Did you find The Vampire Diaries “Plan B” an electrifying and suspenseful episode that filled your heart with a special sort of delight? You aren’t alone. (You are SO not alone.)

The Vampire Diaries “Plan B” left many a TVD fan shocked by the dramatic twists and turns the episode gave them. Neither I, nor Vee of Vampire-Diaries.net (bookmarking better be in effect!) were immune. Vee is a longtime fan of L.J. Smith and The Vampire Diaries novels. She and her co-maintainer of their renoun Vampire Diaries website, Red, have recently edited “A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls” for Smart Pop Books. Something I’m luckily well-acquainted with now.

I recommend you take a  pause to go read our emphatically positive review of the book, as well as enter our Vampire Diaries giveaway to win your very own copy. The duo did a great job on the book, and the contributing authors all have something interesting to say.

As per usual of our Vampire Diaries Dialogue Panel Project installments, I talked with Vee about anything and everything that had sparked our interests. We agreed, we disagreed, and we both had a curiously specific visual note about one of the final scenes in the episode. I hope you enjoy reading, and don’t be shy about adding your own thoughts to the comments!

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The Vampire Diaries “Plan B” Review via a Candid Coversation:

Jessica Rae (11:20:03 PM): Are we ready to talk about WHAT HAPPENED TONIGHT?

Vee (11:20:13 PM): YESSSS.

Jessica Rae (11:20:30 PM): I’ve had a couple hours to process it already…meaning I’m basically ready to re-watch the episode already!

Vee (11:20:39 PM): I’m at a disadvantage sometimes because I’m usually slapped upside the head with spoilers as we’re monitoring everything on Thursday nights.

Jessica Rae (11:20:49 PM): Did you feel spoiled for the episode?

Vee (11:21:49 PM): I think the Jenna thing definitely lost some impact for me because someone tweeted at us that something happened to her. But I think the great thing about this episode is that it’s going to sneak up on you the more you think about it.

Vee (11:22:05 PM): Just in the last 20 minutes, I’m finding myself getting a little emotional as I think about it.

Vee (11:22:29 PM): The scene that really killed me was between Caroline and the Sheriff.

Jessica Rae (11:22:47 PM): It seemed like people were having a big reaction. Do you think the reaction was to ALL of the events (re: Mason, Jenna, etc!) or just the Elena/Stefan break-up scene?

Vee (11:23:34 PM): Oh, that was definitely huge in terms of fandom and because Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev were pretty damned heartbreaking. But I think a lot of people felt bludgeoned.

Vee (11:24:13 PM): Caroline is becoming this show’s trump card.

Jessica Rae (11:23:43 PM): I have dubbed the Forbes’ gals scene: “Caroline’s Sacrifice.” As much as I want to trust the Sheriff, I’m not sure I do. Caroline finally got what she wanted…and then she gave it away to save everyone else.

Vee (11:24:56 PM): For instance, I thought Damon killing Mason came across as so, so sad.

Jessica Rae (11:24:28 PM): Yes. And did you see how sad Tyler was just thinking Mason had abandoned him? And when he realizes he was killed…there will be a new werewolf who wants Damon dead.

Vee (11:24:38 PM): I’m pretty much convinced that Candice Accola could sell me on ANYTHING.

Jessica Rae (11:24:49 PM): Even in the car commercials they have every week, haha. I adore her!

Vee (11:25:07 PM): Yeah, the dynamics of that are going to be interesting to watch play out.

Vee (11:25:22 PM): Hahaha, yes! I need to run out and buy a Ford Fiesta NOW.

Jessica Rae (11:25:31 PM): Or at least her outfit there. 😀

Vee (11:25:33 PM): Or, better yet, the CW can give me one.

Jessica Rae (11:25:45 PM): The CW should have all of the cast members driving those things.

Vee (11:25:55 PM): Her little I Heart Kevin mug. Adorable.

