Are you totally in the Rebekah fan club now? We are, too. And she had plenty of great quotes in this episode… Here are the best of The Vampire Diaries quotes from season 4, episode 13 – “Into the Wild.”

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The Vampire Diaries Quotes – “Into The Wild”

Was this a LOST reference, do ya think?
Damon Salvatore: Couldn’t they have had this cure in Hawaii?

So catty, girls…
Elena: You know I can hear you, right?
Rebekah: You know I don’t care, right?

Klaus’ “pathetic” is still pretty handsome…
Tyler: (To Klaus) Morning sunshine, you look pathetic.

And puppies, too?
Damon: Everything changes tomorrow. It’ll be all unicorns and rainbows.

His reaction to this was pretty extreme…
Caroline Forbes Quotes: (To Klaus) I am not going to engage in this. You are not even worth the calories I burn talking to you

Rebekah is almost like Pinocchio
Rebekah: Isn’t it obvious? It’s all an act, Stefan. Being a vampire is miserable. I would give anything to be human. Normal.

You gotta love yourself first…
Stefan: If I take the cure, it wouldn’t be for her. It’d be for me.

At least someone’s looking out for her!
Bonnie: I’m gonna try a locator spell.
Shane: I’ll stay here to make sure she’s safe.
Damon: I’ll stay here to make sure you’re not lying.

At least she’s honest?
Rebekah: I don’t care what happens to you, either way. But if you’re gonna die, it might as well be epic.

Not enough of us do, either…
Damon: I don’t give a crap about Bonnie Bennett.

Sometimes it’s not the hybrid or witch that’s most powerful…
Caroline: It’s because you hurt… there’s a part of you that’s human. …I know that you’re in love with me. And anybody capable of love is capable of being saved.

We love team building exercises!
Elena: (To Rebekah and Stefan) Us three. Right here. This is all we’ve got. So we’re either in this together or it’s over. For all of us.

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