While our favorite ladyvamp didn’t have a key role in last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, we’re just glad she made it through the show alive and well! Here’s your Friday dose of an episode recap – Caroline Forbes style.
the caroline forbes focus

The Vampire Diaries “The Reckoning” Recap – The Caroline Forbes Focus

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Caroline spent some quality time with her best friends as they tried to figure out the latest supernatural mystery in Mystic Falls: Elena’s necklace. Caroline also rescued her dad from a bloodthirsty Damon and kicked some serious butt while doing so. Unfortunately, Bill Forbes thanked his daughter by shooting down her efforts at reconciliation and then leaving town. He’s definitely not winning a Father of the Year award anytime soon.

This week, we first see Caroline when Matt walks into a classroom full of mouse traps. But this isn’t just ANY room full of mouse traps… Caroline, Elena, Bonnie, and Tyler are getting ready for Senior Prank Night, and Matt apparently missed the memo. Oh boy. A pow wow with Caroline’s ex-BF, BF, and BFFs. I’m in!

Caroline reacts accordingly: “UGH, COME ON! Seriously?! Do you know how long it took for us to set all this up??!!” I love her. Everyone then badgers Matt about how his cluelessness is totally unacceptable. They’ve only been waiting for this since like, freshman year! Oh, Caroline. She’s always the leader of the pack when it comes to any activity that the stereotypical teenager would find worthwhile, and everyone else is always disinterested, but they play along anyway. I’m pleasantly surprised that Caroline and Matt are in a scene together because, well, my shipper heart wants what it wants. However, it’s bothering me a bit that Matt is so unnaturally sweaty. Do the halls at Mystic Falls High not have air conditioning after 8pm? Either way, grab a towel, dude.

Side note: Going into this episode, I knew it was supposed to be a “game changer,” and those are normally the episodes where Caroline’s scenes are much less relevant. However, this gave me hope that Caroline would be involved in this episode’s main plotlines. I love when the writers don’t leave us to assume that Caroline is in the know about everything; it’s much more rewarding and realistic when we see her interacting with the rest of the characters. They’ve done a better job of that in Season 3.

Next we see Caroline and Tyler in a dark hallway. Tyler’s trying to set the mood, but Caroline brings up Matt before anything happens. I didn’t see that coming. Admittedly, this isn’t the best time for Caroline to talk about Matt, but it’s also a jerk move for Tyler to belittle Caroline’s concern for him.

Caroline: I’m asking you if you think our friend, who we both love, is okay.
Tyler: I think he probably doesn’t have a lot of people to talk to anymore. I think he’s struggling more than he lets on. I think that I love how big your heart is.
Caroline: I just want this school year to be great, you know? I just want everyone to be happy. Even in the midst of all the crazy, unhappy bits.
Tyler: I’m happy.

So Tyler has been paying attention to his old pal. It’s sad that Tyler and Caroline have been able to develop such a strong bond, yet Matt and Tyler have completely grown apart. Obviously there’s a rift because of the love triangle situation, but I wonder how they’d act around each other as friends now. I would say I’m surprised that Caroline hasn’t tried to reconcile the bromance a la at the end of Season 1, but then again, she’s somewhat the cause of the problem this time around.

REBEKAH! I love her, but not when her agenda is unknown and she’s acting mysterious in the presence of Caroline. This can’t be good. Rebekah knows who both Caroline and Tyler are, but they have no idea who she is. I love how quickly Caroline’s persona changes here. She’s all badass and sassy; her attitude is kind of reminiscent of that in her hallway scene with Damon in “Brave New World.” The ladyvamp strut walk is definitely no longer a Katherine trademark. Rebekah introduces herself, saying that she’s the new girl, and then goes in for the attack. NOOO!!

Later on, we finally see that Caroline is still alive. I mean, I didn’t think she’d go out that way, but you never know with this show. Caroline wakes up on the floor and tries to figure out where she is while Rebekah chatters about “mobile phones.” Rebekah says that Tyler (who had his neck snapped by Klaus while Caroline was passed out) is “dead-ish” and explains that he’ll be a hybrid when he wakes up. Oh, goody. Tyler eventually wakes up, and Caroline has to be the bearer of bad news — with some help from Rebekah, of course, who is clearly enjoying all of this.

As it turns out, Elena doesn’t have to die in order for Klaus to create his army of hybrids; he just needs an endless supply of her blood. Klaus walks into where Rebekah is holding Tyler and Caroline hostage. Tyler looks miserable. This is the first time that Caroline has been in the presence of Klaus, right? For the sacrifice, one of his witches/warlocks captured Caroline and Tyler, so I don’t think they ever encountered Klaus. I’m surprised she isn’t more terrified in this moment. There hasn’t been any indication that she’s in Klaus’ direct line of fire, so I guess that might explain why she isn’t freaking out. “If he doesn’t feed, he’ll die anyway, love.” I wish I could say I hate Klaus, but that would be a lie. Despite Caroline’s resistance, Tyler drinks the blood that Klaus has brought for him and his transition begins. While this is gross, the wolf pack Klaus targeted earlier this season looked much more gruesome when they were attempting to transition. I’m glad we didn’t have to see Tyler bleed from his eyes.

As the episode nears an end, Caroline and Tyler walk hand in hand down another empty hallway of Mystic Falls High. Tyler reassures Caroline that he’s okay – far better than okay – and that the feeling of being a hybrid is a “rush” that he can’t explain. The combination of him spinning Caroline around and his optimism after what’s happened is uncanny. This is all way too good to be true, and Caroline knows it. You can see it in her face. She’s trying to act relieved and happy, but Tyler’s personality is already different.

Klaus is building an army of hybrids, so I want to know how he left Tyler. Does Tyler think he was just turned for the fun of it? Will this put a damper on Caroline and Tyler’s relationship? Will Caroline and Rebekah become eternal ladyvamp best friends? (Okay, the last one’s a stretch… but hey, it could happen eventually. And it should.) Watch an all new episode of The Vampire Diaries next Thursday on The CW to find out!

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