Does your doppelganger cause you problems, too? Try calling up your estranged vampire Mom for some advice!

the vampire diaries the house guest

Fans have to wait an entire six weeks for a new episode of The Vampire Diaries. Until then, we can only ponder and discuss the character dynamics that have left us with more questions than answers. And luckily, in The Vampire Diaries “The House Guest” we got lots of screen time for all of our favorite players. The Damon/Elena/Stefan love triangle took a backseat, which is nice for a change.

Elena and Katherine: First off, shouldn’t there be less confusion about who is who when Elena wears her necklace all the time? Secondly, vampires should be able to sense other vampires. Werewolves certainly could, Jules taught us that much. For all the fun the gag of “which one is Elena!” gives us, it almost seems dumb. Katherine promised everyone at the end of the episode that the one thing they should believe is that she’s not a threat to Elena. Well, the one major thing they are worried about is that she’s a threat to Elena. So I think we’ll keep being worried, but thanks.

Jenna and Alaric: Finally this pair got more screen time. During “The Dinner Party” I didn’t feel much for this couple. But seeing them again last night made me start feeling invested. Jenna is becoming more “real” since we see her having a life outside of walking out of her bedroom with Alaric. Of course, now that he’s said that Isobel is dead, and Isobel is in town…that could be a problem. But there are also a few other things. Would Jenna really want to hang out with teenagers? I guess so. But she needs more friends. And she considers herself a parent? She really doesn’t act like one, but I guess she is the one taking care of the house duties and paying the bills… But she doesn’t even have grounding powers! How boring. In related news: Jenna has Sunnydale Syndrome and blissfully had no idea of the problems everyone else had that night, despite being at the Grill while half of it was starting to go down.

Bonnie and Jeremy: While Elena seemed genuinley conflicted, she quickly came to the conclusion that we all have: this couple would be cute. Already, Bonnie is confiding in Jeremy over anyone else. It was to him she revealed that she got her powers back. And really, was he the only one who even knew that big issue of how she’d gotten them taken? Most teenagers text their friends when they get a new pair of shoes, but with Mystic Falls its a bit different… Your doppleganger is in town? Yea, you totally forgot to mention that!

Caroline and Matt: Sistah serenaded the boy, so he fell for her all over again. Then, tragically, Matt was injured badly enough to make Caroline’s face turn at the sight of all that blood, and to make him drink hers to be healed. Her wails when he was hurt were so painful, Candice Accola knocked it out of the Mystic Falls Grill with those. Anyway, Matt did not re-act well to the truth (which had seemed like such a good idea to spill earlier on), especially when he remembered his sister talking about vampires. He thinks Caroline did it, and can you blame him? Little does he know how many vampires are around. Caroline may want to let Alaric know that this news is best delivered on an empty stomach, while the person is restrained and maybe on a mild sedative.

Damon and Katherine: Eventually, Kat admitted that she knew Damon would have died killing Elijah. Annoyed, he later pays her back with a stake to her gut (nothing fatal.) While most girls would be put off by this, Katherine tries to (unsuccessfully) seduce Damon at the end of the episode. I cheered for Damon when he pushed her away. That might be because his feelings are hurt to know, once again, she really does want to save and have Stefan over her. That bitch. Whatever Katherine’s end game is, no one wants to know more than Damon.

Elena and Isobel: So, Mommy’s finally back. Does she want to kill her daughter? That’s the sort of reunion meant for Jerry Springer, no?

The Vampire Diaries airs on The CW on Thursday nights.

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