“1912” was a surprisingly violent episode of The Vampire Diaries for Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder.

the vampire diaries 1912

First Love Runs Deep

Matt and Elena evaporated quickly on The Vampire Diaries season 1, and I never thought they would stand much of a chance on the show again. Why? Because Elena’s got her soul mate and her bad boy all lined up in Stefan and Damon. She’s already in a love triangle. But I suppose the powers that be don’t want to do too much Elena/Damon before they upset the Elena/Stefan fans. Ergo, Elena might complicate things by trying to fall back into the warm, humanizing glow of her first love. Will Caroline be okay with that?!

We Hardly Knew Her

I looked forward to seeing Sage in this episode, and I’m going to throw a hissy fit (of which I may, or may not, be an expert) if we don’t get to see more of her. Will Sage be back? I can only hope so, as I feel super invested in how kickass she is. (Which says a lot, for a show that already has a lot of kick ass females. Speaking of, I miss Katherine…)

Rebekah the Sly Fox

I’m being sarcastic. She wasn’t subtle at all. “Oh, your family history… might you know details on their lumber practices?!” Seriously?

Brothers Grim(m)

There was plenty of brotherly bonding for us to enjoy in “1912.” And I genuinely enjoyed it. (Much more than the cliche-feeling scenes where Elena saw Stefan dripping with blood from his mouth. Oh, their love is so tragic, blah blah.) I was surprised The CW let them show a decapitated head, by the way! I mean, that was DARK and grim to the extreme. But it really helped fill in blanks that we’ve already known about this character, which was pretty cool. (We already knew Stefan did that, we just didn’t know how it originated.)

Alaric needs a Miracle – an Alaricle

Finally, some action for this vampire hunter! Too bad he’s all secretly evil, huh? But maybe he could just take off his ring and then be fine? I kind  can’t believe Meredeith Fell’s action, she’s very hot/cold.  “You’re innocent and so am I! But I’m going to look guilty! You’re guilty but seem innocent! You’re guilty so I’m going to prove that you are innocent!” Talk about mixed messages.

What do you think about Matt/Elena? And do you want to see Sage again? Will Alaric go on another killing spree?

Photo Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW