Last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was the last one we’ll see this year. How will we survive another hiatus? Here’s your Friday dose of an episode recap – Caroline Forbes style.
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Previously on The Vampire Diaries, there were flashbacks galore and we learned important information about the Original family, so unfortunately Caroline was nowhere to be seen. Two episodes ago, Caroline was Bonnie’s sidekick as they dealt with a few ghostly friends and enemies who had managed to return to Mystic Falls.

This week, we first see Caroline with Tyler at Mystic Falls High. The writers have done such a better job this season in terms of incorporating school into the plotline mix. I mean, granted, no one is ever in class, but at least it’s being acknowledged that these characters are supposed to be high school students.

Caroline and Tyler are working on decorations for the upcoming Homecoming dance. (Can we talk about how adorable Caroline looks here? The hair! The outfit! The hair!!) “Can’t we diss the decorating and go grab a bite?” Tyler asks. Caroline says that she packed a thermos in her bag, but that’s not what Tyler has in mind. He wants to feed on actual people. Apparently Rebekah has a few friends who enjoy being fed on, and he’s all for it. As far as we know, Caroline is on a strict animal and/or blood bag diet, so they aren’t exactly on the same page here.

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Caroline: “Quit hanging out with Rebekah: The Evil Blood Slut.”

Tyler: “Just keep the claws in tonight at the dance, okay? For me?”

Caroline’s nickname for Rebekah is awesome. We all know I love Rebekah, and I wasn’t happy that she and Caroline were paired up in a jealousy subplot, but Caroline’s attitude as a result of that is hilarious. Tyler’s attitude, on the other hand, isn’t hilarious. He’s a changed man and not for the better, I’m afraid. What does he think Caroline will do to Rebekah? Start a girl fight in the middle of the Homecoming dance floor? Caroline is a class act even during her petty moments – he should know that by now.

Tyler breaks the news that Matt and Rebekah plan to go to the dance together, and Caroline is not okay with that.

Caroline: “Wait, you set her up with Matt?!”
Tyler: “She wants to go to the dance and he didn’t have anyone to go with. He drinks vervain, she can’t feed on him… What’s the big deal?”
Caroline: “The big deal, Tyler, is that Matt is an innocent, good person who should not be going to dances with Evil Blood Sluts.”

She’s right! Poor Matt. He can’t catch a break. Last week’s episode was a wonderful representation of Rebekah’s humanity, but she could snap at any second. Plus, she dangerous because of her connection to Klaus. It’s a bad idea. Also, I’m going to note this because I can’t help it: this isn’t the first time we’ve witnessed Caroline’s outright concern for Matt. He’s obviously been on Caroline’s mind more so lately, which is interesting.

Caroline blames Tyler’s attitude on his sire to Klaus, but Tyler assures her that if he’s sired to anyone, it’s her. Sweet. But I don’t believe it. And from the looks of her expression, neither does Caroline.

Later that night, Caroline, Tyler, and a bunch of other students show up outside of the high school only to find out that the gym is flooded. The Homecoming dance has been canceled and Caroline is minutes away from hysterics: “Excuse me??!!! Well, what are we supposed to do now?!!” Fortunately, Tyler’s throwing a party at his house to make up for the tragedy. I smell something fishy…

It will forever amuse me how Caroline acts like the world is ending when a social function goes wrong, but in other crucial situations, she’s often the one who can hold everything together. Filed under: the 298th reason why we love Caroline Forbes.

Back at the Lockwood mansion, the alternative Homecoming party is in full swing when Caroline and Bonnie make their first appearance. They walk in looking dazed and confused as they observe their surroundings. “How did he plan a better party than me so fast…?” Caroline questions. After all, no one plans a better party than she does, and definitely not one that’s this last minute.

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Elena and Matt arrive at the party a bit later and run into Caroline almost immediately. Elena (who we later learn was actually Katherine) warns Matt that Caroline knows nothing about the plan to kill Klaus. Wait a second… Matt knows about the plan, but Caroline is in the dark? Interesting. Elena and Matt play along when Caroline tells them that Klaus is at the party, but Caroline’s suspicion is already growing after they hardly react to the news.

Caroline: “What’s going on? And what are you two doing here together? I thought you were supposed to be here with Rebekah.”
Matt: “Plans changed. I need a drink.”

Outside, Klaus and Tyler observe the masterpiece of a party that they managed to put together. They’re acting like long-time pals. Klaus points out where all of Tyler’s friends are, and basically threatens that he has a group of little Hybrid minions who are ready to take action if anyone tries anything funny. Uh oh.

