From the new Klaus and Caroline relationship to the shocking cliffhanger at the end of the episode, The Vampire Diaries “Our Town” was a dramatic and satisfying episode.

The Vampire Diaries Review “Our Town”

Response to a Kiss. Listen, it was perfectly played out in how we saw the way Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) both were acting after their kiss the night before. Damon was in amazing spirits, Stefan even accused him of being “chipper.” On the other side of the fence was Elena, who was pummeling a punching bag. But do you think it was Damon’s face she was picturing, or her own?

When Elena said, “you can’t kiss me again” at the end of the episode I was praying she was going to take some power and say, “but I can kiss you.” And that’s not just because I love me some Delena.

Birthday by way of Funeral. The entire bonding scene with Elena, Caroline (Candice Accola), Matt (Zach Roerig) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) was so perfect, it might be my favorite thing about this episode. I loved how Elena and Bonnie were stepping up to make Caroline feel happy¬† – a job that’s usually reversed. And Matt’s idea of a funeral wasn’t as creepy as I first thought. Seeing this group of characters hang out really feels right. Not because they’re all “normal” (they’re not) but it’s like the original crew!

Tyler’s Speech to Caroline. The first speech, given at school, was so honest that it hurt. Admitting he wasn’t in control was a very adult thing to do. So, of course, both of them got weaker later and both tried to make it work anyway. Tyler¬† (Michael Trevino) biting her was a huge surprise. I was seriously worried for our girl!

Like Old Times. Elena and Matt had two had two tiny moments in this episode. It’s nice to remind us about old Elena. Especially when we’re focusing on this new Elena. When these two joke around, I think Elena feels put at ease and normal for a moment.

Klaus and Caroline. I’ve previously given no thought to these characters being together in any capacity. But I kind of love it. It works. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) wants to win Caroline over, and despite all of her best efforts he might gain some ground. He knows things that Caroline can’t learn from her friends. Sure, at one point maybe Stefan could have been this type of mentor, but he’s gone off the deep end. Klaus probably views it as a challenge. There’s no reason for him to have to compete against Tyler, but he wants to anyway. That’s why he didn’t just give any gift to Caroline, he saw that she’d been given a basic, trinkety kind of silver charm bracelet and then went out and got her a diamond bracelet. He wants to prove he can be better. And maybe Caroline can … change him? No? Eh.

Murder in the Woods. We got a really cool cliffhanger at the end of “Our Town” which leads us to suspect Meredeth Fell of murder! Do you think she’s the guilty party? And if she was the one who did it, do you think she thought the guy was a vampire when she tried to stake him?

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