Elena and Katherine need to move over and make way for Rebecca. Stefan really does have a love in every port. In The Vampire Diaries “The End of the Affair” we learned more about his history. And it’s not immaculate.

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Vampire Diaries Season 3 Music Guide: Episode 3 The End of the Affair

Daddy Daughter Communication

Caroline’s father didn’t want to kill her. But he did want to change her. He wanted to stop her urges for blood. Had he just stopped to talk to her, he’d understand that she was already controlling herself.


From Damon in Elena’s bed, to Damon in her underwear drawer – the URST (unresolved sexual tension) was rampant in this episode of The Vampire Diaries.


While reading aloud from Stefan’s diary from the 1920’s, Damon affected his stellar sarcasm. Great moment.


Klau’s sister, an original vampire, and the original owner of Elena’s locket (from a witch.) Klaus compelled Stefan to forget both Rebecca and himself. Which is highly suspect. And then, Klaus (aka Nick) returned Stefan’s memories. Seems like there’s yet another girl who’s in love with Stefan. Only problem now is that they need Elena’s necklace…

Stefan was one of the Mean Girls

Sitting at the “cool kids” table with a couple of originals, Stefan compelled a man to drink his own wifes blood. Now, that’s pretty dark and gruesome. But I’m glad that the show is proving that Stefan really was… “out there” rather than being like “oh he killed people, oh, he was so bad.” If Ripper (Rippah, as Klaus would say) was legendary we have to believe it. And that scene at Gloria’s definitely made me believe that Stefan was sadistic, not just a big mean vamp.


The only thing better than a Stefan/Elena reunion is giving us a reunion where the duo can see each other but can’t speak or move. I’ve never been the hugest advocate for this pair, but this was a really intense scene. Bravo! Well done

Stefan’s Journal

What his journal revealed is not just another reason to miss Lexie. It showed that Stefan was in a very dark spot (which we knew, but sometimes you hear things and just go ‘uh huh’) and it took him more than just a measly week to get over the cravings. I think this makes Elena start to realize that bringing Stefan back from the edge won’t be the cakewalk she thought it would be. And speaking of cakewalks, have you ever been in one? I have, and they’re really amazing. You walk around and eventually you win a freaking cake!

The Cavalary is Here!

Tyler and Liz (Caroline’s Mom) showed up to save Caroline. I’m not sure how much I can say about this moment other than it was a huge win, and I loved it. Caroline is heartbroken that her Dad hates her and wanted to change her. The scene later on in Caroline’s room was so sad. I’ve seen vampirism as a metaphor for lots of things, but once again this seemed like a metaphor for homosexuality. Caroline’s Dad wants to change her or he can’t accept her. Ya dig?

Best Quotes of the Episode

“Why do I only know you as the hybrid dick who sacrificed my girlfriend on an altar of fire?” – Stefan

“She’s not going anywhere until she’s got you checked into vampire rehab.” – Damon about Elena

“Oh, honey, I’ve been called worse.” – Damon

The Vampire Diaries Episode Guide – The End of the Affair Summary – Klaus and Stefan go to Chicago to ask an old witch why the hybrid manufacturing isn’t working. To do so, Klaus wakes up his sister, Rebecca. Meanwhile, Damon and Elena head to Chicago to find Stefan.

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