Next we see Caroline and Tyler having a pow-wow in his room. Tyler questions Caroline about her motives with Klaus, and when she insists that she isn’t involved in any plans against him, Tyler insists that she’s covering something up.

Tyler: “You’re lying to me.”
Caroline: “You know, actually, I’m not. I don’t know anything. But even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you about it because you’re sired to Team Klaus now, and you can’t be trusted.”

Caroline begins to head back out to the party, but Tyler blocks the way and stabs her with what I assume is a vervain needle because she’s instantly unconscious. NO. WAY. I was initially FURIOUS after this scene because it went straight to commercial, so I was sure that Tyler had hit his lowest point and was taking Caroline out per Klaus’ request. How silly of me, I know, but it’s just an automatic reaction of mine to get upset at someone who hurts Caroline. It happens so often! It’s difficult to not immediately freak out.

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Eventually we see Matt checking Caroline’s pulse before questioning Tyler about what exactly happened to her. Tyler starts throwing orders at Matt to get Caroline off the premises, but Matt wants to at least know what’s happening. Tyler tries his best to explain his situation, reassuring Matt that he is doing this to protect Caroline. Matt looks very distressed and emotional at the sight of Caroline unconscious on the floor. Tyler tells Matt to get Caroline and the rest of their friends away from his house safely and quickly, and then he’s gone. Matt’s expression almost looks as if he’s been compelled by Tyler, but I don’t think that’s the case. Either way, he does as he’s asked. Matt to the rescue!

Caroline later wakes up in her room. She’s all nestled in under the covers, and I was sure Matt would be there to complete the perfection that could have been this scene. Much to my dismay, he wasn’t. What a disappointment. Tyler appears in her doorway and she gives him a cold glare before looking away. He asks if she’s okay and apologizes for stabbing her, but Caroline looks as if she’s past forgiveness at this point. “If you knew all your friends were going to get together and try and take down Klaus, would you have left?” Tyler asks. Notice how he says your friends instead of our friends. Slowly but surely, they’re losing him to Klaus.

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Caroline: “This isn’t funny, Tyler! How am I supposed to be with you when you’re sired to him?”
Tyler: “I need you to understand, Caroline.”
Caroline: “Understand what? That you’re one of the bad guys now?”
Tyler: “Understand that this is who I am. There’s nothing that I can do about it. Klaus can’t be killed, I can’t be fixed. Understand that I’m okay with it.”
Caroline: “But… how are you okay with it?”
Tyler: “Because it’s better. I don’t have to turn, Caroline. Not unless I want to. I never have to go through that pain again. If being sired to Klaus is the price that I have to pay, so be it.”
Caroline: “But you don’t have any true control over yourself.”
Tyler: “I never did before. The full moon controlled me. After everything that we’ve been through… you’ve been there for me through all of it. Don’t turn your back on me now.”

…and then they end things. Non-verbally, mind you, but it’s obvious. I can’t believe Tyler went the “don’t give up on me now” route. He is asking Caroline to respect his devotion to the guy who has caused a MAJOR uproar in Mystic Falls and the lives of her friends and family (let’s not forget how Klaus hunted her best friend for months). This is no longer Klaus messing with Tyler’s mind, and Tyler being unaccountable for his actions because of that; this is Klaus messing with Tyler’s mind and Tyler accepting it.

I used to be on the outside of the Vampire Diaries fandom in that I didn’t like Tyler and Caroline because I was stubborn and just wanted her with Matt, but even then I could still recognize why people liked the pairing. Now, I continue to notice more and more problematic aspects of the Tyler/Caroline relationship and their recent scenes have completely ruined the possibility of me ever liking them as a couple. I just can’t. Caroline should go solo for a while.

It’s a shame that I have to end on a negative note, but Caroline’s last scene wasn’t the most positive, so it will have to suffice. That is, unless you want me to talk about how much I loved Caroline’s ponytail… or why I still think Caroline should be BFFs with Rebekah… but I’ll save you guys the agony. 😉 This episode was the mid-season finale of Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries, which means that there won’t be any new episodes until next year. That’s right… another excruciatingly long hiatus. Rough times are ahead. How will you spend the hiatus? Will you have a series marathon? Are you already planning how you’ll spend the your first TVD Thursday of 2012?

Hope to see you all back here at Small Screen Scoop next year for more Caroline Forbes Focus recaps!!

Written by Maddie Coe. Visit her Candice Accola Fansite for the latest details about the phenomenal actress. View more Homecoming Screencaps at Candice Accola Web today!