Last night was The Vampire Diaries season 2 episode 2, titled “Brave New World.” And it’s a world we really like. At least, my friend Amy and I really like. Amy was the second panelist for The Vampire Diaries Dialogue Panel Project, and I’ve had so much fun with her that we’ve basically become Gtalk BFFs whenever I manage to pull away from my work mode. (TVD BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER! THIS IS WHY I LOVE FANDOM! /soapbox.)

As a note, we did this in GTalk and the “me” is moi, Jessica Rae. But finding and replacing “me” with my name made words like “became” turn into “becaJessica Rae.” And that? That’s just weird. So anyway, it sounds very ego-centric with the “me’s” but it’s the best option. As an additional note, Gtalk doesn’t put a name if someone enters some talk a few times, so if you see no name next to a sentence, it was by the last person named. Uh, you’ll get the picture pretty quickly! Amy and I talked fast, and for a pretty long while!

Amy is Amysbp on Twitter and I am ThisJessicaRae on Twitter. Follow us and we’ll follow you back! You can also follow SSScoop! You WILL get a followback! We’re friendly, and we love to chat/read about TV. (Amy prefers Stelena while I opt for Delena. I think we both like Katherine with anyone. Which means we think Katherine is a slut…which we don’t think! Well, TBD.)

Take note of: We mention a dinosaur egg, our gushing of Candice Accola‘s performance, what jewelry was keeping Katherine in the sun last week, a psychology vs sociology mini tangent debate, why Ian Somerhalder is dumb to tweet TVD could ever be canceled, our jinx’s, a theory for why Katherine and Elena look the same, how Tyler’s Mom is sexually repressed… and our note of the scene where Stefan was actually really creepy towards Elena! Plus, we (of course) referenced Buffy the Vampire  Slayer, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Alias and probably even more shows I’m forgetting.

me: Bonjour!

Amy: hola

me: I finally saw it 😀

Amy: YAYS!

me: That was such a strong episode for Candice, she was soooo good. I thought her portrayal would be a lil more campy like Harmony on Buffy. But she was so dark – because, well, becoming undead is a dark thing. Haha.

Amy: It really is a dark thing. And Candice was absolutely brilliant!

Makes me love Caroline even more

me: When I became undead, it was totally like that.

I still find Matt predictably BLAH.

Amy: Nooooooo!

Matt is freaking ADORABLE.

I LOVE Matt.

AND Caroline!

Together as well!

me: He is just going to become a tragic and needy character!

Tyler/Caroline ftw 😛

Amy: hey now!

me: Elena is such a softie not letting Bonnie torch Damon.

Amy: She has a soft spot for Damon!

me: But can I tell you my favorite of most favorite quotes?

Amy: you CAN

me: The Ninja Turtle/Combat Turtle exchange!

Amy: YES!


Amy: Ninja Turtles!

Stefan made a funny!

He’s obviously not a child of the 80’s!

me: I know, I love when he does that. Swoonage occurs.

Amy: or was drunk and or strung out on drugs through out the 80’s

Stefan being funny and smiling and being light is TOTALLY swoonworthy

I almost like it better than when he’s dark because it happens so infrequently (is that a word?)

me: Oui, oui.

Bonnie’s hair bugged me in this episode.

Amy: Really?

me: And I feel bad that her crushable guy died.

I’m very AWARE of hair!

Elena’s hair bugged me too, actually.

I hate when it’s so PLAIN JANE straight, parted in the middle.

Caroline had excellent hair. And I love how they did her makeup so it was dark eyes and no lippy so the blood was like AHHH

…I am a freak who notices these things.

Amy: haha, you’re not a freak

i obses over that too

me: Let me have my freak label!

What do you think that stone thing is?

Amy: one of my notes was about Carolines new makeup and clothes

me: Why won’t Mason tell Tyler that he’s a werewolfy?

Amy: I DON’T KNOW what that stone is!

I was like is that a dinasour egg?


I think maybe it’s a moonstone, idk. Twilight is gonna sue, don’t they use moonstones for something? haha.

Amy: uhhh no

me: I thought it was SMART that Tyler took it out of the box.

Amy: I don’t think so

Tyler’s a smarty!

me: Well, I don’t like Twilight so I have no clue. I thought Bella had some moonstone ring.

But also, was there significance to those papers?

Amy: I’m sure there was, but we don’t know WHAT

me: The instant I see hidden papers in a floorboard I’m all suspicious.

Do you think Tyler knew about them, or was that the first time he was finding them?

Amy: I want to KNOW these things!

me: Well, duuh, the show is succeeding if we want to know.

Amy: well he obviously knew about it he knew something was in the floorboards

me: Very Lane in Gilmore Girls.

I want hidden things in my floorboards.

Amy: YES!

