After her absence last week, it was great to see Caroline return to our television screens last night on The Vampire Diaries! Here’s your Friday dose of an episode recap – Caroline Forbes style.

the caroline forbes focus

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, a bunch of important stuff happened, but none of it involved Caroline. She was missed!

This week, we first see Caroline at the Mystic Grill. She has stopped by to hang out with Matt, but his lunch break isn’t for another hour so they act adorable and proceed to make plans to meet up after Caroline runs some errands. During this scene, I couldn’t decide if Matt was getting even better at lying or if he had come to his senses and accepted that Caroline was still Caroline – vampire or not. As it turned out, his chat with Sheriff Forbes indicated the latter. I knew he’d come around!

By “run some errands,” Caroline apparently meant “go and visit Tyler’s mom in the hospital.” Caroline arrives at the hospital just as Tyler and Jules are leaving. Despite that Jules is in a rush to get out of Mystic Falls (for good reason), she gives Tyler and Caroline a few minutes to talk. I loved that Caroline asked, first and foremost, about Jules. Did Caroline know that Tyler left with her? I suppose she probably put two and two together and assumed that was the case. Either way, Jules originally plotted to get Caroline killed, and now she has taken Caroline’s place as the friend who helps Tyler deal with being a werewolf, so it’s kind of a slap in the face.

I’m not Tyler’s biggest fan, but his new persona makes me feel like he’s become a completely different (and better?) person. The two continue to catch up but mostly just stare at each other, and I feel a bit awkward. It’s difficult to read Caroline throughout the conversation. On one hand I feel like she’s switching off her emotions, but on the other hand I think she was caught off guard by Tyler’s return and doesn’t exactly know how to react.

Caroline questions Tyler about why he left town and why he’s leaving again so soon, but he only gives her a cryptic “take care of yourself” response. Tyler walks away and Caroline tries to stop him, but the two fall to the ground as Klaus’ witches appear from behind them. One of the witches even goes as far as staking Caroline (NOT in the heart, thankfully), as if the migraine trick wasn’t enough. WAIT! A vampire and a werewolf! The sacrifice! Indeed. Does this mean that Caroline’s visit to the hospital was a set-up…?

When Caroline wakes up, not only is she in an underground dungeon with Tyler, she’s in chains AND she’s been given vervain. “Those witches vervained me!” has landed a spot on my list of the most super fabulous Caroline Forbes quotes.

We hear the tail end of Caroline explaining the Klaus business to Tyler, and the two realize they’re probably going to die. Tyler explains that while he’s been gone, Jules has helped him come to terms with what he is and how to deal with it.

Caroline: “Why did you leave me?”

…and the hearts of all Vampire Diaries viewers break into a million pieces. Despite if you like Caroline and Tyler romantically, platonically or not at all, it’s obvious that they care about each other. Even if Caroline acted like she was okay until now, Tyler’s sudden departure was hurtful and she still doesn’t understand why he turned his back on her after what they went through together.

Tyler says that he thought Caroline hated him, and Caroline says that she felt betrayed, but she could never hate him. They have a moment, but it’s quickly interrupted by Damon. He’s here to help them. Who would’ve thought?

We’re suprised, too, Miss Forbes.

I love that Damon is rescuing Caroline. LOVE. As much as I yearn for it, I doubt he’ll ever apologize for what he did to her in season one (because he’s Damon, and… well, this isn’t the Damon Salvatore Focus for a reason), so I’m glad he chose to look out for her here.

There’s a good amount of confusion among everyone right now (Caroline knows that Matt still knows everything – UH OH!), but at least both Caroline and Tyler are out of the chains. Once she’s escaped the Death Dungeon, Caroline runs over to Matt who still has his rifle. He’s in this, you guys. Meanwhile, the full moon is in clear view and something is definitely happening to Tyler. I think it’s time for him to jet over to his family’s property.

I’m not sure why the Caroline, Damon and Matt continue to hang around Tyler at this point – safety in numbers, even if supernatural enemies are involved? – but the four of them walk through the woods.

Damon gets word from Stefan that Klaus already has Elena, and Tyler simultaneously begins to transform. Tyler doesn’t think he has much time left, so he tells everyone to run. I understand that Caroline is trying to be supportive, but Tyler’s somewhat of an expert at this now, so she needs to peace out and go somewhere safe. Meanwhile, Tyler attacks Damon, but not to death. Damon tells Matt and Caroline to lock themselves in the Lockwood cellar, and gives them a few bullets in case Tyler is able to break in. How comforting.

vampire diaries

vampire diaries

Caroline, Matt, and Matt’s rifle make it to the Lockwood cellar in a flash. They hurry to lock themselves in and Tyler shows up right as Caroline is securing the gate. Caroline tries to speak to Tyler, but he’s in attack mode. Matt has his gun aimed and he looks terrified. Tyler leaps at the gate, and…

…I hate to remind you, but we have to wait an entire week before we get to see how this scene pans out.

vampire diaries

In the extended promo for next week’s episode, we see that everything will pick up right as it left off last night. Caroline and Matt are trapped in the Lockwood cellar, and it looks like Matt isn’t against shooting Tyler as he tries to break through the gate and attack. Will Matt kill Tyler to save himself and Caroline? Will Matt confess to Caroline about why he wasn’t truly compelled? Tune in to The Vampire Diaries next Thursday to find out!

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