This our The Vampire Diaries “Rose” review via The Vampire Diaries Dialogue Panel Project. Our special guest was Lucia of Heroine TV.

While Lucia and I did our chat I had to pause to watch Nina Dobrev on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. This inspired me to get out a quick post about her fantastic outfit that she wore. If interested: Nina Dobrev Fashion: On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I also recently found the exact dress that Caroline wore in “Masquerade.” And don’t forget to enter our Vampire Diaries Giveaway.

We talked about all the new mythology that “Rose” bestowed unto us, the brothers’ car trip and plenty more.

The Vampire Diaries “Rose” Review Via a Candid Conversation:

Lucia (12:04:32 AM):Okay, so where should we start?

Jessica Rae (12:04:52 AM):Let’s start at the beginning, it’s a very good place to start. Or so says a song.

Lucia (12:06:24 AM):Yeah, Elena has been kidnapped … again.  But nobody even knew it until late the next morning?  Seriously?  They need to put a mystical LoJack on that girl.

Jessica Rae (12:07:33 AM):I kind of understood why no one thought anything of it. They all wanted her out the scene at the “ball.” When Jeremy didn’t notice his sister, he figured she was with Stefan. I guess Jenna doesn’t count heads before bed?

Lucia (12:08:45 AM):It’s like, Elena was injured near death, and then no one even checks to see if she gets home safely?  Jeremy doesn’t even think to call and ask?  I guess he was too distracted by giving Bonnie a ride home.

Lucia (12:09:37 AM):Yeah, and we’re definitely past the point where we’d even expect it of Jenna. Oh well.  Moving on …

Jessica Rae (12:09:48 AM):Elena needs to get responsible and take some self-defense classes. She’s a magnet for a crazy sort of evil.
Lucia (12:10:34 AM):She did handle herself pretty well with that vervain bomb thingy though. Go Elena!

Jessica Rae (12:10:48 AM):Let’s move along to Tyler and his naive little werewolf ways. I feel SO bad for him, and he’s not exactly always a sympathetic character. It’s not very “fair” that all sorts of people know what change he’s going through, but no one wanted to clue him in at all. Selfish, selfish.

Lucia (12:11:45 AM):Yeah, I find it very interesting that they went this route.  We left off between him and Caroline last week without hearing her tell him about vamps, but I had assumed that she would.

Lucia (12:12:35 AM):Instead, we have that (Hilarious!) conversation between Caroline and Damon in her room, where he basically orders her not to to tell Tyler anything.

Jessica Rae (12:13:20 AM):But of course she DOES, because this is TV. And this is Caroline.

Jessica Rae (12:13:55 AM):I think it was cute how she laughed at the accusation that she was a werewolf. But what else was Tyler supposed to guess? Secretly on steroids? A ghost? Tranny? None of those fit as well as wolf.

Lucia (12:14:00 AM):So, Tyler is left all alone on the informational highway, because the Scooby Gang won’t take him in.  I felt bad for him.  “I’m soooo aloooone!”

Jessica Rae (12:14:14 AM):Apparently he can really access his emotional and sensitive side.

Jessica Rae (12:14:24 AM):Probably a tool helpful in luring in ze ladies.

Lucia (12:14:41 AM):Yeah, the laugh was GREAT. Of course, everything Caroline does is fabulous these days.  That is just a rule.

Jessica Rae (12:15:19 AM):Agreed. I’m worried how Damon is going to come down on her and Tyler when he realizes that Tyler knows too much. And “anything” is too much for him to know, in Damon’s handsome eyes.

Lucia (12:15:35 AM):I’m glad that Caroline broke down and told Tyler, but I worry what this will mean for the group dynamics.  Damon better not get any ideas about offing Caroline.  I will NOT be amused.

Jessica Rae (12:15:49 AM):I was VERY upset the last time he got those sorts of ideas!

Lucia (12:15:58 AM):Jinx!

Jessica Rae (12:16:13 AM):He kind of “dated” her, and does faux-dating not count of anything these days?

Jessica Rae (12:16:47 AM):I digress, owe you a coke, and move onto a note I have about how Damon is weirdly openly possessive and caring towards Elena. With his, “It’s Elena” moment.

Lucia (12:16:55 AM):True. The LEAST that Damon owes Caroline is not-killing her.

Lucia (12:17:34 AM):Yeah, the show has definitely gone *there* with Damon falling in love with Elena.

Jessica Rae (12:18:20 AM):By the end of this episode, especially. Hearts fluttered.

