Major, unforeseen, setbacks for our main characters took place in The Vampire Diaries “The Murder of One.”

Caroline and Alaric

Listen, it’s not easy to tell someone that you murdered their Dad. (I’m assuming.) So Alaric’s apology was brave, and this was a very tender moment.

Sage and Finn

Heartbroken! I am heartbroken for this pair. Finn was the nicest of them all, and Sage wasn’t really all that bad. She was in love with him for all these years. They were finally reunited and then…boom, over. Their love story was epic.


Heartbroken! (Again!) She didn’t help Damon, but why? It seemed like she would, if only she thought she had the strength. If she wanted to help him, why would she go tell Elena all about it?


So, the vampire lineage is pretty important. This is a radically cool idea. Too bad Rose is dead! Now she can’t tell us who turned her.

Stefan Knows

I loved the turn where we learned that he knew Elena still loved him – that’s not exactly what he lost. What he knew was that he lost her sole affection. Now she might also have feelings towards Damon.

P.S. Alaric’s alter ego has a stake that can kill all. WHAT.

Photo: The CW
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