Do you know why it’s hard to fathom Jeremy with Bonnie? (Hint: Anna!) Connie Allen from Blast Magazine and I reviewed The Vampire Diaries “Katerina” as part of the Small Screen Scoop weekly TVD Dialogue Panel Project. Read on for our views on the shipper wars between Delena and Stelena, why Katherine is the ultimate con-woman and the type of character we badly need on the show now.

the vampire diaries katerina review

The Vampire Diaries β€œRose” Review Via a Candid Conversation:

Connie (12:29:40 AM): Soo much to go on with this episode, where to start…oh I know…I HATE this love story for Jeremy.

Jessica Rae (12:29:56 AM): Ahaha! Well, they set him up to fail every friggin time, don’t they?

Jessica Rae (12:40:18 AM): I’m pretty sure Jeremy has a doomed love life, and he may end up joining a support group of some kind.

Connie (12:41:19 AM): So here’s my thing about Jeremy. I wasn’t sure what to make of him initially last season because he wasn’t part of the books. But immediately I was drawn to this underdog kind of impression he gave me a few episodes into it. He’s not the obvious hero, but wouldn’t it be something if everything boiled down to Jeremy making the right choice?

Connie (12:42:00 AM): that being said, you’re completely right! Jeremy needs a support group and I’m just shocked none of the other girls in Mystic Falls High haven’t latched onto him…well other than those slut puppets a couple eps ago.

Jessica Rae (12:43:40 AM): Slut puppets are a dime a dozen in Mystic Falls. Of course, I might cough and mention how Jeremy had liked Vicki. Now he likes his sister’s best friend, who has just met a dreamy guy who has the same secret she lives with. I WONDER WHO SHE’LL PICK.

Jessica Rae (12:44:16 AM): Something weird about Bonnie tonight was…and tell me I am wrong, was she almost overly flirty with Luka in front of his Dad? All touching him, and such?

Jessica Rae (12:44:35 AM): Maybe I’m just a prude-face, but I was like, holy embarrassing moment, Batman.

Connie (12:44:44 AM): Exactly! And let me clarify it’s not the fact that Jeremy is hooking up with someone. I’m not one of those “fangirl” types who begrudges their favorite character finding happiness.

Connie (12:45:13 AM): No, I’m pissed because it wastes the potential of what he could be achieving right now. How about a damn episode where Alaric and Jeremy talk about the journals, the Petrovas, SOMETHING

Jessica Rae (12:45:46 AM): I’m not even against Jeremy/Bonnie, (aside from the part where his heart is going to get crushed) but you’re right. The show isn’t all romance, and Jeremy is excellent at the non-romantical side of things. He’s a researcher, he’s got it in his blood and bones!

Connie (12:45:52 AM): Jeremy could have been written in some material where his character grows in a way that’s organic to this story arc without being an eyesore i.e. making moves on Bonnie.

Jessica Rae (12:46:20 AM): I wonder what happened where he was suddenly like, OH, BONNIE, I LIKE HER NOW. He’d gone through puberty already.

Connie (12:46:45 AM): Again, I don’t mind Jeremy and Bonnie. I just hate love triangles of these kinds because they can often undermine the potential a character has on the show. I’d rather have Jeremy NOT in this episode than wasting his time going on dates with Bonnie only to feel left out again. If there’s a word to describe Jeremy it’s LONELY.

Jessica Rae (12:47:40 AM): Oh, and one more note about Bonnie that I have is that Luka’s Dad inferred that Bennett was a name that stuck out. Bennett is only the most popular name since Jones!

Connie (12:47:44 AM): And I’m not as forgiving, I’m sorry, but it will take time for me to be comfortable with Bonnie as a character. I love these past few episodes, but I can hardly forget the way she was a stone cold bitch for five episodes-ish

Jessica Rae (12:48:14 AM): I expected a promo where she goes, “Welcome to the M.F, bitches.” She was pretty cold-hearted and stubborn, yup.

Connie (12:49:03 AM): lmao! Exactly. And I predict that Klaus has his own arsenal of bad ass minions to break this curse

Connie (12:49:32 AM): Klaus will have the best witches, the fiercest werewolves, and the most devious vampires to enact his plan.

Connie (12:50:13 AM): And well all Elena has is: The Salvatore brothers, Bonnie Bennett, and Caroline which are a damn good set of individuals…but I don’t know, someone is going to die.

Jessica Rae (12:50:29 AM): Ah, Santa has not yet been sighted. Wouldn’t it be horrible if they wrote how he Klaus was actually Santa Claus because he went into homes when children invited him in for milk and cookies, and uh, made with the killing?