Lucia (12:18:25 AM):He’s pretty open about it with all of his actions.  I liked that line for the parallel it made with Stefan’s line earlier.  Both brothers have got it bad.

Jessica Rae (12:19:00 AM):I felt like Damon was still trying to hide it, though. But he was so transparent. So now it’s just a fact that will float around, unless he suppresses it.

Lucia (12:19:05 AM):Yes, the end of the episode.  Damon shed his first Single Perfect Man Tear.  He is trying to compete with Dean Winchester.  Lost cause, Damon.  Sorry.

Jessica Rae (12:19:21 AM):Ian should be paid big bucks for that precise, perfectly-timed tear.

Jessica Rae (12:20:31 AM):To comment on that scene with Damon/Elena…I found it very, very, very VERY. Just so very, as they said in Heathers. The emotional honesty coming from Damon’s words, and Elena’s face, was very moving. That moment felt earned, and it was like crack to me who loves that forbidden romance.

Lucia (12:20:39 AM):Why did Damon tell Elena, just to then erase the memory?  He needs to start journalling as an outlet for his feelings.  The show is called ‘The Vampire Diaries’ after all.

Lucia (12:21:05 AM):A Heathers reference! I love you.

Jessica Rae (12:21:06 AM):Or perhaps an online journal. I hear Alaric has a blog ;p That you may or may not ghostwrite.

Jessica Rae (12:21:30 AM):I think Damon told Elena, because he wanted to see/hear a reaction.

Lucia (12:21:45 AM):I felt a little uncomfortable in the scene too, as Elena looked terrified.

Jessica Rae (12:21:49 AM):I thought he was going to compel her to “tell me how you feel about me.”

Lucia (12:22:22 AM):Like, does he really have to show up in her room unannounced, after what happened last time?  It’s only been 7 episodes.  Give the girl a break.

Jessica Rae (12:22:56 AM):She looked terrified, but not annoyed. Still, that IS a good point. He recently confessed love, was rebuffed, and tried to kill her brother with the rejection pain. … That’s kind of dangerous.

Jessica Rae (12:23:20 AM):I would basically never forgive someone for that. But the show is making it easy to forget about that incident.

Lucia (12:23:49 AM):And ha!  Alaric’s Super Sekrit Adventures are super secret.  I’m shocked that you know about them.  Of course, he writes them himself. ;p

Jessica Rae (12:24:49 AM):I feel like he’d write a journal in calligraphy, very fancy.

Lucia (12:25:45 AM):Yeah, we can’t really impose real life morality on television all the time–especially with a genre show.  But still.  We can’t lose all hold on reality.  Damon is a vicious killer, who has killed people in front of Elena.  So, late night calls when she’s all by her lonesome need to be worked-up to.

Jessica Rae (12:26:07 AM):And, who wears black socks to bed?

Lucia (12:26:27 AM):Though, I do believe that Damon was sincere.  Wait, black socks?  Was Elena wearing them?  I didn’t notice.

Jessica Rae (12:27:05 AM):It made her feet look very weird. If she wasn’t, then it was must have been dark shadows. But I DO BELIEVE she was wearing black socks.

Lucia (12:27:37 AM):Oh, Elena.  Typical.  I did not even notice.  Which reminds me, I so need to rewatch this episode.  There was so much complicated mythology revealed, and I couldn’t keep up with the dialogue.

Jessica Rae (12:28:01 AM):Okay, let’s talk about the mythology though!

Lucia (12:28:04 AM):Should we get into the Petrova and doppelganger stuff?

Jessica Rae (12:28:07 AM):YEEES.

Lucia (12:28:12 AM):Wow.

Jessica Rae (12:28:16 AM):Most diabolical twist eveeer.

Jessica Rae (12:28:21 AM):Like, is Katherine…GOOD?

Lucia (12:28:58 AM):So much was revealed … yet, I’m still confused.  So, Katerina Petrova is the first Petrova doppelganger.  A doppelganger of one of The Originals.

Jessica Rae (12:29:18 AM):That really got me. And they didn’t dwell on it at all. But they said FIRST doppelganger for sure!

Lucia (12:29:49 AM):Is that correct? Yes, and the discussion of Katerina’s human line supposedly having ended was verrrrry interesting.

Jessica Rae (12:30:31 AM):Katherine hasn’t tried to ever kill Elena, and she’s focused on the moonstone. And I just don’t think that girl would be ill-informed. I think she knows all of that, but is taking a very different route. Her plan doesn’t seem to be about killing her doppelganger at all.

Lucia (12:31:11 AM):I have been part of much theorizing on Twitter and on the TVD podcast I do (for, and others much smarter than me have had theories verrrry close to this.

