Morning, sunshine. – Damon Salvatore Quotes

How’s Alaric? – Elena Gilbert Quotes
Indecent, but fine. – Damon

You know what they say. The way to a psycho killer’s heart is through his stomach. – Damon

I’m not gonna miss because you can’t widdle. – Stefan Salvatore Quotes

I have a homicidal alter ego. – Alaric Saltzman Quotes

If you wanted to turn yourself in, you wouldn’t be saying it out loud. – Damon Quotes

That ring is the reason I’ve killed people. – Alaric Saltzman Quotes
That ring is also the reason you’re alive. – Damon Salvatore Quotes

Elena Gilbert. Savior of the cursed and the damned. – Caroline Forbes Quotes

Long story. Wait for the movie. – Damon Quotes

We all have a weapon. – Stefan Salvatore Quotes

Bother someone else with your hollow charms. – Finn

Why do I always have to be Klaus bait? – Caroline Forbes Quotes

Bus boy? – Damon
Do I have a choice? – Matt Donovan Quotes

Why force when I can persuade? – Klaus Quotes

What do you know. True love prevails. – Rebekah Quotes
It does occasionally have its uses. – Klaus Quotes

Did you learn nothing from the moonstone in the soap dish? – Alaric Saltzman Quotes

Hello, lover. – Rebekah

I’m perfectly capable of inflicting pain, thank you very much. – Rebekah

So, Bonnie. How bout that spell? – Klaus

Hey, I hear you had a run in with Buffy the vampire. – Caroline Forbes Quotes

Caroline. I am so sorry. I don’t even know what else I could say. – Alaric Quotes

I’m going to take a page from the Elena Gilbert handbook. – Caroline Forbes Quotes

See an original, kill an original. – Stefan Salvatore Quotes

I have blood on my hands, too. We all do. – Caroline

My passions overtake my morals on a daily basis. It’s called living life to the fullest. – Sage Quotes

Drink. – Elena Gilbert Quotes

I miss well adjusted Stefan. – Caroline

Vampire disposal. Not my strong suit. – Caroline Forbes Quotes

I never stopped loving you. – Elena Gilbert Quotes

I’m talking about the fact that you’re also in love with Damon. – Stefan Salvatore Quotes