Last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries featured another decade dance, and along with it came some major, somewhat confusing plot twists. Here’s your Friday dose of an episode recap – Caroline Forbes style.

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Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Caroline and Tyler were reunited at last. Also, Tyler got jealous of the non-existent relationship between Klaus and Caroline.

This week, we first see Caroline Forbes walking through a half-decorated school gym with Elena. It’s time for another decade dance! And Caroline has adopted a new hairstyle! Don’t get me wrong: I love her trademark curls, but this is a nice change. Caroline is attempting to put a positive spin on Alaric’s alleged recovery, but her optimism doesn’t seem to comfort Elena, who is feeling helpless about it all. Elena changes the subject by questioning where a giant light fixture is supposed to go, and she unintentionally sets off Caroline’s spitfire side. (Which we, here at Small Screen Scoop, happen to love.) The light fixture was one of Rebekah’s decorative ideas, and since she’s not at the decorating party, Caroline doesn’t feel like it should be either.

“You know what? If Rebekah wanted to hang this monstrosity, she should have shown up to do it herself. Just… no.”

Side note: I have to admit, I didn’t like Caroline’s attitude last week when she was around Rebekah. I know the jealousy and competition factors still reside between the two girls, but the petty comments seemed below Caroline’s level. Am I alone in this? Either way, the quote above restored my faith a little bit because the tone of it was just… different. Caroline had sarcasm and annoyance in her voice, but she wasn’t demeaning Rebekah, and especially not to her face.

As if the god-awful light fixture wasn’t frustrating enough, Caroline spots Matt and Jeremy hanging decorations instead of making them trickle down. THE HORROR!

“What are you doing? You can’t just hang them! They’re supposed to trickle down!”

First off all, Caroline’s little outbursts are the best. There have already been two and we’re only four minutes into the episode. Secondly, I love the way that Elena, Matt, and Jeremy react. This isn’t just business as usual; they all think Caroline is as hilarious and endearing as we do with her perfectionist planning agenda.

Caroline then gazes over at Matt and Jeremy as she comments on their budding bromance. I cannot be the only one who notices how Caroline looks at Matt (and vice versa). Whether it’s how she’s reacting to seeing him happy, or if there are lingering feelings… it’s a look. To those who don’t see it, I’ll include screencap evidence below and let you all reflect on your life choices.

Elena tells Caroline that she asked Matt to get Jeremy his job back at the grill and that he’s helping him readjust, and Caroline is kind of saying a lot by saying little. By that I mean that she’s clearly sensing the connection between Matt and Elena that has resurfaced lately, and I don’t know if she 100% likes that it’s happening.

The girls chat about Elena’s makeout session with Damon and Caroline gives her a hard time about it, as a best friend should. Hold the phone! Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline were planning to go as girl dates to the decade dance?!! I don’t appreciate the change of plans. Caroline reveals that Bonnie is going with Jamie instead, and she suggests that Elena ask Stefan.

Caroline: “You’re supposed to be figuring out what you want. That’s what Stefan wanted you to do, right?”
Elena: “Yeah, but-”
Caroline: “But nothing! I’ve watched The Bachelor! Okay? Fair is fair. It is Stefan’s turn.”
Elena: “Yeah. And you’re not biased or anything.”
Caroline: “I’m sorry, but Stefan is your epic love. And I’m not going down without a fight.”

Referencing The Bachelor, flying her Team Stefan flag high… Filed under: the many reasons why Caroline Forbes is my favorite. Caroline is so real with Elena. She always is. Even when she’s making pop culture references and using her wit to get her point across, she’s speaking her peace and she’s speaking it truly.

One major downside to this entire scene – all of its glory and fabulous aspects aside – was Bonnie’s absence. Is it against the rules now for the three BFFs to share a scene?

Later on, the decade dance is in full swing and Caroline is decked out from head to toe, looking appropriately ’20s. You guys, I really thought Caroline was talking to Tyler in this next scene, but no. It was Matt!! This show is trying to kill me.