Connie (12:50:35 AM): And I wonder if they’ll go a la Buffy where Elena will be dead and be brought back to life at this point.

Jessica Rae (12:50:59 AM): That would be cool. If I were Elena, I’d be scared enough to turn into a vampire. I wouldn’t do it for TRUE LOVE. But to save my life, maybe. Fear is a good motivator.

Jessica Rae (12:51:39 AM): I’m not sure that Bonnie is the BEST witch, or that Caroline or Tyler are the best vampires/werewolves, but it is a nice little collection.

Connie (12:51:47 AM): And I was discussing the idea of how in an abstract and indirect way there’s a secondary curse. This one being about Katherine’s ability to love.

Jessica Rae (12:52:00 AM): Why do male witches have to be WARLOCKS, btw?

Connie (12:52:09 AM): All these men and perhaps women too have fallen in love with her these hundreds of years.

Jessica Rae (12:52:36 AM): Well, apparently EVERYONE falls in love with Katherine. It’s almost funny to me. Like, she’s the ultimate con woman or something?

Connie (12:52:42 AM): Is that a serious question? LOL. Because I can explain that for you, lol.

Connie (12:52:57 AM): The witches and warlocks.

Jessica Rae (12:53:14 AM): Trevor was in love with her, but when Rose and Trevor kidnapped Elena it didn’t seem like he was really that mystified by her. He did want to drink her, yes. But it didn’t seem like he was seeing a ghost or anything.

Jessica Rae (12:53:26 AM): Actually, yes. Because to me, can’t they all be witches?

Jessica Rae (12:53:36 AM): Warlock always sounds funny to me.

Connie (12:56:17 AM): Well I guess it makes a more distinctive way to identify the genders if there was a hunt. Well the origin of the word I believe translates Warlock as being a deceiver. I know it goes back as far as being part of Old Norse…I can’t remember exactly what it means but it has something to do with ghostly spirits.

Jessica Rae (12:57:24 AM): Ah, okay. As long as it’s routed n history and not just a modern day way of refusing to give males a name that could be perceived as feminine. Then I’m okay with it.

Connie (1:05:38 AM): I kind of sometimes wish that with these sort of dabbling with “witches” and “magic” they would consult a real witch or something who is pagan

Connie (1:05:52 AM): just because you KNOW some stupid teenager will try to conjure something up.

Jessica Rae (1:05:59 AM): Isn’t there maybe a danger of actually using more truth, though? For the reason you just said?

Connie (1:06:26 AM): Well I think there’s more danger in what’s shown now.

Jessica Rae (1:06:32 AM): If they were using real spells or rituals, then people might actually try them, and that could be dangerous for tons of reasons. And you’re right, it’d be stupid teenagers.

Connie (1:06:34 AM): I mean using blood to trace someone on a map?

Connie (1:06:56 AM): That could be taking out of control. I know that some pagans don’t need blood to do that sort of thing. Sure it looks cooler…

Connie (1:07:38 AM): Bonnie could have used any item from Elena’s room. She could have torn a piece of Elena’s clothing, mixed it with her hair. And used some herbal remedies.

Connie (1:08:00 AM): Blood is very powerful but it can be dangerous in any spell unless the person (witch or warlock) isn’t prepared to do so.

Jessica Rae (1:08:10 AM): The effect of the “blob” moving was cool. Do you think someone would really cut themselves to do that, or you think it’s bad press for Pagans to make it seem like it’s all about blood and dark things?

Connie (1:09:18 AM): I think there IS a danger with Paganism of any denomination if abused but that’s with any religion. I just think there are powerful ways to make spells work with little materials.

Connie (1:11:18 AM): are there opposites such as negative and positive? Sure. But it’s kind of hard to explain because the negative doesn’t have to be entirely bad

Connie (1:12:01 AM): for example, storms can be destructive, powerful, and do harm. BUT at the same time, these storms can also provide rain or rid terrain of bad pollutants too. In other words, there’s no absolute

Jessica Rae (1:12:28 AM): I’m betting you had a lot to say bout the show Charmed. Of course, that was more of a silly show than TVD. But Bonnie is still a fringe character so they don’t delve into her magic as much. Just the quick flash and flare of what helps move a plot along.

Connie (1:42:07 AM): by the way, what are your thoughts on this absurd shipper war bullshit?

Jessica Rae (1:42:21 AM): Between Stelena and Delena?