I was thinkign that too

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to hide things in my floorboards

but no

me: Secret compartments are awesome.

Amy: I just hide things in the back of picture frames


I don’t even have anything good to hide.

Except for my exotic dinosaur egg.

Amy: well like if you’re trying to “save” money you stick it somewhere you forget about


me: That’s how you go broke!

Amy: GLOWY dinosaur egg

It kinda glowed

me: Omg. ORB OF THESULAish.

Amy: This isn’t going to end well!

me: If it holds a soul or can capture a sooooulll….weird.

That’s the fun, dude.

I’m sure you liked the Stelenaness of this ep. It was cute.

Amy: Now I want to go re-read the books and see if there’s anything about the egg in the books

I DID like it

me: I like that we call it an egg.

Amy: well that’s what it looks like

me: Tyler’s Dad ‘laid


in the floorboards

Amy: hahahahaha

SO wrong

me: Punny funny.

Amy: Ok

so going to back to Stefan/Elena

I like how Elena wants to be normal

we’ve never seen her be normal

It’s a new thing for her/us to see

me: I almost thought she was going to avoid Stefan during her normal speech to Bonnie.

Amy: I kinda thought maybe she would too, but she’s making Stefan be normal too

and it’s nice

to see a bit of lightness to them instead of all doom and gloom

me: Yea. The calm before the wicked storm.

Amy: ALSO with this whole “normal” thing, I was thinking of veronica mars in the beginning of S2 when Veronica was all about being normal

me: I love how Damon was taunting Stefan, all “I bet I’m in your ever conversation.”

Yea, Veronica went to Duncan (Stefan) then.

Amy: NOOOOO don’t compare DoNUT to Stefan!

me: Hehehehe. Sorry!

But Damon is kind of a Logan!

Amy: Stefan >>>>> do-NUT as Lilly always said

Damon you CAN compare to Logan, I accept this

I had never thought about it, but it is very true

both psychotic jackasses

me: Haha. I guess that is a fair assessment.

Now I must wonder…

Why do I like psychotic jackasses so much?

But you don’t like psychology so we can’t even ask Freud!

What does SOCIOLOGY say about it?

That the fringe society has a unique appeal?

Amy: Yes


and that something in society is pushing them towards the fringe

something is INFLUENCING them

me: We are not being compelled by vampires, here!

Dude. Omg. Damon towards Caroline? I am so mad.

Amy: ME TOO!

Caroline is NOT Vicky

she’s crazy, but good crazy

and WAY more in control

me: I feel so bad, but like. Vicky sucked. :/ And it’s like… I could tell Elena wanted to be like, “Okay, but we didn’t even like her…” Which sucks b/c Jeremy was “in love” with her, all crushy.

But there IS a difference in both gals. Caroline has more of a chance, she’s less of a wildcard.

Amy: Very much less of a wildcard

she has actual friends

and a boyfriend

me: I can’t believe Damon wanted to off her. And Stefan thought it was teh thing to do. I mean, ugh! If they can do it, other’s can!

Amy: and also more of a stable perky, driven personality

Ok, also, speaking of Damon AND Jeremy


Leave poor Jeremy alone already!

me: Those little bits of PERK were so cute. She is so Type A.

Jeremy is VERY mentally stable, all not killing Damon but admitting his plan to his face.

Although that’s kind of a smart plan, in itself.



I think a Jeremy/Damon bro-ship would be seriously interesting

Jeremy needs some dude in his life.

me: I feel like maybe Tyler and him will buddy up.

Jeremy has no one in his life.

Amy: They keep hinting at that, but nothing yet

me: It would be smart to have hooked Jeremy up with Bonnie, but we’ve never seen a hint that they like each other.

But just, to keep both characters on the screen and stuff. Keeping it incestuous. Haha.

Amy: HA!

Cause it isn’t incestuous enough?

me: Where everyone dates everyone, yadda. But that’s how shows operate, so the main players get time on the screen.

And it’s a small town!

Amy: It IS a small town, very small town.

me: Also – when they said the Vicki thing happened at a carnival, wasn’t it just a Halloween School Dance?

Amy: It was

but umm minor details


me: Haha, yea.

Amy: lets go wtih that

me: Well, I’m sure he didn’t remember it well, plus he just wanted to be snarky.

And that was a biting comment, no pun.

Amy: HA


Amy: doesn’t count!

Moving on…speaking of the town

I LOVE Damon’s double personality

me: You are moving there?

Ohhh, with Carol or w/e.

Amy: being all buddy buddy with Carol

and all ooooh I love this town i’m a founding family member

me: Yea, I wonder when THAT jig will be up.

Amy: Right?

I mean HELLO

he’s Damon!

me: But I honestly do believe that Damon is trying to protect the town from vampires, ironically.

Amy: I do too.

me: Like, minus him.

