fans want him back. We do!

Damon and Elena’s First Real Kiss. In season 1, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) kissed Katherine, thinking it was Elena (Nina Dobrev.) And in season 2, Elena kissed Damon but it was … he was so weak that it hardly counts. This was one of their first real kisses. It was mutual, although Damon is the one who initiated it. How do you think Elena will react? She might feel a little guilty and weirded out, but she has felt very close to Damon, and also been very mad at Stefan. It seems like a good time to start up this inevitable relationship! Besides, Elena was sending all sorts of unconscious “I want you” signals to Damon all through this episode. So we can’t blame him for going in for the kiss he’s wanted and YEARNED for, for so long. But Stelena fans shouldn’t be too upset, we’re sure at some point Elena and Stefan will be together again. However, be warned now – we suspect the end game is Elena and Damon.

Forwood. There was a lot of Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) in this episode, but no Caroline (Candice Accola.) But we heard him say her name a few times – he’s obviously still got her on his mind! That’s … good, right? He’s just not aware how much Klaus is truly controlling him. It really is like a cult mentality.

Rebecca Rests. Elena telling Klaus how Rebecca knew the truth about who killed their Mother resulted in Klaus deciding to keep Rebecca daggered. Or rather, re-daggered. Do you think Elena was hoping Klaus would do that? She knew Rebecca would be mad at her for daggering her in the first place…but she also seemed pretty confident that Klaus could keep Rebecca away from her. Do you think she planned for Klaus to keep Rebecca daggered or not?

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