Jessica Rae (1:43:09 AM): When I admitted I liked Delena, I was told that I hated Bonnie because “all Delena shippers hate Bonnie.” I have been a fan of Damon from the start. Stefan bores me. But I’m not like, “death to people who like this relationship!” I just don’t understand the appeal.

Jessica Rae (1:43:30 AM): I tend to go for the bad boys with personality, not the noble ones with good table manners.

Connie (1:45:00 AM): well I really HONESTLY loved the Anna and Jeremy storyline

Jessica Rae (1:45:12 AM): I did too!!!!

Connie (1:45:15 AM): I liked that Anna brought out this side of Jeremy that made him man up

Jessica Rae (1:45:20 AM): It was sweet and not forced.

Connie (1:45:36 AM): I hate HATE admitting it but Lee is right, I’ve never gotten over the death of Anna because all the potential for Jeremy died with her.

Jessica Rae (1:45:42 AM): Anna was likable b/c she had a pov.

Connie (1:45:54 AM): She would SOOOO kick ass! Imagine if Katherine used Anna as the vampire for the ritual?

Jessica Rae (1:46:23 AM): I think that the death of Anna was a catalyst for Jeremy, or rather SHOULD have been one. The effects right after were drastic, I suppose… yes. But she’ll haunted him forever (ever, ever, ever)

Connie (1:46:47 AM): Well you know I’m really angry because it feels like he never really brings it up.

Jessica Rae (1:47:13 AM): Haha. Well, I think Anna rocked and was strong and smart. Jeremy also forgave Damon for attempted murder, so… ehh…

Connie (1:47:24 AM): I mean he’s flirting with Bonnie and stuff then I wonder. Anna is dead. The one girl who risked it all to be with you…and now you’re dating the girl who killed her? Fck no!

Jessica Rae (1:47:50 AM): I think Jeremy was still ready to die, maybe. Depressed about everything good in his life leaving i.e. Vicki, Anna, his parents, his sister’s attention, normal life, knowing his sister was his actual sister, yadda.

Connie (1:47:51 AM): that is true…but it’s just fcked up that Bonnie would hook up with Jeremy considering she got Anna killed.

Jessica Rae (1:48:07 AM): Man, I didn’t even THINK of that.

Connie (1:48:11 AM): yes, I totally agree with you. I guess I’m on the Justice for Anna brigade, lol.

Jessica Rae (1:48:26 AM): Now I’m even more mad at Bonnie. Glares.

Connie (1:48:37 AM): Does Bonnie know Jeremy was with Anna?

Connie (1:49:06 AM): I mean Anna wasn’t a saint. She did as many devious things to get her shit done, to save her mother….but ugh.

Jessica Rae (1:49:18 AM): Well, I’m not sure. Some things on the show they go over and hammer into our heads, others they gloss over so fast…

Jessica Rae (1:49:52 AM): Like, in “Rose” they said Katherine was the FIRST Petrova doppelganger. We got tons of backstory, but I still want that clarified. I guess they’ll do it in episodes later on.

Connie (1:50:19 AM): I think it’s fair question because when Jeremy finds out that Bonnie was the reason the device didn’t work? Won’t THAT change his perspective

Jessica Rae (1:50:35 AM): Will they ever bring that up on the show?

Connie (1:50:52 AM): Jeremy: You lied about your spell?

Connie (1:51:04 AM): Bonnie: You don’t understand, I was scared, I didn’t know what else to do.

Connie (1:51:28 AM): Jeremy: Anna is dead because of you. I don’t know what to believe.

Jessica Rae (1:51:34 AM): I guess there’s hope that Bonnie might not be with Luka (who is maybe evil or maybe not) and finally like Jeremy, and then a dramatic confession about the spell like that goes down.

Connie (1:51:39 AM): *queue soap opera music *

Jessica Rae (1:51:57 AM): Bonnie would just USE MAGIC then to erase his mind b/c she can’t lose him! dun dun dun

Connie (1:52:09 AM): hahahahah! Oh so Bonnie!

Connie (1:52:22 AM): Let’s play, “What would Bonnie do?” lol

Connie (1:52:32 AM): She’s so wishy washy

Connie (1:53:26 AM): You know what? I want some NORMAL non Mystic Falls girl to come into town from like Boston or something.

Connie (1:53:37 AM): She thinks vampires, werewolves, and witches are bullshit.

Connie (1:53:59 AM): I want her to hook up with Jeremy, and offer the occasional “I need to transfer out of this damn town” line.

Connie (1:54:12 AM): I feel like we need some outside perspective that isn’t embroiled with these games.