Jessica Rae (12:31:37 AM):What would the implication of Katerina’s human line ending mean? It does get confusing. If Elena was Isobel’s, and she was sirred by Katherine… er… um. Yea, I start getting confused. Katherine has no kids.

Lucia (12:33:19 AM):Well, it seems like the doppelgangers come from the human line, because when Rose said that she’d found Katerina’s doppelganger, Elijah said that wasn’t possible because her human line had been snuffed.  Or something like that.  Again, I have to rewatch.

Jessica Rae (12:33:57 AM):Do you suppose the original Petrova was one of The Originals? I love all these theories. It feels like Lost.

Lucia (12:35:15 AM):So, Katherine probably covered up her descendants, as part of a plan.  Or possibly, as some have suspected, she had a witch do some witchy ju-ju to help create one.
Jessica Rae (12:36:16 AM):More history, mythology, and fashionable flashbacks, please!

Lucia (12:36:18 AM):Yeah, my thought is that Katherine is the doppelganger of one of the original Petrovas.  And yes, this is getting kind of Lost-complicated.

Lucia (12:37:12 AM):So glad that Elijah turned out to not be dead, as it would have been ridiculous for an Original to be killed so quickly.  Wait, he was an Original, right?

Jessica Rae (12:37:21 AM):People will kill us if we don’t talk about Bonnie. Bonnie with her new supportive Gilbert-shaped “friend.” I enjoy that new spark. I also REALLY liked the magic she did tonight, with the map and bloody blob trail, and the paper.

Jessica Rae (12:37:57 AM):Oh, I want to address what you said. I was SO glad it wasn’t an easy kill, either! Elijah is back, he’s like one of those dudes in the horror movies. Unless you kill them 55 times, they aren’t really dead! And they said he was an Original, yes.

Lucia (12:38:19 AM):Yes.  Bonnie and Jeremy certainly share a connection.  Kind of similar to the connection between Tyler and Caroline.  Everyone feels so ALONE.  Oh, the teen angst.

Jessica Rae (12:38:52 AM):Small trivia thingy: The actor playing Elijah is Rachel Leigh Cook’s husband. And RLC was on Dawson’s Creek under Kevin Williamson. I’m not saying that’s why he was cast, just think it’s cute.

Jessica Rae (12:39:22 AM):Damon is the only one actually alone, which is tragic and perfect.

Lucia (12:39:25 AM):Regarding the earlier point, it would have been especially disappointing since Katherine has proved to be such a bad-ass.  If the guy she’s running from was a wimp?  FAIL.

Jessica Rae (12:39:51 AM):I think it’s kind of a shame that he was able to be staked. I suppose the vervain might have slowed him a little… Still.

Jessica Rae (12:40:15 AM):Damon’s look to Elena after his hero moment kind of BROKE MY HEART INTO A MILLION PIECES.

Lucia (12:40:37 AM):Oooh, fun trivia point.  I thought it was fun to see Mxyzptlk from Smallville as one of the vampires.

Jessica Rae (12:40:51 AM):Wait, is that a real name?

Jessica Rae (12:41:05 AM):I can’t pronounce it. But now I want to listen to MXPX. Haha.

Lucia (12:41:18 AM):Yeah, Elijah was down too quickly.  Doesn’t he know about planning ahead?  He needs to study under Katherine.

Jessica Rae (12:43:10 AM):Okay, I’m sure you’ll tell me I’m being far too harsh. But when Elijah was arriving, Elena was holding the note that said Stefan and Damon were coming for her. It seemed dumb that she’d not like… well, I would have ripped it into shreds and hidden those pieces around the room. Or eaten it.

Jessica Rae (12:43:26 AM):If Elijah had read the note, he would have predicted their arrival and that whole surprise SWOOSHING would have been ruined.

Lucia (12:43:40 AM):Trent Ford is the actor’s name.  He played a version of the DC villain mxyzptlk in an episode of Smallville, so that’s how I think of him.  The name with no vowels (“y” doesn’t really count).  And yes, I googled the spelling.

Jessica Rae (12:44:13 AM):I am not a Smallvillian, that is why I don’t know.

Lucia (12:45:32 AM):Ha!  Yeah, next time Bonnie should figure out how to talk to Elena telepathically, rather than leaving a paper trail.  Hey, Willow could do it.

Lucia (12:46:06 AM):But the note was sweet and cute.

Jessica Rae (12:46:27 AM):I think it would have been cool if the words appeared on the wall and just faded away after being read. The note was cool, HOWEVER, was it necessary? Bonnie hurts herself in situations she doesn’t need to go so far.

