With ballgowns and new (unlikely) romances blooming, this episode of The Vampire Diaries was very much worthy of February sweeps.

The Vampire Diaries Review “Dangerous Liaisons”

1. Who or What Can Surpass Klaus?

The murder plot was put on the back burner this episode, but I’m excited to see what happens with that. It doesn’t just have to be a new villain, it has to be something that can surpass this whole Klaus deal, you know? And when it comes to Klaus and the other originals, we’re getting plenty of traction there. And we also had plenty of stuff in the romance department…

2. A Salvatore on Each Arm

No wonder Elena feels confident all the time, in this episode she literally got to have a hot, strong vampire on each of her arms. But the love triangle seemed to have taken a strong swerve in the Stelena direction this week. Something brought into the forefront of conversation was that Damon always wants to protect Elena. I think it comes from a place of finding her so fragile and important that he wants to wrap her up and not let anything (more!) hurt her. But Stefan, these days, really lets Elena do what she wants and therefore he’s not controlling at all.

In previous seasons of TVD I think he was just as protective as Damon was tonight, even though Elena made a big deal out of saying that Stefan had always trusted her and let her make her own decisions and be independent. Either way, with that and her old feelings Elena is still holding out for Stefan and probably always will. This means that the nice distraction of Damon is swept to the side. And when he realized that Elena wasn’t really into him, he recoiled into himself, felt his pride was hurt, and acted out. And before you blame him, keep in mind that he’s only recently been trying to change his ways and he’s not doing it perfectly. He shouldn’t be so immature, no.

As much as I love the idea of Damon/Elena, I feel like the only way we’ll get more of it in the series is by default of Stefan screwing up so much that Elena uses Damon as a backup. And that seems wrong. No one should be another person’s backup.

3. Elena’s Conscience

I really love Elena and Elijah, so it’s sad when she’s now had to massively betray him! He trusts her, and she isn’t living up to that. I wonder if she had told him not to drink his champagne if that would have mattered, if he could have been spared? Esther might not like that, but Elijah isn’t a jerk like the rest of them. If she’s serious about ridding the world of each of the originals… then I’m pretty sure that… (read on!)

4. The Vampire Diaries Spoilers

I’ll be damned if the issue of ALL the vampires being destroyed doesn’t become an issue. Once all original vampires are destroyed, is that a chain-link reaction where all vampires are also destroyed? Elena will be upset that it’ll kill off Damon and Stefan, and then she’ll remember that it’ll also kill off Caroline. Ugh. And Elena won’t let Stefan die. So then they’ll all be on Klaus’ side or something…

5. Original Brothers

We got to know a bit about the other Originals. Basically, Finn is loyal and his Mother’s right-hand. He follows orders. Kol is close with Rebekah (anyone since any incesty vibes!?) and he likes to start trouble. He’s a rebel. But he’s not as big of a rebel as Klaus. And there’s Elijah, who is too smart and too mature for them all.

So, Caroline, who was Miss Mystic falls, has no formal gowns at all. Meanwhile, Elena just happened to have that bronzey, brown and black dress in her closet? Not to mention the black, elbow-length gloves. Lord.

6. Rebekah and Damon

This was kind of inevitable. The show thinks we like to see fast vampire sex. And I guess we kinda do?

7. Caroline and Klaus

We already did a poll here, so I know you guys like Caroline and Klaus. I do too! I mean, Tyler is okay but, ugh. I can’t help it. When he was trying to show her that he liked art and drew, and she gave him that speech about how he has to bond and not just give gifts, I felt like he should have shouted, “What do you think I’m trying to do here, bitch!?” He’s good at drawing. I do worry for Caroline a bit because she tells Klaus off and that’s brave. Luckily, that’s why he likes her.

Stray Observations from The Vampire Diaries “Dangerous Liaisons”

  • When Matt said “get home safe” to Elena, it seemed like the ultimate jinx. She should have turned to him and gone, “REALLY?”
  • Esther’s boudoir (or room, whatever) was really nice. The walls were dark wood but the furniture was all kind of light… if only I were rich enough to experiment with this look on a whim. But I get no whims! I’m whimless unless we’re talking about the menu at The Cheesecake Factory. (Tex Mex Egg Rolls are nummy.)
  • So.. everyone just KNOWS how to waltz? I certainly don’t. No wonder I’m never invited to balls.
  • Elena had no problem deciding to have Stefan break Damon’s neck, but she had major qualms about letting Esther prick her finger?
  • “Forgiveness is not a chore. It’s a gift.” – Esther
  • “Burn. Rejected by the captain of the football team. Welcome to adolescence.” – Damon
  • Who does the Michaelson’s calligraphy for their invitations!? I don’t think these were printed out.