Esther’s plan got predictably derailed, and both Salvatore brothers took a backseat as a new love interest for Elena surfaced. (Depending on your POV.)

ian somerhalder

The Quiet Romance of Elena and Elijah

Just as Daniel Gillies has said, Elena and Elijah do have a bit of an unspoken romance going on. For most of this episode, I couldn’t feel it at all. This, on account of Elena betraying Elijah, and him kidnapping her. (Although she did go willingly, yet, was still held against her will. So I think that’s kidnapping. and don’t make me get into a rant about how Elena acts so much like a five year old kid sometimes. BECAUSE I WILL.) Anyway. At the end of the episode it was Elijah’s letter (and I bet his penmanship was perfect) that found Elena. Given that Elijah once had eyes for Tatia (who looked like Elena and Katherine) it makes a lot of sense.

Almost Swift Vengeance

There was a moment in this episode of TVD where I really respect Rebekah and the series. It was when she was was throwing gasoline towards Elena. It’s not that I want Elena to burn (really, I don’t.) So what, then? I love that it was shocking and daring and terrifying. Rebekah was going to go too far, and it was really unexpected. In the end, she didn’t follow through. And honestly, if these were vampires on any other network I fully expect that Elena would have gotten singed. I was disappointed they brought Rebekah so close to the edge of madness, then reigned her back in with a speech about feelings.

So You’re Dating a Psycho Killer

Another unpredictable moment of the episode was where I was fully convinced Meredith Fell was not the serial killer, only to be so very wrong. I wonder what her deal is.

The Threesome

Stefan is already getting soft again. Damon is acting out. Elena is needy and dumb and gets irrationally jealous. I miss the dynamic we had earlier on. This feels like season 1 all over again.

P.S. Even for an episode where Bonnie and her Mom are supposed to have some of the spotlight, Kat Graham really didn’t get a lot of screen time. Does The CW have something against her?