I’m guessing fellow Delena fans are justifiably enraged after this episode. Sigh! Well, let’s get into it. Here’s our The Vampire Diaries season 4 episode 7 “My Brother’s Keeper” review.

Caroline and Stefan = BFF

I do not think Stefan and Elena are epic, but I think the friendship between these two definitely is. Being the sober sponsor for Stefan is so sweet. And I completely understand why Caroline hates Damon, he really abused and manipulated her during season 1 of TVD. But I don’t agree with Caroline, because I like Damon. Anyway. Their friendship is amazing.

Klaroline isn’t so bad

Tyler and Caroline kind of bore me, and I can hardly remember Matt and Caroline. The sexy dynamic that Caroline and Tyler once had now belongs to Caroline and Klaus. And yes, I ship them. Caroline is getting something good from that relationship, and Klaus is all mysterious. Can anyone deny that Klaus stealing Car’s Miss Mystic Falls application was super cute? He obviously cares a lot about her.

Delena Timez

I think you guys know that I like Damon and Elena together, so I liked this episode a lot. Of course, the ending enraged me… but we’ll get to that later. This episode was full of great little moments for the pair, especially Damon’s looks to Elena when they weren’t talking. They finally got together at the end o the episode and all seemed to be falling into place for this couple, finally. But then the show decided to say that Elena only liked Damon so much because she was sired by him. Why, why, why? The show can’t say that she’s torn between the two brothers in a full way? It has to be a cheat, to give us this relationship? I really hate the show for doing this. This way, even Delena fans basically have to admit that Delena is basically wrong, because Elena doesn’t like Damon more than Stefan. We know that Elena always kind of liked Damon, but she never made the final call to pick him when she wasn’t a vampire. So, basically, the show is saying that Damon and Elena isn’t real or right. And that makes me upset, because I wanted to see that actually happen.

Haha – Amber Wolverton?

Isn’t that a hilarious name for someone living in Mystic Falls, as a founding family? Oh man.

April “Serves No Purpose” Young

There’s no way it was a mistake that April Young looked so much like Elena for Miss Mystic Falls. The dress was blue for Elena, but the hair style and sweetheart neckline are the same.

Speaking of TVD fashion

Elena wore a kicky side fishtail braid, sexy black lace dress, and had beautiful makeup that involved a pink pout and a smokey eye. Caroline kept things mature and classy in a gold sheath. Bonnie was, of course, no where to be seen…

Stefan Sucks (More than blood)

Stefan is dedicated, but I hate the reason he wants to cure Elena. She isn’t supposed to be a vampire? Was half the people in the town? Was Caroline? He can’t tell Elena she’s not good enough by being some other way, which wasn’t even her fault. But this isn’t the only thing about Stefan that upset me in this episode.

Turning Jeremy into killer is horrible. I love that Jer stood up to Stefan, and that no one can compel him ever again.

But Elena wasn’t a saint…

Elena moving in was cold. She should have moved in with Caroline, not Damon and Stefan. Because that displaces Stefan! Who then moves in with Caroline?

What do you guys think about this episode? Do you think the “Elena was sired” thing is a cheat?

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