If you could “cure” your very own set of mystical super powers, would you want to? Here’s our The Vampire Diaries season 4 episode 4 “The Five” review!

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Single Girl Problems

Rebekah (Claire Holt) really stood out in this episode. She’s become a substantial player in TVD world, and someone that I get very sad to see get taken away all the time. She’s catty and powerful, but unstable and not emotionally strong – which makes her tres, tres interesting as a character. It also makes it easy to empathize with her, even when I try to repeat a mantra that she killed Elena. But, of course, that’s tough since Vampiric Elena is fun. And she’s wearing much better clothing! More on that later…

Rebekah’s flashback scenes were lovely. The hair with the flowers in it? Gah! And then, that romantic and sensual scene with her in an off the shoulders white … underdress thingy, with her then-lover? It was gorgeous. Who didn’t want to be Rebekah in that scene? I mean, up until the dagger part and then all the heartbreak and tears. She didn’t even have any Ben & Jerry’s to console her back then. Nope. Instead she had Klaus, mocking her for being so easily played and swayed by feelings of love and, hell, feelings in general.

What this episode did was really open up my eyes that Rebekah is the perpetual, and oldest, single girl. I mean, if this was more of a True Blood reality someone would have to pounce on her and make her a reality starlet and give her a book deal all about being the longest-running single girl ever. She’s had a bad romantic history a mile long. She’s like Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) and all of Meg Ryan’s movie characters all rolled into one. She just can’t get it right. Not with that one dude, not with Stefan, not with Matt….

What would make a more complete package? Mother issues? She’s got those! And I’m pretty sure Klaus wants to sleep with her… so yea, there’s a lot of drama going on in the world of this one character.

The scene at the end, where Stefan convinces Rebekah to accidentally give up the location of where she buried the warrior (I totally forgot his name, yes) was kinda cruel…except not, since Stefan can remember the whole “she killed Elena” thing. I really liked that she was moved by love, the love Stefan has captured with just one girl and that he’s willing to see out. That’s Rebekah’s weakness. She respects that. Her heart is huge. (Making it easy to stake, ha!) She has too much love for her family (snubbing Klaus has been her way of trying to be strong and independent) and when she falls for a guy, it changes her into a better person. (She really is trying awfully hard with Matt.)

Greek Life

Damon’s nod to his brother by being Jack The Ripper for a Halloween costume was a lot of fun. And Bonnie and Elena both managed to scrounge up some pretty amazing costumes. Again, Elena looked amazing and even her hair was styled in a fun way. (Often they just put Elena in the most boring items and call it a day. That saddens me. This season for Vampire!Elena, they’ve given her more style.)

I had guessed all along that Damon was helping her feed in a way that would help her, not just letting her go wild. Bonnie got all judgey, of course.

Elena would be happy with Damon. She’s all teen angsty when she sees how easy it would bet to cheat, and how much she likely wants to. (Sorry Stelena shipper!) Damon and Elena danced, were happy and near euphoric. It was a great scene. There was a great song. ( Feel so Close – Radio Edit – by Calvin Harris.)

But I did start wondering if by drinking the blood of those girls, one or both of them had been vicariously roofied. (Did Elena take that roofied drink? If not – she should have to help that sistah out!) But then my thoughts wandered again, and this time I started thinking about how much fun (and what dramatic fights and intense sexytimes woudl then result from them) Damon and Elena would have had growing up as partners-in-crime through the ages. Can’t you see them at Studio 54? I think that couple has longevity, though I think Stefan and Elena do, too. The problem is that she needs to pick one road and stick with it. Or not. She’s …young (and immortal, now) and she can taste both flavors and take her time, I guess. But that’s cruel, and that’s the one thing Elena never is. At least not on purpose.

Professor Mysterious

The Professor, played by David Alpay, is very intriguing.

Should Bonnie trust him? Probably not. This means she’ll likely fall in love with him within the next couple eps! And hey, any way I can get more Bonnie (Kat Graham) on my screen is okay with me…

P.S. Will Jeremy become a vampire hunter?

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