Jessica Rae (1:54:50 AM): We have some potentials, but *game show tune* which will be turned into a mystical creature next? Matt, the go-lucky ex-beau of Elena and Caroline?

Jessica Rae (1:55:10 AM): Jenna, the no-nonsense Aunt who knows very little?

Jessica Rae (1:55:21 AM): Alaric, the vampire hunter that broods with importance?

Connie (1:55:29 AM): Ooh good lord, can we give that woman WORLD’S WORST GUARDIAN!

Jessica Rae (1:55:49 AM): I was rewatching episode 2 of the series, and back THEN, she at least tried.

Jessica Rae (1:56:00 AM): These kids need guidance!

Jessica Rae (1:56:34 AM): I miss seeing the Elena/Jeremy bond, and seeing Jenna interact with Elena and Jeremy in more than a passing moment.

Jessica Rae (1:56:57 AM): I also miss when the show didn’t want to differentiate between Katherine/Elena so much that they decided Elena has to dress in clothes from The Gap circa 1996.

Connie (1:58:02 AM): true, very true. But you know I have to give kudos to Nina Dobrev who does a fine job handling the flashback scenes.

Jessica Rae (1:58:19 AM): Even her accents!

Connie (1:58:24 AM): I mean I love that line, “I’m the safest psycho bitch in town.”

Jessica Rae (1:58:42 AM): I think she does a great job of acting and making it believable. Some people think she acts with her hair.

Jessica Rae (1:59:02 AM): Katherine is a LUCKY bitch.

Jessica Rae (1:59:13 AM): She always manages to have the upper hand, even when she’s trapped in a tomb.

Connie (1:59:38 AM): Well everyone has their definition of “good.” I don’t think it’s as easy of transition. Nina is in her element playing the bad ass. I would love to see if Elena does die and fulfill Klaus’ conspiracy

Connie (2:00:00 AM): and Stefan has to work with Katherine…and admits he cares about her.

Jessica Rae (2:00:10 AM): Wouldn’t it be crazy if they really did kill of Elena for good and keep Katherine?

Jessica Rae (2:00:19 AM): I like Katherine more as a character.

Jessica Rae (2:00:52 AM): Stefan’s whole thing in the beginning was how he loved Katherine so much that he was interested in Elena and how she looked. And now it’s all, he never loved Katherine? Psh.

Jessica Rae (2:01:00 AM): I’m not pro Katherine/in any relationship, though.

Connie (2:01:01 AM): I think a lot of people do. I think if Elena came back without knowing who she is as a vampire that would be interesting.

Connie (2:01:48 AM): Hmm…wouldn’t it be even more interesting if Klaus uses Katherine for the spell but she ends up in a fight with Elena and no one knows who really got killed?

Jessica Rae (2:01:59 AM): The show is doing what many shows do, cutting out elements they don’t want. We don’t see much of the school anymore. I think it’s important to remind us that these are still high school kids.

Connie (2:02:04 AM): The question at the end of Season 2? Is it Katherine or Elena that is dead?

Jessica Rae (2:02:09 AM): That would be a killer season finale. Literally. PUN.

Jessica Rae (2:02:38 AM): Klaus should turn out to be a famous TV personality. Wait, is he Regis Philbin!? ;p

Connie (2:02:40 AM): I KNOW which is why I tweeted about The Grill and the whole pool plot point

Connie (2:03:13 AM): I kind of like Elijah, wouldn’t it be cool if he was Klaus’ beautiful gay husband? Or is that too True Bloody?

Jessica Rae (2:03:41 AM): That IS True Bloody, but Elijah is very handsome. I was so curious what he was going to do with those coins before we saw.

Connie (2:04:01 AM): I have to wonder, has Rose met Klaus? I wonder if this old vampire can switch is appearance or something.

Jessica Rae (2:04:19 AM): Hearing about The Originals makes me think of Damon and Stefan as less cool in some ways. Which is silly, I know.

Connie (2:04:23 AM): If the old ones can compel vampires to do their will? Whose to say that Elijah wasn’t compelled either? So many possibilities.

Jessica Rae (2:04:30 AM): That’s right, we DID learn that older vampires can do things like that!

Jessica Rae (2:05:04 AM): If their first bodies decayed… but shapeshifting seems pretty different…I’m not sure if I think they could switch their looks.

Connie (2:05:08 AM): I wonder if the Salvatore family line has a connection to the originals. If maybe Papa Salvatore knew more than he let out…maybe he hates vampires so much for a reason?

