There were eight one-liners in The Vampire Diaries “Our Town” that stood out to us. No surprise that most of them were by Damon (Ian Somerhalder.) But a couple might surprise you.

“Know what never gets old? Revenge.” – Stefan

Technically he said this in a previous episode, but they use it in the “previously..” segment, and it occurred to me that he’d get along really well with Emily Thorne (Emily Vancamp) on Revenge.

“Those hybrids. Really bringing the neighborhood down.” – Damon

Good fences make good neighbors, dude.

“The only way to call someone’s bluff is to be willing to lose everything if you’re wrong.” – Damon

As someone who has called many a bluff, he knows what he’s talking about.

“Talk about a humanity dimmer switch.” – Alaric

This may be off topic, but in every House Beautiful type of magazine, they always say that having a dimmer switch in your bathroom is the ultimate luxury. I kind of want one.

“Oh please don’t tell me you’re drinking the Klaus Kool-Aid.” – Damon

Brand name and all!

“Thanks for the hero moment.” – Meredith Fell

And here I thought she wasn’t going to be quoteworthy.

“No dead hybrids at the founders party!” – Damon to Stefan

It’s just not right!

“He’s operating on crazy right now.”- Damon to Klaus

The tables? They’ve turned.