The best moments of The Vampire Diaries “Do Not Go Gentle.”

the vampire diaries

Caroline freaking out about the dance.
Those stars have to trickle! Not to mention, her talking about Elena’s love life and comparing it to The Bachelor. We heart Caroline Forbes.

Elena asking out Stefan.

Boy, that wasn’t awkward. And Damon overhearing? Juicy drama!

The ultimate weapon for the ultimate hunter.

That magic was pretty cool, was it not?

The flappers costumes were cool.

But how could all of those students suddenly be experts at 20’s dances?

The salt line.
That’s a good trick to use on vampires.

Bonnie’s intense kissing.

Girlfriend knows what she wants. But seriously, they only have her in the episode to do magic stuff!

Jeremy and Matt with weapons in those 20’s vests, ready to go up against a vampire.

Thank God Alaric was able to kill Esther in time.

Realizing Alaric was being killed off.
And then everyone standing there…

The twist at the end.
So, Alaric lives and Bonnie is…dead? Is Bonnie Dead?