Vee (11:25:56 PM): But yes, Candice Accola sells it. She is full of selflessness. I loved how Tyler recognized that in her, in spite of her faults.

Jessica Rae (11:25:59 PM): Being undead has made her deep, just not 6 feet. Heh.

Jessica Rae (11:26:36 PM): Here’s something to analyze…if Mason loved and semi-trusted Katherine, why hide the Moonstone in a well full of vervain?

Jessica Rae (11:26:44 PM): Especially if he planned to give it to her.

Vee (11:26:54 PM): And he doesn’t even know the half of it.

Vee (11:27:05 PM): Hmmm.

Vee (11:27:47 PM): Mason was cautious, but I don’t think he was cynical. I think he probably thought love would conquer all…in some pathetic, delusional way.

Vee (11:27:51 PM): Much like Damon.

Vee (11:28:48 PM): Which is why his death was so useless and tragic and worked on a few different levels.

Vee (11:29:54 PM): That scene was just surprisingly effective. I thought I’d enjoy Mason getting a bit of comeuppance, but instead… Sad, sad, sad.

Jessica Rae (11:30:53 PM): I think Damon saw himself in Mason. It was a self-destructive act on many levels. He knew he’d have consequences, he must have. Eliminating Mason was easier than straight-up killing himself. I also think Damon was very jealous that Mason thought he had Katherine’s love. And almost…Damon might have thought he was sparring Mason from something down the line. “He wants us to kill him.”

Vee (11:31:40 PM): Yeah. The phrase “mercy killing” popped into my head at one point, because there was probably an element of that from Damon’s POV.

Vee (11:32:00 PM): But, on the other hand, Mason did try to kill Stefan and Damon.

Vee (11:32:14 PM): And, granted, that was all Damon’s fault, soooo….

Jessica Rae (11:32:25 PM): I suspect Katherine was going to kill Mason after she used him for some Moonstone ritual. But that’s a good point, Mason tried to kill them, but only after Damon broke the truce.

Jessica Rae (11:32:49 PM): Jeremy surprised me in not putting up more of a fight about that.

Vee (11:33:01 PM): Oh. Absolutely. Katherine already had her back-up worked out. Mason wasn’t long for this world either way.

Vee (11:33:06 PM): YESSSS.

Vee (11:33:11 PM): I’m so glad you brought that up.

Vee (11:33:17 PM): I’m really warming to Jeremy.

Jessica Rae (11:33:20 PM): He’s friends with Tyler. It’s interesting that if you’re not connected enough with someone, your friends are really in danger for accidental casualties of war.

Jessica Rae (11:34:03 PM): Jeremy has gotten hotter, but I also love that he’s forging forward with his path of being kind of a historian. I did not like how everyone is always, “does Elena know?” to him/about him.

Vee (11:34:04 PM): It was a hard lesson in supernatural politics for Jeremy, for sure.

Vee (11:34:58 PM): I like throwing him “in the know” because he’s a nice balance of analytical with compassion. Sort of like Alaric, but far less cynical, even though he – OF ALL FREAKING PEOPLE – has a right to be cynical.

Jessica Rae (11:35:36 PM): His forgiveness about almost being killed is something I don’t understand at all.

Vee (11:35:47 PM): It’s weird with Jeremy because he is, in his own way, comfortable with the idea of death because it has touched all aspects of his life.

Vee (11:36:08 PM): And through all of that death, he’s finding his place.

Jessica Rae (11:36:39 PM): I guess it’s making him wake up to really want to find a reason to care about being alive.

Vee (11:36:55 PM): You know, it’s odd, but I find Jeremy’s comfort level with Damon far easier to accept than Elena’s.

Jessica Rae (11:37:27 PM): Elena trusts Damon for no real reason.

Vee (11:37:43 PM): I just find Jeremy’s perspective on everything interesting. Now he’s looking outward, not inward.

Jessica Rae (11:38:33 PM): Jeremy has been passive in so many storylines (not intentionally) that he’s finally going to be able to be active in choices. I like that a lot.

