How do you like THEM apples? There’s hope for Delena fans after all!  Here’s our The Vampire Diaries season 4 episode 8 “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street” review.

If the bathtub is a metaphor, then I do want to know why we don’t get to hang out in the world of Damon/Elena more often! It’s just so satisfying!

And if the bathtub is just a bathtub… does it have claw feet? Because I’d totally add that to my Pinterest design board! Anyway. Um. Let’s get into the review…

Damon and Elena = Delena = This writer’s preferred pairing. (Sigh.)

That opening song was so atmospheric and perfect for the sexy Damon/Elena lounging-in-bed moments. But it was so hard for me to enjoy this scene knowing about the whole unfair sire thing that was going on. Not only was their sex scene hot, but I also adored those sweet couply moments they had when she was leaving for school.

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It’s pretty cool that Elena on the show is convincing both Damon and fans to believe in that relationship. We’ve gone meta, people! And, of course, we ended the episode without our question answered, because we have no answer right now.

It’s a Flashback Gold Rush

This show has found such a great way to continually incorporate flashbacks. And what’s more, the flashbacks are never boring. A vampire serial does lend itself to flashbacks, but that doesn’t guarantee that just anyone could make them good. But TVD always gets these right. (Plus, the fashion and hairstyles always captivate me! I am never getting over the beauty of Katherine’s hoop skirt dresses from season 1, okay?!)

Damon’s the Mack Daddy of Siring His Vamps?

We don’t yet know whether Damon is particularly prone to creating sire bonds. What we do know is that a sire bond can be built if the person in question is already deeply connected (or in love) with the person who sires them. The connection must already be there. And Damon sired two female vampires. But is it that difficult to think that someone as handsome as Ian Somerhalder, or charming as Damon, would cause those feelings in women over the years? (Is it silly or admirable that I took the time to google how to spell “Mack Daddy” i n the right way?)

Girls (whether Witches or Vampires) Just Wanna Have Fun

Even Bonnie loosened up! It looked like fine, jumping around and drinking champagne. This scene was so fun. Before the bickering, of course. The bickering was painful.

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Written by Jessica Rae for Small Screen Scoop. Find her on Twitter @HeyMsJessicaRae.