Read the highlights of The Vampire Diaries “The Departed” as soon as you give your hair some juge for Caroline Forbes.

The first time I laughed out loud during the episode was when Elijah was talking to the group and we heard Damon from the phone on the table.
Damon really is the smartest of them all, which feels weird to type, and yet I’m certain it’s true!

Speaking of… the conversation Stefan and Damon had about the eternal difference between them seemed so appropriate.
Damon does what’s right even when it’s hard, and Stefan is much more passive.

Elena’s goodbye to Damon was so heart-wrenching.
I’m not a fan of Stefan/Elena and I think she’s made the wrong, safe choice there.

I was given another spark of hope to see that Damon had actually met Elena first.
Now that she’s a vampire she’ll remember every time she was compelled.

Elena being turned into a vampire without anyone realizing it would happen…
Was the best part of the entire episode, with one exception.

Seeing the parallel of how Elena’s father demanded Stefan save her, and how Elena demanded he save Matt was really powerful.
And that was my favorite moment of the episode, hand’s-down.