Tonight Alaric and Elena did some bonding. And there was a little bit of bondage in the woods…of course, that was for a vampire/werewolf hybrid that was trying to kill them. It’s time to review The Vampire Diaries “Hybrid.”

Alaric the Semi!Dad, Former Boy Scout and “Whiskey Drinking Lost Cause”is Totally Quoteable

Alaric is a semi-parental figure to Elena. That doesn’t mean he’s on board with every idea she has! “You want to hunt down a pack of werewolves on a full moon?” – Alaric to Elena / “Let the vampires fight the zombie hybrid mountain man. I’ll keep the humans safe.”

The Scariest Scene on TVD Took Place in Daylight

Klaus and Stefan terrorized a wolfpack, creating hybrids and generally being gruesome and fearsome and all kinds of some’s! Even though this scene didn’t take place at night, this was one of the most terrifying scenes from The Vampire Diaries, for me. Why? I think because Klaus is so ruthless, and we’ve never seen Stefan being so heartless and “gone” as Damon put it.

Matt and Tyler are Bros

These two friends have a wedge in-between them because of Caroline. But it was epically sweet when Matt casually asked if the Full Moon thing would mean Tyler needed someone else to help him. Even though Matt has a world of anger, he’ll still be there for Tyler. And that, that is real friendship. Real friendship matters, even on a show about vampires.

Delena Lives in the Details

“Unless you wanna relive that whole death bed, kissy thing.” – Damon to Elena. Elena responded pretty fast to this. Me thinks she doth protest too much! Well, I know she still loves Stefan. But I do enjoy Delena! And I love how they bickered and Alaric had to say, “What are you guys, 12?” And, then at the end of the episode… Damon forced Elena to admit she was worried about him. And it looked like he was going to steal a kiss but he was too sweet to do that to her. Not that it’s sweet of him to confuse her… but…we love it, don’t we, guys?

Carol Lockwood Actually Didn’t Murder Caroline

I think a lot of us assumed that Carol would be trying to kill Caroline right away. But we learned that…Carol… shecared. And that was nice to see the ice queen get a little melty.

So, uh, Wanna go Camping Now?

After seeing the trio of Damon, Alaric and Elena trekking through the woods with backpacks full of weapons, I’m not surprised if you feel conflicting feelings about how awesome it would be to go camping vs how scary it might be to go camping. I mean, what if there are real wolves out there?

Here Doggy, Doggy – Damon

That quote. And Elena being face to face with a wolf? Augh!

Elena’s Paranoia

Stefan watched Elena in the woods and that girl is going to get a serious sense of paranoia. He also called her and said nothing. Then he told Damon he didn’t. Do you think he blacked out and doesn’t remember doing it? Or did he just not want to own up to being “weak.”

Jeremy has a Threesome (Wow, am I really typing that?)

Vicki (as a ghost) is asking Jer for help. But then Anna (as a ghost) is asking Jer to not trust Vicki. Well, I’ll be damned. That boy can’t catch a break. He needs to talk to Bonnie about this!

The Vampire Diaries Episode Guide – The Hybrid Summary – Klaus attempts to execute a plan that will give him even more power, but things don’t go as he planned. Alaric and Damon hesitantly go along with Elena’s search for Stefan, but her plan may end up putting Damon in danger. Jeremy asks for Matt’s help to find out what his ghosts want from him, and Caroline needs Tyler’s help.

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