Connie (2:05:46 AM): I’m thinking more like they could glamor themselves to look like someone else through compelling

Jessica Rae (2:05:54 AM): Oooh, I can’t wait for a scene where Stefan or Damon are compelled. Because it is fun. The only people we assume are safe from it, aren’t.

Jessica Rae (2:06:01 AM): Ooh, okay. I could believe a glamor.

Jessica Rae (2:06:14 AM): You know, Katherine should have had a witch help her glamor herself!

Jessica Rae (2:06:29 AM): If she doesn’t look like herself, blammo. Freedom rings.

Connie (2:06:33 AM): OMG! Compelling Stefan to kill Elena? That’s so sadistic, I kind of like it only because it would show how much of a crazy mutha-fcker Klaus is, lol.

Jessica Rae (2:06:57 AM): Haha! Or Stefan killing Elena b/c he’s CERTAIN it’s Katherine?

Jessica Rae (2:07:09 AM): We have evil brains.

Connie (2:07:14 AM): BURN!

Jessica Rae (2:07:21 AM): Or, no, JEREMY. Imagine JEREMY doing it b/c he wants payback.

Jessica Rae (2:07:26 AM): Heartbreaking.

Jessica Rae (2:07:36 AM): I also wanted there to be more to the story of how the Gilbert parentals died.

Connie (2:07:58 AM): not Jeremy, I like to believe he’ll figure it out…something like “I can smell Elena’s strawberry shampoo.” lol

Connie (2:08:03 AM): πŸ˜›

Jessica Rae (2:08:21 AM): Katherine might take acting school online in her tomb.

Jessica Rae (2:08:42 AM): I want to find out who Katherine’s child was and if that is important and well, all that.

Connie (2:08:59 AM): You know, I wondered…what if she had her blackberry? She’s a modern girl, I wonder if she can get a couple of bars on it. Call her witch to get her out.

Connie (2:09:12 AM): Ooh and I’m tired of nose-bleeding Bonnie

Jessica Rae (2:09:12 AM): Well, THAT witch isn’t gonna help her anymore.

Connie (2:09:26 AM): someone needs to school this girl right and proper before she goes and kills herself.

Jessica Rae (2:09:30 AM): I think the nose bleeds are only beginning. I think her arc this season will be about managing her powers.

Connie (2:09:52 AM): You KNOW what would be so kickass??? If she channeled Emily to help her out? Let her be possessed again! Awesome!

Jessica Rae (2:09:55 AM): Now she might feel like she’s in competition with Luka.

Jessica Rae (2:10:04 AM): Emily was awesome, but now that actress is on another show.

Jessica Rae (2:10:20 AM): America’s Next Top Witch/Warlock: WHO WILL IT BE?

Connie (2:10:53 AM): You know, this constant implying that Bonnie is super special is somewhat bothersome. We’ve seen she can do some amazing things. In my opinion, I’m expecting more if they’re going to make her “the chosen one.”

Jessica Rae (2:11:02 AM): Slater was saying how cool Mystic Falls is. I wonder if they will get more into why this particular town draws in ALL the crazy.

Jessica Rae (2:11:19 AM): Ooooooooooooh. I see what you mean. Like a special witch. She IS learning fast.

Connie (2:11:35 AM): LOL So You Think You Can Make Magic? On FOX

Jessica Rae (2:11:40 AM): I just don’t like when it seems like…oh, we have a supernatural show, we must have a witch to get us out of jams!

Jessica Rae (2:11:41 AM): HA!

Jessica Rae (2:11:55 AM): Witchcraft with the Bennett’s (Dancing with the Stars)

Jessica Rae (2:12:16 AM): Mystic Kitchen (Jenna’s cooking show a la Hell’s Kitchen)

Connie (2:12:40 AM): So a lot happened, right? I mean we saw Jeremy get shot down, Elena and Katherine learning about the past, and wait…let’s talk about Damon.

Connie (2:13:02 AM): LMFAOOOO Mystic Kitchen – Watch Out For That Knife!

Jessica Rae (2:14:21 AM): Damon. I like that he got it on with Rose because they say that’s the kind of guy he is, so I’m glad they show it. On Supernatural I felt like we were always told how Dean was such a ladies man, but not shown it enough to believe it. I don’t like Rose or her hair, though. But I’m also not threatened/jealous or mad just because I like Damon with Elena.

Jessica Rae (2:16:38 AM): Caroline the Vampire Player. Council Girls (gossipy council members). That’s so Damon (b/c in the books isn’t he a raven?)

Jessica Rae (2:17:27 AM): The Biggest Liar, starring them all πŸ˜› Okay, I’m done. But that’s fun.