Here are The Vampire Diaries Season 4 spoilers and predictions.

Elena’s Vampire Life will be Explored in Great Depth

This is obvious, but we can’t overlook how cool it will be to see “girl next door” Elena Gilbert transition to a vampire. We saw it happen to Caroline, but you can bet your bottom dollar the show is going to place much more emphasis on what Elena’s transition is like. And for one, she’s going to have help and mentors (maybe smothering ones – being she’s got a BFF and two vampires who love her…) from the very start. The show was brave to turn Elena into a vampire, and they’re not going to waste any chance to milk it – nor should they!

We know that every vampires human characteristics get magnified. We’re interested in hearing which of her traits will be the most drawn out in her vampire self. Self-sabotage? A sacrificial nature? Stubbornness?

No More Rebekah and Tyler (Hint: Rhymes with ….uh, er, DIGEST)

Because they’ve saved her so many times, it stands to reason that Rebekah (Claire Holt) will be around for more of TVD season 4. But now that Tyler is Klaus, that’s an incest storyline we doubt The CW executives wants to delve into. (But look for fanfic, there will probably be loads because there is such pathos there.)

Speaking of Rebekah

Even though she’s going to be enemy number one, we bet the show is going to keep her in town. And we’re secretly fairly glad about that.

Katherine will Return

Klaus is finally “dead” and she’ll want to check out Elena-as-a-vampire. Come on, how fun will that be?! Katherine will want to be her mentor, for sure. Which is only the worst idea ever, obviously.

Alaric will be Back (The Real Him, not the Asshole Alter, although….)

Jeremy will see him in ghost form at some point again. That’s kind of a “Duh” after the Rose stint. But we’ll still appreciate it for nostalgia’s sake.

Tyler Might Not Be Dead: Is Tyler Dead?!

It would be far too easy for the show to close the book on Tyler. It probably hasn’t been finalized yet, and fans reaction will likely come into play on this one… but there’s nothing that’s been explained so far to say that what was done didn’t simply suppress Tyler in his own body. There’s a chance that if everyone hates Klaus/Caroline they might find a way to kill off Klaus while keeping Stefan and Damon (and all those other vampires) alive, including Tyler.

We suspect Caroline will not know that Tyler aka Klaus is alive for a while, though. At least two episodes into The Vampire Diaries season 4.

Caroline will Still Be Expected to Skip Town and She’s Going to Become Darker

Mystic Falls hates vampires more than we hated Firefly being canceled. The Sheriff is out of a job, as is the Mayor! Caroline has to run.

Read this for more on why we think Caroline will become a darker, angrier character.

Bonnie will be Killed Off

What’s the use in having a witch you never use? We’re sorry that the show doesn’t want to use Katerina Graham anymore, but the only reason they probably haven’t killed her off is that her death would lack impact since they hadn’t  used her in season 3 much at all. (Seriously, did you care about her storylines? They all got a major shrug from us.)

Elena Will Remember Meeting Damon Before Stefan

Vampires remember their compelled memories, right?

And Delena Will Happen

It’s been dragged out, but they won’t tease fans this much without delivering. Damon and Elena will be a relationship that is earned and hard-won. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

These are unofficial TVD Season 4 spoilers. None are confirmed. Some are just really obvious. Others are predictions. Your predictions are welcome in the comments.

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