Vee (11:38:58 PM): Yeah! Because I’m still smarting over his complete lack of FIGHT when Anna was dragged off in Founder’s Day.

Jessica Rae (11:39:27 PM): He seemed pretty powerless. Things kept happening TO him. His parents, Vicki, mind manipulation, Anna using him, losing Anna, etc. Yea.

Jessica Rae (11:39:57 PM): But thank God for Anna, otherwise he would have become like his uncle, wanting to kill all vampires.

Vee (11:40:08 PM): I loved Stefan smacking Damon over Jeremy’s involvement, heh.

Vee (11:40:21 PM): You think so? I’m not so sure.

Jessica Rae (11:41:02 PM): Damon accepts free help! Stefan knows his (former) girlfriend will give him grief. But yea, I feel like Jeremy was looking for something in life, and his uncle might have easily led him into a rightful place in the Founder’s Council.

Vee (11:41:12 PM): Maybe I’ve deluded myself into thinking Jeremy will be the first male Gilbert who isn’t a douchebag.

Jessica Rae (11:42:07 PM): Well, I think now he won’t be. But considering everything, I think he could have gone the other way if things had happened differently.

Vee (11:42:24 PM): Possibility, yes.

Jessica Rae (11:42:29 PM): Shall we talk Jenna?

Vee (11:42:38 PM): Let’s!

Vee (11:42:56 PM): I actually sort of called this before I knew something happened to her.

Vee (11:43:14 PM): In that I was telling Red this morning that I thought Jenna was “working” with Katherine.

Vee (11:43:24 PM): So I was right…sort of.

Jessica Rae (11:43:40 PM): She’s lucky that she wasn’t told to aim for her heart. My small issue is that when Elena heard Jenna talking, and then knew it was Katherine … why didn’t Elena stop and ask Jenna what Katherine said?

Jessica Rae (11:44:03 PM): Katherine has a lot of pawns. That was a good psychic call!

Vee (11:44:12 PM): No joke.

Vee (11:44:51 PM): I have to hand it to Katherine. Girl would make an AWESOME party planner.

Vee (11:44:56 PM): She thinks of everything.

Jessica Rae (11:45:28 PM): Yes, I’m very excited for the next episode. I’m … “respectful” isn’t the right word. But I’m finally sensing Katherine as being truly devious and dangerous in a new way.

Jessica Rae (11:46:03 PM): What do you think of Bonnie now?

Vee (11:46:04 PM): Oh, she is a true Big Bad. No ifs and or buts

Vee (11:46:45 PM): It was a step, I guess.

Vee (11:46:53 PM): I just… I dunno. Bonnie. BONNIE.

Jessica Rae (11:47:22 PM): Prior to this episode, I would have said that Bonnie should just MOVE. She wants nothing to do with her old friends (because Elena isn’t changing) or vampires at all. But now she’s made a step towards being friends with Caroline again.

Vee (11:47:28 PM): I have been so torn over her this season, and it makes me sad because LOGICALLY, I completely get her. I just don’t LIKE her very much right now.

Jessica Rae (11:47:46 PM): Oh yea, I have not been a fan of her this season. She’s been so harsh.

Vee (11:48:06 PM): Yes, at least she made an effort with Caroline. So YAY Bonnie, cooperation makes it happens.

Vee (11:48:18 PM): I just find her prejudices inconsistent.

Jessica Rae (11:48:57 PM): I do not want a Damon/Bonnie romance at all. But I LOVE the way Damon calls her “judgy.” He reminds me of Justin Kirk from Weeds sometimes, teasing Bonnie the way Andy teases Nancy.

Jessica Rae (11:49:12 PM): Expand on that. What are the inconsistencies?

Vee (11:50:01 PM): She’s all freaked out over Caroline, but still trusts Stefan even though she’s seen him at his absolute worst?

Vee (11:50:09 PM): Like… I dunno. It’s weird.