Amy: I just get a huge kick out of the way he does it.

He’s weasled his way right in there

me: I wish they would say “D name” not “D word” because there are so many D words that I think of. Lmao.

Well, wouldn’t you want to be in the inner-circle of the people talking about you? LIKE A SPY.

Amy: YES

me: I want to be a spy, but I have no guts or fangs.

Amy: HA

me: That’s a bad visual. I have guts.

Amy: After Alias, I wanted to be a spy, SO badly

me: There should be a website of spy gadgets. I bet there are. But yea.

Instead of college or grad school, SPY SCHOOL

I guess that’s the CIA. But I heard the CIA is more dangerous than the FBI.

So, let’s just be vampires that do roller derby.

Amy: I believe it




me: It’s a night sport!

Amy: I’d be DOWN for that

me: I’d GO DOWN b/c I can’t skate. 😀

Amy: I can’t either

i run into trees to stop

me: Trees are helpful.


me: Okay, what are your other notes?

Amy: ummm


me: I just don’t want to leave any out if you had other’s

Amy: I had on close captioned for a bit when i was trying to rewatch

me: Nerd.

Nerd alert.

Amy: And when Damon was “hear-spying” on Tyler

and Mason

me: NOT A WORD 😛

Amy: it said “Vampire hearing” on the close up of his ear

me: HA!!!!! SNORT.

Amy: so I officially declare “hear-spying” and “vampire hearing” as part of the TVD fandom

me: It has been declared. GONG.

Or rather, BOOM.

Amy: oh no!

me: What does a gavel sound like?

Amy: not the BOOM

me: Clap?

Amy: no

more like a boom

a lighter boom?


I would pound the gavel several times.

Very official.

Amy: Woo hoo!

me: I want to state that I loooved the entire Caroline/hospital stuff. That was like a movie. I mean, it was movie-quality. I’m surprised she learned to compel so fast, but she was pretty desperate. But yea, that was shot beautifully with the shadows.

I’m so interested in her story now. With her Mom.

Amy: Yeah that’ll be very interesting to see how that pans out.

me: And I wonder if they’ll get Caroline a ring so she can go to school.

Amy: I mean Caroline’s a VAMPIRE without a ring at the moment

JINX (ish)

me: Yea!


Amy: I want her to get a ring!

I don’t want to only see her in the dark

she’s to bright and bubbly for that

oops *too

me: True. It’s a convenient storytelling tool.

I can’t imagine her being like, “Oh, I want to be homeschooled.”

Bonnie can help. Emily made the necklace for Katherine, I thikn.

AND HEY. Katherine, what does she use now? In the premiere?

She was not wearing that lapis necklace in the premiere.

Amy: that’s a good question

I don’t remember, I’d have to go back and look

me: Although…was she in the sunlight? I’m sure she was.

Amy: Yeah she was

me: I don’t think Katherine would give up going in the sun. Yea.

She must of had something.

Amy: at the Lockwood mansion

me: Why can’t I have a mansion?

Amy: Seriously!

me: With floorboards for hiding.

Amy: yessss

me: Carol got over her husbands death pretty fast.

She’s very like…composed.

With Damon

Amy: I think that’s who she is

me: And even mentioning him and his nooks and crannies

Amy: how she was brought up to be

me: Which btw sounded sexual

Amy: LOL!

me: IT DID

Amy: It didn’t till you SAID it did!

me: 😛

Carol is a sexual deviant, I just know it.

Amy: snort

Suuuuuure she is

me: Omg and Caroline with her kinky thing.

I love how that was her excuse.

I would have been “Your excuse is that you walked into a pitchfork.” I’m really good under pressure.

Amy: Hahahaha.

That was the best!

Also at the end

with Matt

she controlled herself!

me: Does Caroline want Matt to bite her? 😛


Amy: she DOES

and it’s ADORABLE

I had a big ole squee

me: I really like her curtains. I want to have billowy curtains that I keep open at night for my lovers to sneak through.

Amy: Me too, especially if that lover was Matt

me: But if they are Matt-boring I will be very displeased 😛

Amy: opposite of jinx@


me: xnij?

The recap before the episode was kind of too long.

I’m ready for a new opening shot in the recaps.

That forest with fog is so overdoooone.

OH. And I had a note about Stefan. All saying he came here to start a life with her. I love his quotes about living that life and the moments, but it was creepy the way he seemed like a really old guy ready to get married.

Amy: Yeah a little bit

me: Like, instead of being romantic I was kind of like, BACK OFF SHE’S A TEENAGER

Amy: Haha.

i was thinking that too


Amy: but Elena didn’t seem creeped out


me: But did he even come to the town cause he knew she was there? I forget why he came back or if he saw her first. But he didn’t know it was her or what she was like yet.

After he saved her and watched her he liked her.

