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The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Music Guide

Season 3 Episode 11 Our Town

Musical Artists from this #TVD episode included a lil Coldplay, some of The Airborne Toxic Event and some Gemma Hayes. Don’t miss any of them – listen below. (Especially the Hayes song!)

The Naked And Famous “Punching In A Dream” (Bouncy and yet still a lil melancholy)
Coldplay “Up In Flames” (All kinds of sad.)
The Daylights “You Are” (A hopeful song. Also on Pretty Little Liars, yes.)
Trent Dabbs “False Alarm” (Romance!)
The Airborne Toxic Event “Goodbye Horses”
Gemma Hayes “Keep Running” (Our favorite song of the episode!)
Courrier “Between” (There’s always gotta be a song at the end that makes you want to cry and scream and draw hearts all over the walls. This is the one for “Our Town.”)

Chris Mollere is The Vampire Diaries music supervisor. Follow him on Twitter.

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