Jessica Rae (11:51:12 PM): Yea, I’m not sure why she is friendly towards Stefan. Cutting out Caroline was so mean. I thought she’d have a more drastic change of heart after that.

Vee (11:51:53 PM): Yeah, I take part in The Televixen’s podcast and I think the Bad Moon Rising episode she just posted tonight features us talking about Bonnie and only Bonnie for half an hour.

Vee (11:52:04 PM): Specifically Bonnie’s completely lack of compassion for Caroline.

Vee (11:52:21 PM): Like, dude – that carny worker wasn’t THAT into you, Bonnie.

Jessica Rae (11:53:35 PM): Haha, seriously.

Vee (11:53:46 PM): I think the lack of context for Bonnie doesn’t help. We don’t know what her relationship is like with her dad, we’ve never seen her home…

Vee (11:54:20 PM): Grams dies, she leaves town, disappears for four episodes, and comes back with badass powers and a badass attitude. It wasn’t really relatable.

Vee (11:54:38 PM): But I’ll take tonight’s episode as a good step in the right direction.

Jessica Rae (11:56:06 PM): Agreed. She’s certainly powerful, I just hope she doesn’t become a plot fixer upper whenever they need a quick piece of magic.

Vee (11:56:35 PM): Yeah, that’s my concern too. Did love the explanation of the witchy juju tonight, though.

Jessica Rae (11:56:41 PM): Nina Dobrev had really pretty crying eyes tonight. They filmed that door scene so great.

Jessica Rae (11:56:54 PM): Oh, do you have a theory about the moonstone?

Vee (11:56:58 PM): Oh my God! I was going to mention that!

Jessica Rae (11:57:19 PM): It was like movie star eyes from the black and white movies in the 30’s!

Vee (11:57:20 PM): Her in the doorway, looking at Damon? She’s never looked more gorgeous…and that is so sad, ha.

Jessica Rae (11:57:30 PM): True. Tragic beauty at its finest, man.

Vee (11:57:44 PM): SO agree.

Vee (11:58:00 PM): I go back and forth on moonstone theories.

Jessica Rae (11:58:03 PM): I’m kinda psyched for the broken up period, though. I want to see how tense Stefan and Elena are now as they try to stay away.

Vee (11:58:30 PM): But now I’m wondering if it’s just a more juiced up version of the crystal from Season 1, with FAR greater consequences.

Jessica Rae (11:58:36 PM): I think Katherine wants to lift the curse on vampires, so they ca all walk in the sun. Or maybe use the moonstone to curse werewolves even more. I’m not sure about either theory.

Jessica Rae (11:59:08 PM): I DO think Katherine will try to make Bonnie help her do a ritual, though.

Vee (11:59:28 PM): Yeah, it would seem the Aztec curse legend from Bad Moon Rising was no bedtime story.

Vee (12:00:04 AM): Katherine tells Matt, at the end, quite specifically that she NEEDS a werewolf. So obviously Mason was supposed to serve a further purpose other than Afternoon Delight.

Vee (12:01:32 AM): And now Tyler’s gonna get sucked in to her masterplan.

Jessica Rae (12:01:36 AM): Yea. That’s scary for Tyler. I don’t think they’ll Kill Matt, do you think they will?

Vee (12:02:18 AM): I don’t. But I think they’re gonna inflict some SEVERE damage. Red is not looking forward to it.

Jessica Rae (12:03:11 AM): Well, it’s certainly exciting. 😀 I have never been more happy with the show.

Vee (12:03:46 AM): I don’t know how they do it.

Jessica Rae (12:04:01 AM): Let’s just hope they don’t have to stop for many, many more seasons.

Vee (12:04:21 AM): I have this image of Kevin and Julie sitting at IHOP, cackling insanely, and then a room full of pale writers starring at the computers and muttering, “…Shit.”

Vee (12:04:38 AM): I don’t think the well is running dry any time soon. Har, har.


I had such a fun time, and a big thank you to Vee!

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