Three major errors clouded this otherwise  amazing episode of The Vampire Diaries.

the vampire diaries

Error #1: So little Caroline.

Candice Accola has charmed fans, and has earned her screen time. There could have been less of Alaric for more of Caroline. But everyone will always argue that their favorite characters deserve more time. What I’ll say, instead, is that Caroline’s limited screen time wasn’t used in any great fashion.

Car’s so blinded by love that she put Matt in a spot that would have been great to get him killed. (Luckily, the real Rebekah is dead, so he’s probably safe. Otherwise, close approximation to someone so dangerous isn’t a good thing.) It’s also unsettling to see how well Caroline understands that no one cares that killing Klaus will kill Tyler. She can’t appeal to Damon or Elena or even Stefan. She’s very alone.

Error #2: Kevin Williamson already wrote this show.

Listen, if you watched even two episodes of Dawson’s Creek, then The Vampire Diaries looks familiar to you. Elena is Joey, Stefan is Dawson and Damon is Pacey. Stefan and Elena had a nice, pure romance for the first two seasons just like Joey and Dawson did. But Damon/Pacey is the darker choice, the rebel, and ultimately the one that the fans want.

Spoiler alert: Joey and Pacey end up together on Dawson’s Creek. And Williamson, himself, made that decision, because he wrote the two-part finale. In fact, based on prior interviews it would seem that Williamson see’s more of himself in a Dawson or Stefan role, and that can cause a writer to go harder on that character.

What wasn’t an error was drawing out Elena and Damone’s will-they-won’t-they dance. No one wants it to end so soon. However…

Error #3: Elena is the worst role model ever.

This wishy-washy girl is such a naive child, even for her young age. She, from this critic’s standpoint, doesn’t deserve Damon. She’s not yet mature enough to be challenged or to think on her own. She wants to play things safe, she’s not ready to follow her heart.

(They finally let Nina Dobrev wear earrings in an episode that wasn’t about a dance!)

(P.S. Elena watching Damon sit and have a drink was probably the best scene this show has e

What do you think of how Elena treated Damon in “Heart of Darkness”?

Photo courtesy of The CW.