Caroline: “Have I told you how amazingly awesome you are?”
Matt: “Yeah, I’m one of the good ones. I know. Why the compliments? What else do you want?”
Caroline: “I know that you and Elena have been getting closer lately…”
Matt: “And your point is?”
Caroline: “One way or the other… she’s pretty much spoken for.”
Matt: “Elena’s my friend, Caroline. I’m just looking out for her.”
Caroline: “And I’m just looking out for you because sometimes the people who love her get caught in the crossfire.”

This can be translated into: “I care about you very much and I don’t want you to die. I also don’t want you to date Elena again because it brings out my insecure side and maybe, probably, I still have feelings for you.”

Okay, that last part is a stretch and maybe, probably, a personal fantasy, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t see it as a realistic possibility as well. I’ll stop shoving my Matt and Caroline feelings in your faces for now – I promise!

Their conversation is interrupted when Tyler shows up at the dance. I was initially confused as to why Matt and Caroline were freaking out about his appearance, but then I realized that Tyler wasn’t supposed to leave Mystic Falls in the first place, so I guess technically Klaus is “after” him. It’s been so long since all of that happened that the plotline technicalities are kind of lost on me now.

Caroline expresses her concern to Tyler, but he’s not worried at all. He says that he isn’t about to sit back and let Klaus admire Caroline, and he plans to pretend to still be sired if the opportunity presents itself. Jealousy doesn’t look good on Tyler, and his comments are drawing a fine line between hilarious and secondhand embarrassment.

Tyler and Caroline are slow-dancing when Klaus shows up to ruin their moment. He isn’t pleased to see Tyler back in town. Klaus asks to dance with Caroline, and despite her refusal, Tyler acts like he’s sired and agrees to let Klaus cut in. Caroline then accepts his offer to dance.

candice accola
I honestly can’t read Caroline when she’s around Klaus. I feel like she acts like she hates him and she does hate him to an extent, but deep down, what he says does get to her. What he offers her is what she wants, but she isn’t ready for it. I like their scenes together, but I’m still not on board the “Klaroline” train. Also, if Caroline wants what Klaus suggests so badly, she will find a way to get it, to live it. She doesn’t need a boy to get her to that point. The world is at her fingertips, but she deserves to live her current small-town, simple life until it’s no longer what she wants.

While a bunch of crazy things are happening, Caroline and Tyler are stuck in a now empty school gym, and… Stefan is there, too!! OH MAN! I’ve become so used to being disappointed at the lack of Stefan and Caroline interaction that my excitement skyrockets to the extreme when they pop up on screen together. It’s always so unexpected!

Stefan fills Caroline in on what he knows, saying that they’ve sent Matt and Jeremy to do some dirty work. Caroline panics, Stefan says that it was the only way, Caroline comforts Stefan about Elena, and all is right in my world! It’s ridiculous how natural they are in scenes together, as if they’ve been close friends for years. The banter between them in this scene exemplifies that. I’m elated that the writers are showing bits of this friendship again.

Tyler intervenes, reminding everyone that he will die if Klaus dies. Caroline puts on her optimism hat again as she outlines the best case scenario for the evening’s events, but Tyler appears to have already accepted that his fate is a near future death. He says that he’s angry and that he hates Klaus and that he never should have let him dance with Caroline. Someone please explain to me why that dance is such a crucial factor right now. And why is Tyler so jealous when Caroline has hardly given him any reason to believe that she has feelings for Klaus? Moving along…

That’s the last we see of Ms. Forbes, aside from when she stands with the rest of her friends during a candlelight vigil for Alaric.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode (though I’m still left feeling confused about certain key plot points that don’t involve Caroline). We’re nearing the end of Season 3, which is a crazy thought. What are you all most looking forward to in the remaining episodes? Do you think there will be any major plot twists for Caroline’s character?

Make sure to tune into The Vampire Diaries next Thursday at 8pm EST/7pm central on The CW!

Written by Maddie Coe. Visit her Candice Accola Fansite for the latest details about the phenomenal actress.