Lucia (12:47:23 AM):Yeah.  But I think the point was to show Bonnie being a friend, giving Elena heart and courage to go on, in a bad situation.

Lucia (12:47:52 AM):But on the Bonnie note, she said to Stefan that she couldn’t reverse the tomb spell.  What?

Jessica Rae (12:48:32 AM):I’m pretty sure that she doesn’t WANT to reverse it. But last time she needed help, right?

Jessica Rae (12:48:58 AM):It was an intense thingy. I’d have to rewatch to remember the details. But I believe her.

Lucia (12:49:25 AM):When Stefan wanted to get in to see Katherine, Bonnie said that it had taken all of her and Grams’ strength to seal the tomb again. Didn’t all the tomb vamps escape right after?  So it never sealed after her and Grams’ opened it, right?

Lucia (12:50:37 AM):So, is all that’s keeping Katherine in the tomb the Moonstone of Pain?  Or is she really sealed?  I’m so confused.  Sorry to any readers who have it all figured out and think that I’m an idiot.  This is what rewatches are for.

Jessica Rae (12:52:03 AM):No, you make a good point. I’m trying to remember the details… I think Bonnie helped seal the tomb. I couldn’t remember them putting the moonstone in there, or why it would keep her there.

Lucia (12:52:31 AM):When I originally watched “Masquerade,” I figured that Bonnie and/ or Lucy had helped Damon seal the tomb again.  But now, given Bonnie’s reminder of how difficult it was, etc., I’m just confused.

Jessica Rae (12:53:01 AM):Oh, maybe it’s sealed. And whoever goes in, is stuck in? Like no matter when? Augh. I’m not sure.

Lucia (12:55:07 AM):Agh.  Again, after Sheila’s death, all the vamps escaped the tomb.  Hmmm.  I’m missing something.  Maybe I misheard her dialogue to Stefan about not being able to undo the tomb spell.  Oh well.  Moving on … we should talk about the road trip and the other brother bonding stuff.

Jessica Rae (12:55:59 AM):No, I promise you weren’t hearing things. I heard her say it, too. The Winchesters on the road? Yea, it was impossible for me not to be reminded of another brotherly duo.

Lucia (12:57:47 AM):Ha!  Did you read Carina and Tierney’s awesome “Debate Club Duel” post, comparing Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries?,0,935162.photogallery?index=1
Jessica Rae (12:58:19 AM):I had not, but I shall!

Lucia (12:58:33 AM):There’s a lot to compare between the two duos.  Plus, the post is hilarious.

Lucia (12:59:19 AM):But yeah, the road trip was interesting.  I always enjoy scenes between Stefan and Damon.  Their relationship is just so … complicated.  It’s fascinating.

Jessica Rae (1:00:15 AM):Stefan realized that Damon was still bitter about being turned, and then apologized. Which means Damon can’t hold it against him again without being kind of a brat.

Jessica Rae (1:00:54 AM):In the previous panel discussion, Red was mentioning how Stefan really seems to have a hard time with blood. Other vampires don’t go crazy like he does. I think he’s repressing a very animistic, sadistic side.

Lucia (1:01:32 AM):Yeah.  For some reason, I thought that Stefan already did apologize for it in “Bloodlines,” but I guess he didn’t.  He just moped about his guilt a lot, and told Elena that he was to blame for everything.  Sigh.

Jessica Rae (1:01:35 AM):This could be a personality that he’s trying on, the noble, sweet dude. Which could also explain why Damon is so annoyed by his brother. Because he’s being fake.

Lucia (1:02:30 AM):Wait, not “Bloodlines,” but “Blood Brothers.” I always mix up those episode titles.

Jessica Rae (1:03:28 AM):Speaking of episode titles. I didn’t like “Rose” for a title. She didn’t seem like THAT important of a character. Maybe she’ll prove to be now… I don’t know. Do you think it could have been titled better?

Lucia (1:03:31 AM):Yeah, I think that Stefan is the way he is because of the person he used to be … who was not very good.  I don’t think that he’s being “fake,” necessarily, but he is atoning.

Jessica Rae (1:04:04 AM):Yup. See, I see these two as Angel and Spike. Stefan as Angel, brooding and atoning like crazy.

Lucia (1:04:54 AM):Well, I like the “Rose” title for selfish reasons.  My middle name is Rosa and I have a rose tattoo.  Really, the episode title was just a shout-out to me, right?  Something to follow up naming a character Lucy, which is the anglicized version of my name. ;p

Lucia (1:05:40 AM):But yeah, Rose’s part wasn’t that major, but maybe she’ll turn out to be more important.  Is she sticking around?  I kind of got that sense.