Amy: I don’t remember exactly why he first came back

for Damon I think

me: I think he missed the weather there 😛


me: Do you think Delena will happen this season?

Amy: NO

I think Elena still has issues with him

he KILLED Jeremy

me: I didn’t say DO YOU WANT it too

Jeremy is totally cool with it!

Amy: yeah but Elena’s NOT

me: Elena saved Damon!

Amy: yeah

me: mwahahaha

Amy: she’s not ready for him to die

she’s got unresolved feelings for him

me: Burning passionate feelings.

Amy: i don’t know about THAT

me: TORRID sexual feelings?

Amy: HA



me: I sense them!

Amy: Only during their dance scene!

me: Which was not that long ago!

Amy: No, but a lot has happened!

(I like how we talk in exclamation points…)

me: You are beating a dead, death event…er…I can’t make that sentence work!

I will not stop them now!

Amy: Can we go back to the opening for a sec? the opening recap did bring up an important point that Bonnie and Elena talked about–why do Katherine and Elena look exactly alike?

That’s my one burning question


B/c otherwise it’s sloppy like they just wanted Nina to play both

Amy: Like they are doppelgangers (thank you Alias for teaching me about that word)

me: Okay, here is a theory I just made up

Katherine somehow uh, found a way to have herself reborn as a human.So there’s two versions of HER.

Meaning Elena is actually Katherine, before she was turned. And obviously with no memories of before.

Amy: Interesting

me: Which would make it so much more complicated for the love triangles.

Amy: Ummm and incestuous

me: Because like, how can it be that she’s just a relative? That’s weird.

Amy: er incestuous

me: Well, Stefan likes the “nice” version of Katherine, in my theory. And Damon likes the nice version too.

So Katherine should just kill Elena and pretend to be her forever. Duhs.

Amy: Not a bad idea

but I think Katherine is TOO Katherine

to ever be Elena

I really want to re-read the books (yes i said that already) but I want to again, because I have all these questions and I want to know if the books answer them at all

And I’m also hoping that Katherine sticks around

me: Do you think the book/show are following the same lines?

Amy: Not really

me: Yea, I kind of like Katherine more than Elena.

Amy: the show has kind of veared off in its own direction

in a good way

very good way

I like the show better than the books, but the books add a bit of characterization that we don’t always have the time to see on the show

me: I am so ready to rewatch the premiere of season 2 again. 😀

Obviously they’ve got a good thing going.

Ian tweeted something about not wanting to get canceled, and I was just like, that feels like it could neeever happen.

Amy: I saw that too. I feel like it could never happen either.

TVD is such a big thing now! And it’s pretty much the best thing the CW has going for htem


me: Yea. I think so. Supernatural, too. And ANTM. But it’s a showstopper for sure.

We loved VMars and look what happened, though :/

But I don’t think that will happen here.

Not even five years into the show.

Amy: I feel that TVD is more stable than VM was

me: I think the only problem would be like, if one of the main cast wants to leave.

Well, it has the whole book series to lean back on.

Amy: yeah

me: So it had a built in fanbase already.

So if it loses fans, it has tons more.

Amy: but even when it veers off into new territory it’s great

me: Yea. The mythology is great. Although sometimes I am confused b/c there are so many little tweaks for so many shows, books and movies that I get into.

Amy: Tweaks?

me: Of lore. Like, in some shows a vampire is made one way, and in another show another wa.

Amy: ooooh, I see

Yeah, hard to keep track sometimes

me: My brain does not feel big enough sometimes.

Amy: We need a handy dandy chart to keep track of it all

me: I am using a lot of my brain to store home decor ideas, haha. So it’s very packed!

I should make a chart of every episode that Damon is totally tragic. But it would be every episode.

Amy: it WOULD be every episode

somemore so than others

me: After Elena saved him from Bonnie, he seemed like, well injured. But more than that. Kind of defeated in a large way. Embarrassed, almost.

Is Damon more tortured than Stefan? That is the question.

Sent at 12:58 AM on Friday

Amy: Yes. He is

Very much so

I think anyways

me: Agreed.

Amy: he’s got this whole i hate stefan for making me a vamp, I’m in love with Katherine but she’s not with me

I’m also in love with Elena, but can’t do anything about it

and he actually likes the town and wants to protect it

but he’s actually evil, but not

me: He is his ow doppleganger.


Amy: he really IS

he’s got such a dual personality

So can we agree that the theme of this season so far is doppelganger-ness?

Duality of light and dark and happy and said and angry and glad, and all that

me: I want Ben & Jerry’s to make a Doppelganger ice cream flavor for TVD, yup 😀

Duality, big word much? 😛



me: Let me just uh, find a dictionary to find a big word…

Amy: I read too many tv recaps

me: This recap has been RECAPPED. Capped. In its recapped ass.

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