Now that The CW has graciously released a 30 second promo for The Vampire Diaries season 3, we have 30 entire seconds of things to flail about. All of the facesĀ  you love are back, although you might not recognize them all…And no, this isn’t because anyone got a nose job! It’s all about inner motivation, guys! Things change, life moves on, people fall in and out of love… it’s all going to be happening in TVD season 3.

So, what’s everyone in Mystic Falls up to?

Stefan: Feeding uncontrollably, he’s dangerous to everyone (especially Elena.)

Elena: Doesn’t want to give up on Stefan, oh no. She will bemoan his transformation forever. Or until someone gives her a reason to change her mind…

Caroline: Is encouraging Elena to move on with her life. Her own love life with Tyler seems to be going swimmingly, however! As swimmingly as romance in Mystic Falls goes, at least.

Damon: Staying close to Elena, trying to be in her life, but also having guilt about why his brother is now a maniac. Now that he’s the calm brother, he is trying to be the voice of reason for Stefan.

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Trailer – Whet Your Appetite

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