Can someone give Candice Accola award recognition already?! The Vampire Diaries was back last night and so were Caroline’s tears. Here’s your Friday dose of an episode recap — Caroline Forbes Style.

the caroline forbes focus

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Caroline was sort of on the sideline as her dad tried to “fix” Tyler’s sire bond to Klaus. Caroline didn’t have much of a place in last week’s episode, so I decided against posting a recap last Friday. Thankfully there’s more to discuss this time around!

This week, we first see an extra cheerful Caroline at the hospital as she waits to check in on her dad. You all know how I feel about the female characters on this show, and especially the female characters interacting on this show, so I was excited to see Caroline and Dr. Meredith Fell have their first scene together. They apparently had already received the 411 on one another because the two immediately began chatting about Bill Forbes and his disdain for vampires. Meredith saved Bill’s life by using vampire blood to heal him, and she doesn’t hide her frustrations about his alleged ungratefulness. Caroline seems a bit flustered – something we don’t see in her very often, might I add – and Meredith quickly apologizes for her harsh attitude.

When Caroline asks if she can take her dad home, Meredith says that he was actually discharged the previous night. Caroline doesn’t hide that she’s hurt. “That’s gotta be hard… when your dad hates the one thing you can’t change about yourself.” Way to kick a girl when she’s down, Meredith! Maybe I don’t want these two hanging around each other after all.

Caroline parts ways with Meredith and meets up with Elena down the hall. Caroline and Elena! BFF ALERT! Caroline voices her two cents about Meredith, saying that Meredith seems perfectly nice albeit a little intense. She approves as much as we do that Elena is checking up on Alaric’s potential next love interest.

A few seconds later, the episode takes a turn for the worse. I don’t mean that in terms of quality, but more so in terms of Caroline’s well-being. Can I get an “of course”? All together now.

Caroline makes a call to her dad, but a sense of panic washes over her face when she actually hears her dad’s cell phone ring coming from a nearby room. She and Elena cautiously enter an unlocked room, and between the eerie ringer echoing and the dark setting, I suddenly feel as though I’m watching a horror film. It might as well have been a horror film because Caroline and Elena eventually discover a dead Bill Forbes, who has been stabbed, slashed in the neck, and propped up against a hospital rack. Has Caroline not gone through enough hardship already? Really.

Just as Caroline appears to be having a SERIOUS panic attack slash full-blown emotional breakdown, Elena reminds her that Bill has vampire blood in his system. And at that, he wakes up.

Later on, we see Caroline looking out for her dad in a secret hideaway hospital room. I have so much love for the shot of Caroline looking through the window blinds and saying “you’ll be safe here.” Everything is under control, people. She’s such a good caretaker! Even for her jerk of a father.

When Bill says that he doesn’t plan to drink any vampire blood, Caroline’s optimistic, in-control, everything-will-be-okay expression dissolves into one of desperation and horror. It’s almost as if Caroline knows exactly what her dad is going to say before he does. Bill says he understands that by not drinking vampire blood, he’ll die, and he makes it clear that that’s exactly what he wants.

Back at the Forbes residence, Caroline and Elena are having a late-night, melancholy chat outside on the porch. I live for these scenes. Live for them.

Caroline: “My mom’s in there sitting with my dad. And I don’t think they’ve been in the same room this long since I was 10 years old.”

Candice Accola. The way that line is delivered! It’s perfect. Caroline Forbes astounds me with her maturity and ability to deal with whatever comes her way. She’s about to lose her dad forever, and she’s stuck living forever, and yet, she’s outside of her house, appreciating the fact that her mom and dad are peacefully spending time with one another one last time.

Caroline suggests to Elena that maybe Tyler was the one who stabbed her dad, and that maybe Klaus has something to do with it, but Elena doesn’t think any of that is the case. When Caroline says that she’s going to make her dad feed because she can’t just let him die, Elena reminds her that he doesn’t want that and that this is his choice.

Caroline: “I hated him so much for what he did to me. So much. Now all I want to do is save his life.”

I mean, I hate Bill Forbes as much as anyone else does, but THIS IS SO TRAGIC! Caroline breaks my heart.

Elena embraces a teary Caroline and as if I’m not already melting away with emotion, MATT SHOWS UP! AND HE AND CAROLINE HAVE A MOMENT! A HUG! I can’t handle them. (And I mean that in the best way.)

The entire porch scene – the Elena and Caroline moments, the Caroline and Matt moment, Candice Accola’s existence – is now on my list of all-time favorite Vampire Diaries scenes. So many feelings, you guys!

Later we see Caroline and her dad having a bit of final father-daughter bonding time, which I’m going to quote below.

Caroline: “Can I get you anything? Or, um, do you want me to call Stephen?”
Bill: “No, no, we haven’t spoken in a while. Just… call him when it’s over and the dust is settled, would you?”
Caroline: “Listen. Listen to me. Look… I know that you think that you made your choice. But you can change your mind. You know… you are strong enough to handle being a vampire. I mean, you’re the strongest person that I know.”
Bill: “Caroline, my strength is all in my beliefs. Becoming a vampire is… wrong. People aren’t supposed to cheat death – it’s just what I believe. Please respect that.”
Caroline: “God, how can you hate who I am so much?!”
Bill: “No, no no no, sweetheart, I don’t hate you. I love you. You’re strong, you’re beautiful, you’re good. And even after everything that’s happened to you, you are exactly who your mother and I hoped you’d grow up to be.”
Caroline: “Then please don’t leave me, daddy. Please. Please don’t leave me. Daddy, just don’t leave me.”
Bill: “Shh. Parents aren’t supposed to outlive their children, Caroline. It’s okay. This is life. This is what it means… to be human.”

While I do hate that Bill Forbes has received such a nice send-off (unlike many other characters we actually knew we’d miss), these were breathtakingly wonderful moments for Caroline. They can be added to that giant bucket of scenes that exemplify Candice Accola’s talent and in that convey how much depth there is to Caroline’s character.

Caroline’s final scene in this episode is a quick shot of Caroline and Liz right after Bill passes away.

Unfortunately, I think the aftermath of Bill’s death will likely get overlooked because there are too many other crazy shenanigans happening on the show right now for that to be of much importance. Right now I’m extra appreciative of the continuously strengthening mother-daughter relationship that Caroline and Liz have developed. Hopefully with Bill out of the picture, we’ll get to see Caroline interact with her mom more because their scenes are always great.

In the promo for next week’s episode, the Mystic Falls residents are attending an Original ball! Caroline is looking dazzled and gorgeous — and she’s dancing with Klaus! I think a mix of “oh dear” and “ooh la la” is in order.

Written by Maddie Coe. Visit her Candice Accola Fansite for the latest details about the phenomenal actress.