Jessica Rae (1:07:07 AM):Well, I like the name Rose and I like roses… I just felt like the title was misleading. I thought the episode would deal with this character a lot. It seems like she’ll be around for a while. With her really bad hair.

Lucia (1:08:07 AM):Yeah, the title was misleading.  I hope that the upcoming “Katerina,” title is more aptly named.  I want to know more about the first Petrova doppelganger.

Jessica Rae (1:08:48 AM):I’m really crossing my fingers on that episode being crazy with flashbacks and some solid info! *bangs gavel* I demand information!

Lucia (1:09:02 AM):Yeah, the hair was unfortunate, as the actress is absolutely gorgeous.  Of course, it is probably really unfair to share a scene with Nina Dobrev’s hair, for any actress.

Jessica Rae (1:09:36 AM):I liked her hair much better on Supernatual. Nina Dobrev’s hair is kind of overpowering her small frame… I love it, but there’s a LOT of it.

Jessica Rae (1:10:09 AM):She could donate to Locks of Love and still have long hair left.

Lucia (1:13:10 AM):Have you read The Vampire Diaries books?

Jessica Rae (1:13:35 AM):I must shamefully hang my head and admit I have not.

Lucia (1:13:38 AM):Klaus is a name from the book series, so I was really excited by his name being dropped at the end.

Jessica Rae (1:13:49 AM):That name makes me laugh

Jessica Rae (1:13:54 AM):I know it’s all historical, blah blah.

Jessica Rae (1:14:01 AM):It makes me think of Santa CLAUS.

Lucia (1:14:15 AM):No shame, just curious.  But be excited.  I have a feeling that Klaus will not make you laugh once he shows up though.  Hee.

Lucia: (1:15: 15 AM)What have we not covered?

Jessica Rae (1:15:18 AM):My favorite line, “The elephant in the room lets out a mighty roar.”

Lucia (1:15:36 AM):Ha!  Very good.  Yes.

Jessica Rae (1:16:05 AM):When Tyler played basketball the song “Wolf Like Me”  played, that made me smile. And then they showed the school logo for the TIMBERWOLVES behind him. Ahahha. And I never noticed their school mascot before. I wonder if the fonding families had anything to do with that?

Lucia (1:17:13 AM):I can’t remember a favorite line at this point, but I did love the little mention that Lexi once tried to set Rose up with Stefan.  Hee.

Jessica Rae (1:17:26 AM):Aaah, yes

Lucia (1:17:52 AM):Oh, yeah, the Timberwolves. I’ve been giggling at that since the pilot.

Jessica Rae (1:18:37 AM):Anyway, yes. Perfection. I cannot wait for the next episode.

Jessica Rae (1:18:39 AM):Any other notes?

Lucia (1:19:42 AM):Not really.  Just that, once again, the show was action-packed and expertly paced. I had a hard time keeping up with what was going on while taking notes.  This show is just too good.

Lucia (1:20:16 AM):Oh, and no Alaric or Matt. *sad face*

Jessica Rae (1:20:40 AM):Well, we can’t have them all, esp when they’re not all connected in each others lives.

Jessica Rae (1:20:46 AM):More argument for a more official GANG.

Jessica Rae (1:20:56 AM):And a HQ clubhouse.

Jessica Rae (1:20:58 AM):With a password.

Lucia (1:21:08 AM):Also, maybe now Elena will use that Petrova book that Damon gave her soon.  I bet it has answers.

Lucia (1:21:48 AM):I’m greedy. Also, Alaric and Matt are my two favorites of the boys.  Those vampires hog the spotlight.

Jessica Rae (1:22:29 AM):They are your two favs? Awww.

Jessica Rae (1:22:34 AM):Maybe they were playing Wii together.

Jessica Rae (1:22:46 AM):You can practice swordfighting. Jeremy needs to train!

Jessica Rae (1:23:11 AM):Sometimes I pretend I’m Buffy or a less-experienced Anya with the sword game. ;p Shhh.

Lucia (1:23:11 AM):Yes, I want Alaric to train Jeremy! Brilliant!

Jessica Rae (1:23:35 AM):Jeremy could go shirtless, I wouldn’t complain.

Jessica Rae (1:23:39 AM):For the training, and all.

Lucia (1:29:08 AM):Thank you! This was so much fun. And now I realize which scenes I need to focus on in my rewatch, and start figuring out all this mythology.

Jessica Rae (1:29:19 AM): It’s going to be an awesome season.

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