If you could “cure” your very own set of mystical super powers, would you want to? Here’s our The Vampire Diaries season 4 episode 5 “The Killer” review!

I was ready to hardcore mock this call back to writing in diaries. After all, there’s been too much that has happened in Elena’s life for her to just randomly start journaling again. Except… I do like the idea that she’s only doing it again because she so badly needs that inner reflection. Having Elena hopelessness playing against Stefan’s hope was very satisfying.

Forget about having any love for Professor Shane (David Alpay) – he wants to use Bonnie (Kat Graham) but if she has to be killed, he’s okay with it. Connor Jordan (Todd Williams) is equally heartless right now.

Although, he … I kind of love that he’s cornered the three humans and is giving them tips about vervain. Sorry Jeremy, maybe you can wear a vervain-soaked corset. It’s not ideal and I’m sure you wanted to play it cool with the bracelet, but that can come off pretty easily!

Bonnie (Kat Graham) is doing witch therapy. Which sounds cool and I would do it, if I had … you know, witch powers. I feel bad for her, she’s getting played so hard by Professor Shane. I also think that hypnotizing yourself to do something isn’t very smart – that isn’t changing what the other witches will do. It just means you’re making yourself ignorant. I really hope I’m misunderstanding this plan. Her guard should be up, anyway. She’s just going to trust this guy (of course, her Grams liked him…) and let him hypnotize her? And it worked… and she was basically compelled because she can’t remember anything.

I know that being too into one ship or another makes us all crazy. But I do love Damon and Elena. And this is not an episode designed to make us like Stefan. He’s not the worst brother for vervaining his brother, he’s the worst brother for keeping all these damn secrets. Even though he has a reason to keep the secret, I feel like he’s still doing this in the wrong way. Trusting Klaus? Surest way to get yourself or someone killed/screwed. Hasn’t Stefan learned that by now? (I’m actually seeing a lot of Stefan hate on Twitter. Ouch.)

The thing is, Damon respects Elena’s choices. (Which we want! We want a strong heroine to believe in!) And here’s Stefan, compelling Jeremy and ruining everyone’s plans all the time. Even when we know why Stefan is doing something, do you ever agree with him?

Question: If Connor doesn’t kill a vampire directly, does his tattoo mark still grow and expand? .

OH THE PAIN! Damon agrees not to kill Connor after Stefan explains. But then Elena kills Connor. This means Jeremy is going to have to kill vampires and get his marks. Which isn’t bad, there are plenty of bad vampires to kill! I hope we get a fun training montage! Sorry Jer, no Bahamas for you. And yup… there you go, he’s got a mark now. See, I hate when I can predict what’s going to happen.

I’ve liked Elena more in this episode than I’ve ever liked her. She’s powerful and not going to be kept in the corner and told what to do. I love that about her. Of course, now she killed someone and that’s a big deal. Her guilt is going to bother her.

I think I have to admit that Stefan just sealed his fate as being the jerk brother. He can’t say he won’t love Elena as much if she’s a vampire because she just isn’t supposed to be one. That’s awful!

Commercial that aired on The CW during TVD: Crest 3D White Strips. First off, I’ve used them and they don’t work all that great. Secondly, this new commercial about “First you’ve gotta get him to say hello” is very, very sexist! Crest, what are you thinking?! Even Don Draper thinks it was wrong.

But at least Katherine is coming back!

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