Here is our latest addition to The Vampire Diaries Dialogue Panel Project! This covers the episode “Memory Lane.”

Kel Kendrick and I discussed the episode, and found we disagreed about just about …everything! It was Damon love vs. Alaric love, a Nina Dobrev fan vs. a non-fan, finding Katherine evil enough vs finding Katherine not evil enough…. The one thing we definitely agreed on was not finding Mason very hot or interesting!

Jessica Rae (6:46:58 PM): Okay. Tell us who YOU ARE.
Kel Kendrick (6:48:32 PM): Kel Kendrick, I just relaunched my website after a brief diversion with, an amicble split, it just doesn’t work for my personality.
Jessica Rae (6:49:35 PM): And at weddings, do you prefer the chicken, fish or beef?
Kel Kendrick (6:50:07 PM): LOL yeah, let’s start with some fun questions! I’d say the chicken.
Kel Kendrick (6:50:25 PM): What is your inner animal? Mine is the platypus.
Jessica Rae (6:50:40 PM): Well. I just have to know what you’ll want at the Elena and Damon wedding we will inevitably have on the show. RIGHT? ;p
Kel Kendrick (6:51:12 PM): Ahh… so are you a “shipper” for Damon and Elena?
Jessica Rae (6:51:39 PM): My inner animal is not a werewolf, but some sort of large cat. Maybe a panther. And yes, I am a Delena shipper. What about you?
Kel Kendrick (6:51:55 PM): I’d have to say their romance is not the draw for me to the show.
Jessica Rae (6:52:12 PM): Are you watching for the ….scenery?

Kel Kendrick (6:52:48 PM): I’ve actually been trying to figure out why I love the show for a season and 4 episodes now. I think it is the mythology more than the central romance.
Jessica Rae (6:53:31 PM): Do you have a preferred relationship on the show at all?
Kel Kendrick (6:55:19 PM): I like all the scenes that Alaric is in!
Jessica Rae (6:55:39 PM): Yes, and we got a tiny bit of Alaric in “Memory Lane” – but not nearly enough.
Kel Kendrick (6:56:23 PM): Yes, not enough Alaric this season so far. Glad he was back, as far as who I’m “oggling” it would be the history teacher! LOL
Jessica Rae (6:56:42 PM): 😀 He’s very oogle-worthy.
Jessica Rae (6:56:58 PM): What did you think of Mason’s reveal about how he came to become a werewolf?
Kel Kendrick (6:58:00 PM): I was intrigued. Having to kill someone first eh? So circumstances will be the deciding factor in my take on that eventually.
Kel Kendrick (6:58:17 PM): I still wonder what the magic bar of soap has to do with it..I mean moonstone.
Jessica Rae (6:58:45 PM): Haha, yea. I don’t know why no one wants to call it a moonstone, but it has such a funny shape. An earlier panelist, Amy, called it a dinosaur egg. 😀
Jessica Rae (6:58:58 PM): I think maybe it would help Mason control turning into a werewolf.
Jessica Rae (6:59:20 PM): Obviously it was pretty invaluable to the Lockwood’s back in the 1800’s.
Kel Kendrick (6:59:47 PM): Somehow it turns out that is likely what Katherine is back – in addition to her love for Stefan.
Jessica Rae (7:00:21 PM): Katherine must have some other reason for being back, I agree.
Kel Kendrick (7:01:04 PM): Her flashback revealed more about her and (insert Lockwood anscetor name here).
Kel Kendrick (7:01:57 PM): than she told the Salvatore brothers.
Jessica Rae (7:02:07 PM): I feel bad about how Katherine treated Damon. And I think Stefan probably did love her. Because why ELSE would he have kept that picture?
Kel Kendrick (7:03:25 PM): Well we wouldn’t have had that eye roll moment early on when it was revealed Kathernine looks like Elena.
Kel Kendrick (7:03:54 PM): I’m over that now though, but that almost turned me off the show at first. That reveal.
Jessica Rae (7:04:09 PM): I think there’s got to be a reason for that, something big.
Kel Kendrick (7:04:44 PM): They do keep asking the question that I feel the audience is asking – Why does she look exactly like her. So, I applaud the writers for that.
Jessica Rae (7:05:08 PM): It lets us know that they do, hopefully, plan to address that.
Kel Kendrick (7:05:28 PM): Okay I feel the elephant in the room on my part is that I’m not a big fan of the Dobrev and now she’s playing two characters.
Jessica Rae (7:05:50 PM): Hehe. Well, I prefer her as Katherine so much more. Elena is dressed so plain, and so boring!
Jessica Rae (7:06:16 PM): But as Katherine I really like Dobrev. Suddenly she’s so playful and I just enjoy that portrayal more.
Kel Kendrick (7:06:28 PM): I wasn’t real happy with Katherine getting softened up a bit in this episode? Did you feel like that? That suddenly she is suppose to be more sympathetic?
Kel Kendrick (7:06:55 PM): I think pure EVIL Katherine would be more fun.
Jessica Rae (7:07:27 PM): Well, as we learn more she might become more sympathetic. We know she loved Stefan. But in this episode we also learned she planned all those vampires to die, then threatens to kill Caroline, Elena, etc. Still pretty evil!
Kel Kendrick (7:08:30 PM): Yes very very true on the new evil points. I can’t tell much difference between Katherine and Elena on an acting level. It is all about the hair. She acts with her hair anyway.
Kel Kendrick (7:09:00 PM): Do you watch Fringe?
Jessica Rae (7:10:02 PM): Katherine’s hair is better. I think that’s how they’re showing the difference between who is who. And no, no Fringe for moi.
Kel Kendrick (7:11:18 PM): Exactly, Dobrev just needs some ticks or some voice changes that help keep them apart – using the hair styles is kinda lazy – so not all her fault.
Kel Kendrick (7:12:50 PM): Fringe is doing a doubles storyline and while I never had a trouble with the actress (Anna Torv) some early criticsm wa: that she wasn’t really excited to watch – now she’s stepped it up playing her double.
Jessica Rae (7:13:26 PM): Well, I think the point is that they are so alike that their voices are the same. I actually see a lot of difference in how Katherine is played vs. Elena. Katherine has a different spirit to her, she is smirky and snarky.
Jessica Rae (7:14:24 PM): What did you think about Caroline, and the fake fight of the breakup?
Kel Kendrick (7:14:42 PM): We might have to agree to disagree. I’m not saying Dobrev is horrible, I just don’t see much there past hair and pouty faces as her acting style. …Yes onto Caroline
Kel Kendrick (7:15:10 PM): Now that is an actress who has stepped up this year!
Jessica Rae (7:15:57 PM): I like Caroline a lot more this year, although I don’t know if I’m noticing she’s done anything different. Although the character is suddenly in different makeup to show she’s all edgy now. Haha.

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