Get ready to see more of Torrey DeVitto on The Vampire Diaries. She plays Doctor Fell, Doctor Meredith Fell.

Fans of the L.J. Smith original TVD novels know that Meredith is actually a very important character. Read on at your own risk of Vampire Diaries spoilers!

If you sensed a spark between Alaric (Matthew Davis) and Meredith, that was on purpose. In the books, these two characters have a romantic relationship. We have a feeling they will also have one on the show.

In the books, Meredith is friends with Elena and Bonnie – but not with Caroline. Here, we don’t know if she’s friends with them. They’ve never mentioned her.

Another point in the books is that Damon is intimidated by Meredith. It’d be interesting to see Damon actually intimidated by anyone.

This character was introduced in The Vampire Diaries season 3 episode “The New Deal.” She treated Alaric for his injuries, and is interested in how he healed so quickly. How long will Meredith Fell be on the show? Well, how long do you hope she is?

You can also see actress Torrey DeVitto on Pretty Little Liars as Melissa Hastings. Torrey DeVitto has a The Vampire Diaries connection as actor Paul Wesley, Stefan, is her husband.

Photos: ABC Family