Here are the best of The Vampire Diaries quotes from season 4, episode 14 – “Down the Rabbit Hole.”

stefan rebekah
Caroline: It’s called a Cryptex. …I’ve seen The Da Vinci Code.

He seemed to be in a pretty good mood…
Stefan: What’s a deeply buried personal secret between friends, right?
Elena: Friends? I like that.

Well, that’s a bit sweet…
Klaus:(To Rebekah) I hope you get to live, and die, as you wish.

joseph morgan

Rebekah: Advantage: vampires.

charlie bewley

charlie bewley

Inhale, exhale, and get the jerk to shut up!
Shane: (To Bonnie) It’s just like drawing breath. Just pull the power into you.

claire holt

They’re a power team, again!
Jeremy: You did it.
Bonnie: We did it.

Ahahaha, a flaw in his plan
Shane: Hey guys, I need a hand. My leg is broken.
Bonnie: Best to stay off it then.

damon salvatore

Your attachments, your friends, will be the end of you.
Damon: You don’t know my friends. Or my enemies.

It surprised us all, too…

Bonnie: Look at us. A newbie hunter and a witch who needs supervision. How are we the ones who made it this far?
Jeremy: I’m glad we’re here together.
Bonnie: Me too.

caroline forbes

Tyler: This isn’t goodbye. This is… until we find way. We’re immortal, remember?

Damon: Life sucks. Get a helmet.