Last night demonstrated some classic TVD Relationship Problems. Everyone’s desperate to hold onto something or someone on The Vampire Diaries. But how many will succeed?

Inside the review: You’ll see that I prefer Sweet Damon over Jerk Stefan (even though I liked Jerk Damon over Sweet Stefan), love Caroline to the ends of the earth, and think Elena needs some serious life guidance.

I know plenty of people love stelena (Stefan/Elena.) I can even support this relationship half of the time, even though I prefer Damon. But why is Elena so immature sometimes? Jumping off of the bleachers so that Stefan will save you doesn’t prove he loves you. He has been compelled. He saved you because that is exactly why Klaus left him in Mystic Falls – to keep the human body bag from being hurt or dying. Elena putting her life in danger to prove Stefan’s love for her was not a well though out plan, and it always says something disturbing about the lengths she’d go to for romance.

Much like Bella Swan, and Juliet Montague, Elena Gilbert is not the ideal role model for young girls who believe in love. Listen ladies, just because Elena jumped off a “bridge” does not mean that you should. Your boyfriend isn’t a real vampire. Okay?

However, I cannot fail to mention that this new, jerk Stefan is fun. And the banter that Stefan and Elena had on the bleachers was probably my favorite scene in the entire episode.

Classic TVD Relationship Problem: Elena is made weak through her devotion to Stefan. I hate to say it because I love Jane Austen novels and love romance. But Stefan will always be her blindspot.


Elena is trying to become Buffy-lite, she wants to become stronger, faster, – basically the epitome of a Kanye song. And I admire her for this, and also wonder why she hasn’t been training since day 1 that she learned she lived in constant danger. This makes me want to rent that Jennifer Lopez movie “Enough” where she has an abusive ex-husband so she cuts off all her hair and takes fighting lessons so she can defend herself! Elena doesn’t need a haircut (and to do the JLO “Enough” cut she’d only look like she was copying Justin Bieber), but she could use some layers to lighten up her look… By which I mean, give Nina Dobrev some layers in her hair before she starts looking Amish!

And what’s the relationship problem here? I bet that Elena secretly liked the attention from Stefan, even though she knows it’s not the same Stefan she loves. And I feel bad for her, I really do. Because sometimes, even without vampire compulsion, guys will change into jerks like this.

Classic TVD Relationship Problem: Girls end up liking jerks. Vicki liked Tyler. The fans love Damon. Elena will like Stefan regardless of how he’s being… and based on Twitter, suddenly everyone loves Stefan now that he’s a jerk.

It’s pretty obvious that Tyler is going to be loyal to Klaus (with that siring business) and Caroline is going to (at least temporarily) lose him to Rebecca the Ice Queen (I just typed Ice Cream, …yum) Barbie Klaus. And that’s heartbreaking.  But Tyler can’t really help what his blood is screaming to him… which sucks, because I’d like to blame him!

Classic TVD Relationship Problem: Caroline is always put through hell. Seriously, having her Dad disown her and torture her for days wasn’t enough, so now her relationship has to fizzle? Oh, Caroline. You don’t deserve it!

Other review notes:

  • I love Elena and Damon because of their chemistry. I wouldn’t say Damon is taking advantage of the situation, but I wouldn’t say he’s unaware of it.
  • Jeremy has got problems! Anna is sweet and always has been, and I don’t THINK she means any harm. But I don’t blame Bonnie for being jealous and suspicious.
  • Poor Matt. You know what’s worse than not having a Mother or Sister? Having your sister’s ghost come back to life and try to kill one of your best friends.
  • Alaric and Elena training together is a good relationship. So Buffy/Giles.
  • Am I the only one who thought at the very end we saw Michael attacking Damon? It was only in the promos for the next episode where they said it was Mason, that I realized…hey, that IS Mason. Who had his heart ripped out. So, that makes no sense. And Mason was boring, so can he please go away?
  • Michael wanting Katherine’s blood was totally fair, and totally vicious.

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What did YOU think of this episode? What’s Michael going to do next? What are your theories on how Mason came back to life? When do you think we’ll see Vicki again – if ever?

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